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Colombia Threatens Obama With Cocaine Crisis if he Doesn't Give Them Money

Dear President Obama,

Please give us lots of money or we will bury you in cocaine.

Yours truly,


BOGOTA (Reuters) - Colombia is confident Washington will keep providing multimillion-dollar aid to fight the drug trade in the Andean nation because any cuts would mean more cocaine reaches U.S. cities, the defense minister said on Saturday.

This is what's called an empty threat (although you could also call it extortion). I mean really, how much more cocaine could they possibly produce? Eradication doesn’t work, so nothing bad will happen if we stop doing it. How can you argue about results like this:

Critics say Plan Colombia has failed to stop the spread of coca cultivation in recent years and point to steady cocaine output in the world's No. 1 producer of the drug.

According to U.N. figures, Colombian coca crops covered some 244,600 acres at the end of 2007 -- 27 percent more than the previous year.

But Santos said he expected the strategy to be maintained because it was backed by both Democrats and Republicans. He called it "the most successful bipartisan U.S. foreign policy of recent times."

…If by successful you mean that people keeping funding it. It's hard to imagine how much worse this program would have to perform before its benefactors became embarrassed by it. I swear, Colombian cocaine production could increase tenfold in a year and these guys would look you right in the eye and tell you Plan Colombia has never worked better.

This is nuts and Obama has zero excuses for even thinking about funding this crap. It is the definition of a failed policy and we are in the midst of an unfathomable economic crisis. There has never been a better time to tell our friends in Colombia that this game of make-believe is over.
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War against drugs forcers about to arrested worldwide !

A group of well known civil/human rights organizations have filed criminal charges against the D.E.A.,DYNCORP,and all other forcers of the fraudulent prohibition policy. Over 75,000 Constitutional minded police and military personnel are arresting the unconstitutional/unchartered war against drugs forcers and the global drug corporation c.e.o. s involved in the sadistic stock market insider trading scam worldwide. this is happening right now ! awesome !

Silly, childish lie

and distraction.

This is not apropos of the

This is not apropos of the post, but I think it's important to get out here. I previously thought that the idea of everybody marking bills had some romantic charm, but now realize that it doesn’t really get to the 121 people that hold the fate of AB 390 in their hands.

Instead, what every cannabis law reformer in every state and country needs to do is send as much cash as can be afforded to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mark it if you like. The address is:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

Get it? Spread it.

it is not true

I believe that it is a not a true, it is remove from it.

Misundertook it?

It is a blog about the story. The blog just suggests that that story is almost extortion. "Either send us the money or we will flood your country with cocaine!" paraphrasing it. As if that will change a thing!
This country already gets all the cocaine it wants or needs! That is because the drug war has failed to stop the flow of drugs, like, in forever!

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dis is not uh twoo stowee so i ink it wemoov fwum heow nice try wall street walgreens d.e.a. implant whos stocks are about to be removed from being able to allow plunder

war against drugs wall st. global petro-pharma drug cartels same

we refuse to believe that the war against drugs people,the global petro-pharma people,wall street stock market people, and drug cartel people are not secretly sometimes blatantly working in cahoots. this was already proven during alcohol prohibition. this whole war against drugs is a tyrannical global profit scam designed by bullies for bullies to operate,just like the genocide of native americans,slavery of native africans,and all the other sick money scams that global tyrants have used. and yes the story about constitutional police and military troops removing the unconstitutional plunder and terror based police and military is true;as weve discovered that since the very first president up till this president,global tyrants have found effective ways to secretly keep every president in somewhat of a hostage situation mixed with stockholm syndrome.

Your war against drugs is not a childish selfish terrorist lie ?

well millions of folks everywhere disagree. so say all the pro war against drugs nonsense you want. its not going to stop the removal in progress of your fraudulent occupation of war on drugs terrorists posing as law enforcement while in cahoots with big petro pharma and cartels and if its adistraction for unconstitutional police to be removed for forcing unconstitutional plunder and terror by law on people;well than how does it feel to finally have a taste of your own medicine? now get out !

Religious war and now Drug war!

These drug terrorists sure know their target audience well. Think about it, if the population have no demand for drugs, will these drug terrorists be able to pull this off? Perhaps instead of just trying to stop these drug terrorists, it will be more effective to spend more time educating the public against drug use.

Drug terrorists are some of the best sales and marketing people

I think drug terrorists are some of the best sales and marketing people around. Just like the online sex trade. If they used there expertise in normal business they would still make a lot of money.

Coca Come Back

Both the Colombian and US governments are rotted out; instead if the criminal mercantilism for cigarette market protection, various legal resources must be employed to successfully overturn prohibition:

Respectful Request to L.E.A.P.:

We the people respectfully request Law Enforcement Against Prohibition be provided with the tools and resources needed to remove all war monger/prohibitionists unconstitutional/fraudulent occupation. Thank you for your service and kindness.

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