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Medical Marijuana Raids are Officially Over

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In a press conference intended to celebrate a series of DEA raids on Mexican cartels operating in the U.S., Attorney General Eric Holder was asked about the medical marijuana raids. He said this:

What's particularly delightful about this is that DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart was standing right next to him. It would have been nice if the cameras had turned to capture Leonhart's expression as her new boss announced the termination of the vicious campaign for which she bears great responsibility.

Although we've known this was coming for some time now, it's particularly gratifying to watch the Attorney General's mouth form the words we've waited 10 years to hear. So many have sacrificed so much to get us to this point. There were so many times when this fight looked hopeless to everyone but us, which is worth keeping in mind the next time someone tells us we're asking for too much.

As a decade of bad policy is brushed aside with scarcely a whimper, it's becoming clear how fictitious and contrived this debate has been from the beginning. One can scarcely overstate how ridiculously unfounded the fears of our political culture have proven to be. It's amazing to think that our government remained invested in this preposterous crusade for so long not because our leaders necessarily believed in it, but often because they simply lacked the courage to consider a change of course.

As sad as that sounds, there's a lesson here in that the best arguments for reform will often have more to do with politics than policy.

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that wasn't a very strong affirmation, but i'll take it! i guess only time will tell if Holder meant what he said.

Don't break out the papers just yet

Until we see something official, like a federal reclassification the laws stay on the books, and until we get them changed or removed legal medical facility's are at risk.

How about hemp?

Since Holder does not want to intrude on states where it is already legal,shouldn't this policy also apply to states like N Dakota where industrial hemp farming is legal?
How will it affect Native Americans like Alex White Plume growing hemp on sovereign land?

Great question

I'm not aware of any statements on that from the new administration. I might write something about this.

Well, then, someone should ask

It's a state's rights issue the same as med mj.


I think the hemp issue could be a weak spot for Obama.It would be interesting to see if Obama would support the violation of tribal sovereignty in the interest of stopping a source of new alternative fuels.The Pine Ridge reservation is the poorest area in the country,the Siox could pull themselves out of poverty and be an American success story.

North Dakota Farming of and Harvestng of Commercial Hemp.

As far as I know, this is the law in North Dakota. One they, the authorities, Dept of Agriculture, says this peculiar question, comes with said, knowledge, that the state of North Dakota has placed this "Golden Harvest Treasure for North Dakota small farmers, and job creation mecca, on hold and has left it in the office of Fire Arms, Alcohal & Tobacco, and this really is out of wack, but if anyone in North Dakota dares to grow or harvest Commercial Hempt without seeking a research study permit, by an authorized University, they may go to jail and lose their land! Period. Now this is the most stupid dare policy of the ignorant against the people of the state of North Dakota, and lossed job opportunities.

It is deffiniently against the law!!!! and you lose your farming land. They have an iron clad policy! Facism!

cemotherapy side affects [ m.m.]

over $360.00 were billed to my insurance provider for three pills for nausia,plus a $40.00 co pay . doesn't this seem re-goddamn dickulus? If i owned an insurance co. I would be appauled, when $350.00 would takecare of my hole 6 month treatment. and leave me some simalince of the of aman that put 20 years of his life working everyday, some times 7 days aweek to provide for my famalies well being, and health, safety. I grew up a child of the 60,s and 70,s and have no fobias about this product for medical use, if it could ease the paitents pain and suffering in there last day. And by the way the pills didn't even work for me. thank all the powers that be to your organization.
Thanks, a suffering man in FL.


U say that there/s no more raids : When Bush Administration is still raiding Cal.f. Co/Ops! When if ever is the president going 2 replace the bush people still doing raidswith his appointees that suposedly won/t interfere with prop 215 guidlines? !!

Respectful Request to L.E.A.P.:

We the People respectfully request Law Enforcement Against Prohibition remove the war monger/prohibitionist/wall street plunder based insider trading terrorists which Unconstitutionally/fraudulently occupy .

BIG Victory

Don't underestimate this victory, it is a big step forward.

Here is the situation. The prohibition of marijuana hangs by a thread. Other states will soon follow suit and pass medical marijuana policies similar to California's. North Carolina has just done so, Vermont and New Hampshire have bills submitted, Michigan has all but legalized (anybody know how you can register to be a grower in Michigan?), it's legal in Denver and pretty much in Ohio.

But remember the goal. The goal is freedom to grow and smoke marijuana just for shits and giggles. While I would qualify under a medical policy some others will not. What will happen is many people will more or less pay doctors or have their medical friends obtain license for us. Shakedowns would not be for smoking but for proof of license to smoke. The harassment stays in business.

As citizens of the USA and supported by the Constitution, we have the right to grow and smoke pot as we cultivate any Burpee tomato seeds.THIS is what we are fighting for, the elimination of punishment for "crimes" which involve no victim. Anything less is just a midpoint to be overcome.

Angelo Caiazzo

hmmm California

I see eventually the legalization of marjiuana and whether or not myself or you agree with it I think it is coming. I am not as much advocating the ability for one to smoke weed as I am for our tax dollars NOT being spent trying to raid marijuana trafficing. It just seems like there are better uses of the dollar.


Michelle the acting DEA administrator was standing next to Eric when he said there's a change in policy, no more raids.

Why is there no comment what so ever on the official DEA website reguarding the stopping of DEA raids on Medical Cannabis dispensories in California. Doesn't sound to me that the agency is very transparent on even the simple, but major stories that effect them.



Maybe it was a subtle way for him to inform her to follow her (temporary) bosses' initiative. Not, the old one's!


...but not surprising. Other than following the president's orders, they'll do their best to avoid acknowledging the new policy in any way.


Check out these links to see how decriminalization has worked in Portugal. Standard policy having failed them, they decriminalized all drugs, opting to treat drug-use as a medical problem, not a legal one. Check for yourself, but the basic conclusion of these articles (and Time isn't exactly a crackpot news organization) is that drug-use is down and treatment for addiction is up. Plus, Portugal did NOT become a drug-use tourist attraction. Study this experiment and critically evaluate your assumptions.,8599,1893946,00.html

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