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NJ Senate President Embarrasses Himself With Bad Pot Joke

The New Jersey Senate passed a medical marijuana bill on Monday, prompting State Senate President Richard J. Codey to utter one of the worst pot jokes I've ever heard:

Dude, you're not Jay Leno. Sadly, it's hard to imagine what threshold must be crossed before sick and dying patients can receive protection under the law without having to endure the completely banal, sophomoric comedy stylings of some of America's least funny people.

Too many public officials, news anchors, and journalists still think pot jokes are a free ride to funnytown, and we'll usually give them a pass on it, even as they unleash one sorry groaner after another. But the line ought to be drawn on the senate floor, when seriously ill patients are in the room. That is just basic professional courtesy.

Fortunately, FOX at least picked up the story and acknowledged the controversy that this type of childish behavior provokes. Hopefully, we are moving towards a point when legitimate medical marijuana patients are left alone, not only by police, but by bad amateur comedians in all sectors of public service.

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RE: Blogger comment after the main story

Does anyone else think it is extremely interesting that this FOX channel chooses to use a comment at the end from a blogger who does not support medical marijuana when 3 out of 4 people do? I also find it classic that the commenter no longer lives in NJ. Leave it to FOX...arrrgh....



i was gonna point out that very thing before i saw your comment...

so ya, i agree. wtf is up with fox? they always such hardcore ass. and they never deliver actual, fact checked news. it looks like someone that's in control is starting to unintentionally expose where his influence is. but who?


Well, the second comment wasn't that great either.

"Um... Well, uh, he let the bill on the floor. I don't really have anything to say about this."

Oh, "journalism"...

The fairly imbalanced at Fox call it 'Fair & Balanced'...

The fairly imbalanced at Fox call it 'Fair & Balanced'...

Fox did the right thing by bringing this news worthy event to light. Hosts, most notably Sheppard Smith, speak up on our behalf frequently while guys at MSNBC like Keith Olberman still make childish Cheech & Chongish remarks that hurt our efforts to reestablish our rights.

Even Wolf and his crew at CNN are more tolerant then many of the uber-educated-liberals at MSNBC.

Keith, I love you man but wish you'd grow-up a little more and perhaps start lampooning the gov'ts illegal actions instead of mocking the stereotypical 'stoner'. Often Keith gets things spot on but then fails to extend his logic to the rights of others... and that's called hypocrisy my funny friend!

Accept no less than complete removal of war against drugs thugs

The unconstitutional war against drugs and the terrorist plunderers posing as law enforcement are being removed right now. The sadistic wall street insider trading based war against drugs people,global petrochemiceutical corporations people and the cartels/dictatorships they secretly prop up and install are being hunted down by people who love the constitution and hate being subjected to plunder and terror posing as law. Obamas just a hostage like all the other presidents and this is why we are ending this hostage situation now! Its not up to one person to stop the war against drugs frauds and all the terrorism and plunder they sponsor its up to everyone who is sick of terrorist bullies being allowed make and enforce unconstitutional laws.

Always enforce your right of 'self-defense'

All criminals, regardless of costume, pretense, or paranoia should be hunted down and held accountable for their high crimes.

Just Say No... to Bozo's!

Dare... to defend yourself at all times from rogue criminal gov't agencies and their agents of intolerance!

Smile and joke; your prohibition has never been Constitutional

The Constitution,Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence never said that any form of plunder,genocide,slavery,prohibition,terrorism,or bullying was/is allowed to be legal. America and the rest of the world have been subverted by this group of bullies from the start and now the bullies are being removed and they dont like it. We deserve to have the Constitution,Bill of Rights,and Declaration of independence, apply to everyone and not just to bullies who steal the documents and interpret them as double standards in their favor for some sick fake legal system that profits fro human misery and trafficking. Wars against people and drugs are gonna get off of this planet or die!

If it wasn't for Codey the bill wouldn't have had a hearing...

...even though he didn't vote it. This is why Scutari figures this piece of detritus deserves some respect? Screw the both of 'em.

I think the quicker we can

I think the quicker we can we can make marijuana legal the better, it's gone on for to long now. The people who choose to smoke it will never stop and at this present time the quicker we can get more taxes into the system the better.

