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Disabled Iraq Vet Loses Home Because of Marijuana Arrest

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Scott West lost his legs fighting in the Iraq War and now he's lost his home thanks to the war on drugs:

Newlyweds Scott and Samantha West drove their SUV through the gate of the exclusive housing community, winding upward to an empty cul-de-sac that offers commanding views of the surrounding valleys.

For months, the young couple visited this site and dreamed of their bright future, ever since a charity that serves wounded veterans announced last year it was building a house for Scott at no charge.

In January, just two days after the couple had returned from their honeymoon, the charity took back its gift after learning that Scott West had been arrested on marijuana charges in 2007 and pleaded guilty in December to a felony of possession with intent to distribute. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

West maintains (believably, in my opinion) that the marijuana was for personal use and he's never sold any. His lawyer convinced him that he'd be better off pleading guilty than fighting the charges, so that's what he did. My guess is that large doses of marijuana were helping him cope with the pain of getting his damn legs blown off in Iraq.

Of course, the war on marijuana is predictably evil, but what about the charity that took West's house away? They didn't have to do that. Surely, they have a strong explanation:

Homes for Our Troops founder John Gonsalves did not respond to several requests for an interview.

Oh. Well, I'm not terribly surprised that they couldn’t find the words to defend passing judgment on wounded soldiers for which medicines they use to cope with their condition.

Someone should start a charity that gives free homes to medical marijuana patients who get their lives destroyed by the drug war.
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letters to charity

post the charity address so we can write to complain of their treatment of this hero

military charity

imagine this. young man joins military to get college money to escape small town america. a jackass gets elected president and sends the young man to fight in an unjustified war. while there , he is injured. no longer any use to the military now, he is sent home. young people see the military as a means to an education. haha. the military is about war. if you sign up for the war machine and get your legs blown off by following the orders of a jackass commander in chief, don`t expect a handout from me when you get back to the u.s.a.. i signed up for the war machine and got hurt, wawawa, now i need some free house, wawawa. get a grip. consfearacy


Not much of a Charity! This poor guy loses his legs for our country and this charity has the Balls to take back the house they've given him? That's as low as the courts decision to charge him with the felony. America, what does that stand for anymore?

I think he deserved it

i know he deserved to have them take it away from him and tell him no becouse he was convicted of marijuana.Im proud they did what if hes an iraq vet,who has no legs.he shouldnt have had even touched that devils weed.Marijuana users should not have the right anything in this beloved country of mine.In my opinion he got his legs blown off for a reason and thats for trying marijuana,so god punished him.and god punished him again by not giving him a free house,that he doesnt deserve at ALL.See when you touch marijuana you lose everything,thats a good reason for it being ILLEGAL.not to menton it kills millions of people everyday more than cigarettes and acohol combinds.take this as a lesson learned stoners.DONT MESS WITH POT.if it doesnt kill you it will ruin your life.thats why i dont smoke that nasty shit.

Wow. I think you ought to


I think you ought to provide just one fact to support your claims. Kills more people than alcohol and cigarettes combined? Please if you would cite one death caused by marijuana. God punished him by having his legs blown off in a war? Thats a pretty vengefull god, not one that I would want to support and definately not my God.

He got his legs blown off because becasue he was in a war zone fighting for YOU. God had nothing to do with it. He lost his house because of PEOPLE doing the wrong thing, I am quite certain that God didnt tell anyone to make him homeless.

Now, if you'll excuse me I am going to go and smoke out like I have done for the last 25 years, in my living room with my legs fully intact and enjoy my home, my wife, my kids, my career.....your God seems pretty damn fickle if you ask me.

Oh, and one more thing, if

Oh, and one more thing, if God created everything then that includes the Marijuana plant. Why would God create something that if a person touched he would punish them by removing thier legs or home?

Maybe you think God put Marijuana on the earth as a "sting operation"?

I have never in my life been so totally insulted by such absolutley moronic statement in my life, and to think that you were able to do it in just one poorly written paragraph.

You know

I don't know why I would respond to such a moron.

But I'll give it a try. YOU are a complete asshole.

Hey, that post looks like irony to me

So calm down everyone. It's probably meant as a joke.
Of course I could be wrong. If you really mean what you wrote, screw you.

you must be retarted

do you honestly believe your dribble? Marijuana is a plant, which has been used by man for all of recorded history. This poor guy gets his legs blown off defending your right to do 90mph in your hummer all summer, and you think he deserves to loose even more because he chooses to use a pain killer that cant harm humans.

your body makes its own THC endocanabinoids (sp) Marijuana is non-toxic. IT CANT KILL YOU.

Why in gods name are you even reading this web page?

