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If You Think Alcohol Should be Legal, You’re an Alcoholic

Amidst the hysteria surrounding this week’s events in El Paso, I neglected to mention that Mayor John Cook got caught calling us all "potheads" because we oppose the drug war:

ABC-7 obtained an excerpt from the mayor's e-mail, which was sent to Margie Velez, the former office manager for former Senator Phil Gramm in El Paso.

It states: "I can tell you that all the pot heads have sent their e-mails and they are encouraging the reps to stand by their decision. But why does the silent majority remain silent? We have certainly attracted attention to our city, but I don't think the attention is positive." [ABC7]

It’s hilarious on multiple levels, beginning with the delightfully bad press it earned him. He’s literally calling people potheads for supporting a city council resolution that advocates "an honest, open national debate on ending the prohibition on narcotics." With few exceptions, it’s gonna reflect poorly on you if you resort to name-calling against people who asked for an honest and open discussion.

But the best part is when he asks for the "silent majority" to come save him from the stoners. Leaving aside the question of whether that "silent majority" even exists anymore (which is doubtful), the mayor’s agenda from day one has been to prevent discussion. If Mayor Cook wanted to give drug war supporters a voice, why the hell did he veto a debate on our drug policy? He torpedoed the discussion, only to then complain that certain views weren’t being heard. That is just classic.
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Well put, Scott

Well put, Scott

Why stop there?

I'll go one further...if you support a womans right to choose,you're an abortionist.
Calling anyone with different views a pothead is the oldest response in the book from anyone who is so small minded they can't come up with a legitimate response.
This Mayor and morons like him should have no place in govt...anywhere.

Speaking only for myself

I AM a "pothead", I smoke marijuana nearly every day, and not for medicinal purposes, either. I just plain like the high. But I oppose prohibition of any substance or action that harms no other person's rights. No person has any right at all to tell another she may not sell sex to support herself, or to tell another he may not take a certain drug, that he must, if he wants to alter his consciousness, take one of these other "approved" drugs instead, or to tell a couple that they may not marry the person of their chice they must either marry a person of whom society approves or else just live together without benefit of legal protections, and it goes on and on. So many personal decisions with which government laws and regulations interfere, unconstitutionally, that the people need to take back as their own.

Is the Mayor a criminal??

The Mayor is supporting "drug prohibition", Knowing full well that the criminals are controlling the drug trade. Why, Mr. Mayor, do you support an ongoing criminal enterprise? Are you collecting money to keep criminals in charge? That is a question that any law enforcement officer would ask if you were stopped and found with a large amount of questionable money. Well, Mr. Mayor, you weren't found with questionable money, but why do you need to keep criminals making huge blackmarket profits? What do you receive for every body found across the border? Or Mr. Mayor, is it you are just ignorant?

mayor or moron?

To ask the "silent majority" to become verbal is an oxymoron, by definition once they speak on the subject they will no longer be a member of the silent majority.

There is no silent majority, only deaf politicians.

When they hear from their constituents, they disparage them as potheads or worse, they care not for civil discourse nor a pursuit of truth in public policy, they are only interested in manipulating the populace through a complacent media, in order to line their own wallets and win a place in the corporate good old boys club.

The ill thought policies of past governments are destroying this nation as evidenced by the ongoing collapse of our economy, Soon we will no longer be rich enough to incarcerate everyone who's personal habits we disagree with.

look at gaza

I'm trying to figure this out..... is not Isreal's problem with the folks in gaza the poppy production? At the US's insistance on stopping drug flow. So, in a way my tax dollars are being spent to blast the bejesus out of folks that are just trying to feed their families? Just kind of makes me think.... will California be the next gaza?

Silent Majority?

It was the so-called ‘silent majority’ that put Hitler into power in Germany.  So who wants to hear from the silent majority?

Nixon liked the silent majority, so they must be bad.  And they may be silent for now, but they’re no majority.  If someone goes to the extreme trouble to ask their opinion about cannabis, they’re likely to respond in some strange and bizarre way, which negates both descriptions of what these people are supposed to be about.

The Mayor of El Paso apparently likes to place arbitrary obstacles in what he claims is his path: when the speechless speak, when hell freezes over, etc.  There must be some name for people who do this, but I don’t know what it is.  Junkopath?

Personality disorders aside, the Mayor exemplifies the caliber of politician we’ve come to expect from many years of political training and experience as it is practiced across America.  In this case, however, if the Mayor really wants to be helpful, he should strive to become one of his favored ‘silent majority’ by shutting up.


mr mayor

i wonder if his head will be found in a ice cooler .ekim niffirg

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