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Drug War Debate Continues in El Paso

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I wrote yesterday about El Paso Mayor John Cook’s veto of a city council resolution calling for a debate on our drug policy. Today, Former El Paso Mayor Bill Tilney came out in favor of the vetoed resolution.

As a former mayor, I understand the position taken by Mayor John Cook, when he decided to veto the resolution at the last moment. [link] The City of El Paso is dependent in many ways on both the Texas state government and the United States federal government for funding of many important projects. Tweaking their noses could have unpleasant consequences. U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, who has done a great job as the region's representative, was chief of the Border Patrol for many years. Given the fact that he was involved in the "war on drugs" and interdiction here along the border, he may have reservations about launching a national debate at City Council. Nevertheless, given President-elect Barack Obama's philosophy of "Yes, we can change," this seems a propitious moment to give El Paso center stage at the national level. Also the simple truth that the last three presidents have experimented with illegal drugs, like cocaine or marijuana, makes it a most apropos time to initiate a national debate. [Newspaper Tree]

It just gets better from there. Read the whole thing. It’s wonderful to see conversations about our drug policy bubbling up in new places without the involvement of the usual familiar faces. If this is a sign of the direction we’re headed, that can only be a good thing.
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Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

Send Lou Dobbs a message about the EL Paso 8

Currently 208,291 people have responded to the TIME POLL in which 87.3% favor the legalization of marijuana. Only 11.2% of Americans believe the war on drugs is working (2008 Zogby Poll). Yet, Lou Dobbs went crazy over the idea that anyone in government (El Paso 8) should recommend that we discuss legalizing some drugs in order to stop fueling the drug cartels. Please, the 88.8% of you reading this who favor ending the war on drugs. Send Lou Dobbs a message about how he's the one out of touch with mainstream America. Here's his contact link. Lou is a pragmatist. That's the only way anyone stays on TV as long as he has. When enough people contact him he'll understand that Americans don't follow his lead on the issue of drug legalization. Then we'll see a whole new day of enlightenment spread over Mr. Dobbs as he converts from prohibitionist to abolitionist. He can make a powerful Allie.

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