With any luck your god will take your legs and home and give them to this guy. he deserves them more.

WTF is wrong with People?

You know what i think maybe you need some mediciation, perhaps some antipsychotic medicine for your extremely dilluted view on reality. Im a Combat Vet currently still in the U.S. Army 2 tours to iraq and one to Afganistan coming up. How could anyone say that a Iraqi Vet deserved to have his legs blown off because he used Marijuana? You have to be the most close minded extremist i have come across. Lets face the facts, the plant grows naturally and has done so for thousands of years. You eat corn, you eat beans, you eat carrots, its a naturally occuring plant. And then also lets look at the reality of this, everyone is so against a plant that naturally relieves pain but you feel completely confident when your opiate based pain killers are prescribed over the counter at a pharmacy and were manufactured in a medical lab somewhere. You people need to get a grip on reality and wake up to changing times. Im a proud Soldier and a proud supporter of Medical Marijuana.

Thank you

for being a proud Soldier and a proud supporter of Medical Marijuana.

I may not support the middle east wars, but I absolutely hope each and every soldier over there comes home alive and intact.

I'm pro-choice on EVERY THING!

voice your concern

Homes For Our Troops
37 Main Street
Taunton, MA 02780
Phone: 508-823-3300 or Toll Free: (866) 7 TROOPS

"if it doesnt kill you it will ruin your life"

To say that I am shock that narrow minded individuals such as yourself exist would be a lie, as I unfortunately have to deal with people like yourself on a daily basis. You made the comment that "Marijuana kills millions of people", here my challenge show my a scholarly source which backs your preposterous claim. Secondly, if Marijuana is in fact the "devils weed" you speak of why do physicians prescribe it to people dealing with serve medical issues? It seems my friend that you are highly mistaken, Marijuana is not the "devils weed" it is a wonder drug deserving of a truly unbiased inquiry. Lastly, do you really think God would agree with you that it is acceptable to judge another man without first taking into account his circumstances? I think not; this man fought bravely for our country, losing his legs while protecting your freedoms. (Freedoms you use to belittle his sacrifice) Give yourself a round of applause, you have just won the award for biggest bigot to grace the world wide wed.

The space bar is there for a reason.

comment by an obviuos idiot

this statement was made by an obviously poorly informed f**khead whose mother is probably his dad's older brothers sisters aunt or niece,judging by the minimal amount of intelligence in his statement .It is people like this that should be sent to the front lines in Iraq n Afghanistan due to the fact that they have no use in society other than AK-47 fodder,a bullet in the head of anyone who thinks like this guy would be a blessing to us all,I feel sorry that this man was able to reproduce n subject his own flesh n blood to his idiocy,i have met few that would disagree.If you are to have an opinion in this world,do us all a favor n try to back up your bullshit with at least a miniscule amount of intelligence which you have shown to have none.Weed was here before man walked the earth n will be here long after our race has been desicated n destoyed by people with thought processes like this numbnuts..Peace to all who enjoy this gift of healing from our creator n piss on those who feel the need to comment on something they know nothing about.

Total Fool

"I think he deserved it" is a total fool.

People like that ought to be assessed a special dope tax to help pay the many civil rights claims for the victims of these policies, for being such gullible fools to support these criminal mercantilism laws for cigarette market protection...

Freedom Includes Freedom of Medicine and Diet

I just sent this message to the suspected organization:

Are you the organization that rescinded a vet's house for a conviction for violating the criminal mercantilism cigarette market protection laws?

That would be a wrong move. Our vets fight for our freedoms, which includes that of medicine and diet.

Kills millions of people everyday

Wow thats the most retarded things I've ever seen posted. Go back to school young one.

This proves terrorist plunderers run war against drugs

Taking a disabled war veterans home over marijuana is proof of terrorist infiltration of leadership. The stock market will be once again be insider traded by the petrochemiceutical stock market insider trade profit scammers fraudulent occupation of the earth. Tyranny will not end unless unconstitutional leaders are physically removed by constitutional leaders. If you havent noticed ; terrorist plunderers even when posing as local police do not recognize the people or the constitutions authority so its going to take Dr. Ron Paul styled police to immediately arrest the plundering unconstitutional police which fraudulently occupy. remember terrorists which pose as police will never recognize constitutional prosperity and peace nor will they recognize your right to life,liberty,and happiness, so its up to you,me everyone to unrecognize terrorist plunderers local,state,and federal. blessings and good will to all peace!

here we go again

This is why we need billions spend on education, this is why we must not allow any religious entity to effect our education system or our legal system. The massive disconnect between Marijuana fact and Fiction stems from a restarted populace.