Medical marijuana no joke

The unfortunate thing about the joke Sen. Codey told was that it perpetuates the stereotype that medical marijuana is about pot use by young, healthy athletes. Nothing could be further from the truth. As Phelps demonstrated, young people have no problem getting access to marijuana, even in states like South Carolina where medical marijuana isn’t even on the legislative radar screen.

It is, of course, the suffering and dying patients who cannot get safe and reliable access to marijuana, and these are the very people that medical marijuana laws help. Of course, these laws also help patients who face arrest and imprisonment for using marijuana on the advice of their physicians. That is an intolerable miscarriage of justice.

I know that Fox News has a bad reputation among a lot of people, and I never watch TV news myself, but Fox News took the initiative and called me and invited me to their studio in Philadelphia for a live TV interview--see the entire 3+ minute version here:

Also, when Fox News posted the negative comment from a former resident of NJ, it was one of only two comments they had at the time.

Both the NJ senate and assembly sponsors of the bill did not want to alienate Senator Codey for his inappropriate joke. After all, Sen. Codey helped to get the bill passed in the NJ senate, and so I acknowledged his help, while expressing the dismay of the patients I was with.

Ken Wolski, RN

Legalize Pot

I started smoking pot in the '60's and for the next 30 years or so I enjoyed it on a regular basis. I smoked pot every day, after working all day at my job it was one of life's most pleasant activities. It made a hard day good again and a good day better. It enhanced my "same ol' same ol'" existence.
Then I became disabled. For a long time I was bedridden, then just unable to get out of my home, for at least two years. During that time I lost my place in line with the most qualified drug dealers. During the time when I wasn't able to buy, I lost my connections. Now, no one wants to deal with a 63 year old woman. The chain has been broken and it's almost impossible for me to get pot now....not to mention the fact that the price has gotten so high I wouldn't be able to afford it regulary if I could find it.
My point is this: someone is making rules for my life that they have no right to make. Someone who's business it ISN'T is telling me that a plant that grows wild all over the world is illegal and will get me in buttloads of trouble if I smoke it. I only have so many more years of life left on this planet. How dare a small group of ass-scratching, stiff-necked, alcohol-swilling bureacrats keep from me this most beautiful gift from God's bountiful garden.......POT?

Target This Entity

"How dare a small group of ass-scratching, stiff-necked, alcohol-swilling bureaucrats keep from me this most beautiful gift from God's bountiful garden.......POT?"

Through that entity with WAY too much political power and respect- the Vatican.

See this excellent article at Drug War Rant:

also re-posted below:

Also see:

Do Not Forget Jesuitical Georgetown

That establishment of the continuing inquisition: Georgetown University. Do not forget all of the crap that came from Jesuit order run Georgetown University and all of their filthy elitist fraternal organizations such as the police fraternal organizations that would rather forget the benefits of MJ to alcohol yet behave as if beholden to the criminal mercantilism for cigarette market protection.


it was terribly awkward in its delivery, but it was kinda funny. In a lame, stiff-white-guy kinda way.

What's telling is that he was clearly prepared for the moment when this bill passed. Not very well rehearsed, but prepared nonetheless.

Amongst all the rallying cries against the 'hypocrisies' of the agents of government, it'd be nice to see a little less on this side of the fence as well. With California as a shining beacon of reality, the reality is that medical marijuana laws routinely and regularly do get exploited by recreational users and commercial growers & sellers. Personally, I'm all for it, I'm all for allowing people to put whatever they want in their systems for whatever purpose suits them at that moment --- but to stand in righteous fist-waving denial of the basic truth that the boon of medical marijuana extends well beyond the legitimate needs of the sick and dying, while this truth plays itself out every day in all 13 of the relevant states, is just plain silly.


Respectful Request to L.E.A.P.:

We the people respectfully request Law Enforcement Against Prohibition remove all war monger/prohibitionists unconstitutional/fraudulent occupation. Thank You L.E.A.P. for your service and kindness.

Bumbling Idiot

The idiot senator could not even get out the word 'congratulatory' as in 'That was a congratulatory phone call from Michael Phelps.' His ineptitude as a comedian is surpassed only by his ineptitude as a senator.

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