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Cops Going to Prison for Botched Drug Raid That Killed Elderly Woman

Justice was finally served in the case of Kathryn Johnston, as three officers were sentenced to prison today for their role in the botched drug raid that took her life.

These officers crossed the often all-too-thin line that separates drug cops from common criminals, and they will pay for what they did, as well they should. We can only hope that today's outcome serves as a reminder to others in uniform who've forgotten what it means to protect and serve. Alas, this comment from the judge suggests that Atlanta's problems with rogue cops are far from solved:

A federal judge who sent three fallen cops to prison for a notorious drug raid that left an elderly woman dead said Tuesday that Atlanta Police Department performance quotas unduly influenced the officers’ behavior.

"It is my fervent hope the Atlanta Police Department will take to heart what has happened here," U.S. District Judge Julie Carnes said. At the close of an emotional two-day hearing, Carnes sentenced former officers Gregg Junnier, Jason R. Smith and Arthur Bruce Tesler to between 5 and 10 years in prison.

At the hearing, Tesler’s lawyer provided examples of other Atlanta police officers breaking the rules or violating the law and said a disturbing culture of misconduct pervades the force. [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

Thus, even in its finest hour, our justice system remains crippled by the enemy within. There is nothing unique about Atlanta's police culture that brought this tragedy to life. Everywhere the drug war is fought, you will find police who have become indifferent to the very laws they've sworn to uphold.
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Are you kidding?

They PLANT drugs after MURDERING a woman, and get from FIVE to TEN years?

Look, at least they were convicted, that's better than I expected, but these sentences are slaps on the wrist to people who are supposed to PROTECT and SERVE!

I think the sentencing was appropriate

After reading the article in its entirety, I think the sentencing was appropriate. The officers weren't charged with murder, and given the circumstances, they probably shouldn't have been. They are, to my mind, guilty of manslaughter and conspiracy, and probably of incompetence as well.

I don't know the individuals personally, but it is clear that the defence claims that their defendants are "scapegoats" and "sacraficial lambs" aren't entirely without merit. The real villain here is the war on drugs, police tribalism, and screwed up police administration and politics. The whole thing sounds like an episode of "The Wire".

I dunno, it's easy to see how some schmuck could find himself in that situation without meaning to be an evil a--hole. Remember, everyone deserves compassion, even a narco.

That's not Justice... It's a Joke!

They became worthy of being 'evil assholes' the second they chose to violate the 10th Commandment and bear false witness to a judge to obtain a fraudulent warrant.That is the root of her death!

Appropriate? Grow six plants and you go to prison for 5 years!

Illegally invade another persons home & kill them when they defend themselves and all you get is between 3-10 years!

Give them exactly the compassion they dished out... the best we can hope for is years of prison abuse and rape for those murdering evil assholes.

I agree to disagree!

Even as a Christian it would be hard, for me, to give out any more compassion than they exhibited, in this case! Letting her lay and bleed to death, is intentional, is it not? That just seems a little more than just an, accidental, manslaughter, death!

But, you are right, in one account. It is crazy that the cops have developed such an us against them mentality (police tribalism), that they sink to new lows covering their butts!

They prefer to call their tribalism... a 'brotherhood'...

They prefer to call their tribalism... a 'brotherhood'... the thin blue line... between anarchy (us) and law & order (them)!

They don't believe we can 'get them' anymore then we believe they'll ever 'get us'. Problem of course is 'getting it' is not the issue... tolerance of how others pursue happiness... a self-evident inalienable right... IS!

What's crazier? Police routinely lying 'to make the case' or the judges that know and allow these frauds to routinely take place.

Prohibitionists do not seem to understand or care that the drug war, more than anything else gov't gets wrong, sullies and undermines law enforcement & the judicial system.

P.S. A cops instinct to lie, in the name of self-preservation, is no different then anyone elses.


I can't disagree with that! They certainly insert themselves into the equation of all of us, peons (citizens) that get in their way, so far as our pursing our happiness goes!! I am very unhappy!

Sometimes there is no comfort in the knowing...

Yeah, it's hard to stay happy when we reflect too long on the realities of the drug war!

Do what other soldier does... take some R&R... then come back ready to fighting... knowing that millions of your brothers and sisters believe as you do!

'Truth is treason in the kingdom of lies' - Ron Paul

Bullsh*t justice has been served

Convicted killers belonging to known rogue police departments get less time for murder from a fed judge than many whose only "crime" was lighting up a few joints. Please, if this is what we accept as justice then we are all screwed.

War against drugs about to die.

war against drugs has been proven to be fraud. we know that the war against drugs enforcers,global petrochemical drug corporations,and cartels are secretly yet blatantly a racket in cahoots with eachother for the same sadistic terrorist involvement in stock market insider trading profit/price fixing scam. arrests of all who benefit from the fraudulent prohibition policy are being made right now. Constitutional police and military are currently removing unconstitutional police and military who force the war against drugs racket on everyone everywhere. blessings to all

according to dea statistics

atlanta is the "drug hub" on the east coast. i can be in downtown atlanta in 50 minutes. you can get your fix around here easily. the law is hot though. the drug war is an obvious success. hotlanta is saturated w/ cannabis. commercial and fresh green mexican smoke can be found for $100 - $125/ oz. all day long. chronic runs $75 - $150/ 1/4 oz. again, the drug war is an obvious success.

Respectful Request to L.E.A.P.:

We the people respectfully request Law Enforcement Against Prohibition To arrest/remove/destroy the unconstitutional war monger/prohibitionists fraudulent occupation.

Death penalty is:

As death penalty does.

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