We can hardly read, think talk radio is actually news, and buy whole sale the lies the Government has been spreading for almost 80 years. it would seam to be that the last section of our population that is still capable of independent life long education are Pot Smokers.

we are literally fighting against an 80 year negative add campaign, 80 years! That is a lot of bull shit to clear away. keep up the fight. and to the morons against marijuana for what ever reason.... please go clean up your OWN back yard before bitching about the guy next door.

Take a step back and see the good

I respect any service person that is willing to put his/her life on the line to protect my freedom. And I thank West for his service. I also have to wonder what would have happened to that free home had he been convicted of a FELONY drug charge. This was not a small amount of dope. He was convicted - not for posession but for distribution. Had he gone to jail, the house would have been empty and another injured Servicemember would not have that empty house and still be waiting. And as far as Gonsalves not giving a comment, it was probably because he was helping the next guy on the list and building a home for him/her. Try to keep in perspective what has happened here. It is awful for all parties involved. All my best to West and the man in charge of Homes for Our Troops - they have both done a great service to this country. If you are going to complain, please make sure you have the facts first.

There is no good in taking Scott Wests home.

Fraudulently occupying unconstitutional war against drugs pushers dont have the right to take a diabled war veterans home. period so go f yourself !



Operating an unconstitutional war and war against drugs is fake!

No more terror ! no more plunder ! no more forced manufactured consent ! no more war ! no more war against drugs ! no more tyrants allowed to be in charge ! No more forced hoax ! I love you all !

War on drugs used to start and pay for wars against people=

Unconstitutional enforcement of unconstitutional laws by unconstitutional terrorists posing as law enforcement personnel+ Wall street =human misery based resource deprivation scam+ insider trading exemptions given to war against drugs pushers who rise and fall the stock market value of petrochemiceutical drug pharmacy stocks via unconstitutional laws of the war against drugs and all the wars,conflicts,battles and squirmishes everyone knew this activity would cause.



There is no way your all pot smokers

Your all way to angry.

1. Marijuana did not kill your sister. i understand that you were told that Marijuana was the only drug in her blood, but unless she died from Death by Marijuana Bale falling on her head, she as not killed by Marijuana. Sorry for your loss, but Marijuana can not kill a person. honest, google it, i know you likely wont use a book.

2. Marijuana does not kill "millions of people every day" it kills 0 people a day, and its pretty consistant, having never missed a day in all of recorded history. for more, see point 1.

3. for the people who use all caps, please stop, most of us just skip those as they are harder on the eyes.

4. Education is the key to legalization, the lock is a broken economy. We are working on that first part, and have the second handed up on a horribly depressing silver platter right now. And a President who knows pot is harmless, but is still unsure of his political footing on this issue, and is likely thinking that if he pushes on this front as well as the others, his huge popularity might falter. WE as American Stoners can not let that happen. Keep Working, keep talking, and keep writing. Don't let up now, were almost there.

Obama would be a hero in the eyes of the populace

If he would leave all those authoritarian, socialist programs in the round file, stopped the wasteful and ineffective "stimulus package" in it's tracks (and round filed it as well), and moved toward legalizing ALL drugs.

I'm pro-choice on EVERY THING!

the truth about marijuana

i tryed marijuana before when i was a teenager and i got very very angry and voilent tords my gf and beat her so bad i was arrested for it,and that day i knew marijuana was bad news since then i've become very rich with my own oil company and im offended they let obama be president cause he cheated to get into office.


HA HA HA HA HA HA!! That was funny! And I am a PhD!!

If you want to write crap like that, you are going to have to do it with a little more intelligence. Honestly, you need to report this to your doctor! Because, it would be a big change, in what usually gets reported in the scientific research. You could make the national news!

Alcohol makes people violent. Cannabis has never been reported as doing this.

Monkeys are more likely to fly out of your butt... bud!

You are so funny!

I would have guessed you were a struggling comedian... not an oil tycoon!

'Truth is treason in the kingdom of lies' - Ron Paul

Respectful Request to L.E.A.P.:

We the people respectfully request Law Enforcement Against Prohibition be provided with the tools and resources to remove the unconstitutional war monger/prohibitionists fraudulent occupation . Thank you for your service and kindness.

i really hope that guys kidding

the DEA never lies to us? the devils drug? oil tycoon and beating his girlfriend?

i really hope this guy is kidding
because these are the exact people who advocate for prohibition. most of these people are so desperate to keep their foothold in power that they are willing to inprison a soldier who has given his legs for his countries regardless of the war he was fighting in. if i got my legs blown off i'd want to smoke some weed too.

You all are funny...

This is soo amusing..I really enjoy reading all of the insults. You go guys!!! Now I must go to the garage.....

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