Cop Fired for Supporting Marijuana Decriminalization, Wins $815,000 Settlement

Which amendment was it again that says you can talk about stuff and have opinions on things?

A former Mountlake Terrace police sergeant whose views supporting the decriminalization of marijuana led to his dismissal in 2005 has won his job back and an $815,000 settlement from the city and Snohomish County.

Wender had publicly challenged and criticized the department and its commanders over the years on a number of issues. He is affiliated with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a Massachusetts organization of police officers who oppose the current tactics used by police to fight drug crimes. Among its other members are former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper. [Seattle Times]

Wow, watching LEAP take the law-enforcement community by storm is a glorious thing to behold. It’s only going to get better.
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Oh really

Nice and was their any other way but this outcome. Get real out there! Life is so short that you missed the first who jumps is not necessarily a frog...Racman...

Very nice

Now that is a respectable cop. He just showed a nation of cops that it is OKAY to speak up for what is right and if you have opposition, there are always lawsuits! Justice smells sweet.

Free Speech for Cops

No doubt Mr. Wender’s tidy settlement of $815,000 should encourage other police officers to speak out on controversial issues such as drug law reform so that they, too, can pad their nest eggs with $815,000 at the end of legal negotiations.

Lack of candor has plagued the drug law reform movement long enough. The intra-government peer pressure that demands conformity to the government status quo must be disrupted if the truth about the drug laws is to rise above the noise and propaganda of drug war promoters and profiteers. The settlement is a good start.


Good to know that some cops aren't dirty!

Props to Officer Wender for speaking out against the BS rhetoric. Nice to know there are some cops out there dedicated to fighting crime, not busting innocent people..


somebody has a big red sore behind.why is it tax payers have to pay for cops who screwup that money should come out of paychecks of the cops who fucked up .ignorance of the law is no excuse as they say

You just blew my mind man

Wow, to think that all cops are not assholes....I guess there really is some hope for justice in the world today...

My respect sir

Mr. wender, you have my true respect and admiration. It took guts to stand up for what is right and you sir, have guts. Thank you sincerely for contributing to the beginning of the end of this insanity.


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