BREAKING: New Jersey Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

The New Jersey State Senate this afternoon approved the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (S 119) by a vote of 22-16. The measure now goes to the state Assembly, where it faces a committee vote and then a floor vote. If it passes the Assembly, Gov. Jon Corzine (D) has indicated he would sign it. The bill would remove state penatlies for marijuana possession, use, or cultivation for patients suffering a qualifying medical condition who have a physician's approval. Qualifying conditions include chronic pain, cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn's Disease. Patients could grow up to six plants and possess up to one ounce. They would register with the state Department of Health, as would any designated caregivers. “The bill is very conservative," siad Ken Wolski, RN, head of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana--New Jersey, which is leading the campaign. "No medical marijuana state has a smaller plant limit or possession amount. Still, it will help a tremendous number of patients here. We applaud the senators who supported this bill.”
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abusus non tollit usum & caveat subscriptor

hopefully these arguments are in mind if they approve and the individual counties pull a stunt like in California:

these are the kind of things

that bring on revoloution

Charges filed against war against drugs worldwide.

A group of well known civil/human rights organizations have filed numerous criminal charges against the unconstitutional war against drugs operatives and global drug corporation c.e.o.s involved in the sadistic insider trading scam worldwide. Arrests of war against drugs personnel are currently being made by constitutional police and military troops and are expected to continue for months as war against drugs enforcers and global drug corporation scammers involved are attempting to escape to countries with no extradition policy .. finally !

Proof please

Post a link to coverage (video, verbal, anything) of this claim, please.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!



I think this is the person who has been putting, almost, unintelligible posts on here for a week or so. This situation only exists in the poster's mind. I anxiously await the production of any valid links. I don't think it is going to happen. It, so far, appears to be a confabulation or delusion.

re mlang52

maybe the mainstream news is afraid to report what is really happening because they are still being held hostage by the unconstitutional war/war against drugs ,including the drug corporations and cartel they are forced to report fake news for. you can see the fear in every mainstream news persons eyes right now like never before. No one believes a word of mainstream news as they are just a front for the sadistic insider trading scam. your not going to see this on the news until the work is finished. Now were all physically going to walgreens and right-aid and wal-mart pharmacies and demanding that that they stop paying for war mongering against people and drugs and that "We know that the war against drugs they sponsor is a terrorist insider trading group. so far alot of pharmacists here in California are jumping on board. We all have to be well organized lone and group wolves. the power of physically showing up at the businesses and police stations etc and demanding an end to tyranny will not continue to awaken those to remove those unconstitutional leaders who give unconstitutional orders is our part of recon. remember the war against drugs is run by terrorists. so all is not as it appears when such an enemy is being removed guerrilla style. Take the enemies weapons and use them against the enemy.


I think you, still, have failed to post any links to your "story". (in reference to charges being brought against the DEA , etc.) It is hard to understand your letters because they are so full of unattached phrases, incomplete sentences and such. Without any good links, you can just about bet I am not going to be following. Honestly, it is hard to follow, the group, when the leader looks like he is running around in circles yelling "Circle the wagons! We are under attack!" when no Indians are in sight! And it seems so disjointed that I might have to say the aborigines are not in sight! It is like comparing apples to popcorn and not apples to oranges! I am so confused!!??

Fox news are hostages

the war mongers are holding all mainstream news groups hostage unconstitutionally. We need your help mlang52 we need your help moonrider. and together we can do this . We are bombarding all mainstream news networks with everything that is Dr Ron Paul. Do this with us on your own and get everyone you know to do the same. the clog in communications is the reason for the fear in the mainstream news hosts eyes

Respectful Request to L.E.A.P.:

We the people respectfully request Law Enforcement Against Prohibition be provided with the tools and resources needed to remove the war monger/prohibitionists unconstitutional fraudulent terror and plunder based occupation. Thank you for your service and kindness. sincerely: the people

weed for the sick

this subject is so world widly known that it should just be leaglized. the people who need it should be able to get it with out problems from the law

Troy Crawford

medical merijuana

Medical Marijuana

This drug may be illegal but what about the people it can help? If a doctor finds out that a patient is deathly ill (in which case this has happened) to pain killers like oxycotton, marijuana can dull pain and even be used as a anti depressant that many ill patients will feel while being in those sick states. I’m not saying that it is ok for everyone to start smoking pot but those who need it should get it for medical use. Doctors will prescribe morphine; which is one step away from being heroin, as a painkiller. Methadone is a drug that is supposed to help heroin addicts to slow and eventually stop use of the drug, but it still has basic properties of heroin.
So the Government will allow the doctors to give patients heroin, a very harmful and addictive drug, instead of marijuana, a natural substance, that will help them with pain. It can take away headaches and migraines and even hunger problems for people with anorexia. With some people it can cause anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks. This drug may do this to someone in a worried state. It can increase a person’s state like paranoia. One peculiar phenomenon associated with marijuana use is the increased hunger that users feel, often called the "munchies." Research shows that marijuana increases food enjoyment and the number of times a person eats each day.
Until recently, the munchies were a relative mystery. However, a recent study by Italian scientists may explain what happens to increase appetite in marijuana users. Molecules called endocannabinoids bind with receptors in the brain and activate hunger.
This research indicates that endocannabinoids in the hypothalamus of the brain activate cannabinoid receptors that are responsible for maintaining food intake. This is why people with anorexia should be prescribed marijuana to help them with their food problems. If these are just a few things it can cure, what other things can it help with if a researcher broke it down to its purist form, THC, and mixed other medicines with it to create something new? What if we could come up with a cure for AIDS just by doing a simple study on marijuana?

Troy Crawford

This bill should be passed

This bill should be passed so that sufferers of debilitating diseases can obtain their medicine without fear of prosecution. I have suffered from Rheumatoid arthritis for 23 years. Four years ago I stopped taking all 'manufactured' drugs and started smoking marijuana. The medications I had been on all my life left me with stomach ulcers, kidney stones, liver damage, and digestive problems. The only adverse effect marijuana has had is the anxiety I feel about being "caught" by the police! This bill is vitally important to those of us who rely on marijuana to control the symptoms of our diseases. Please encourage your local Assembly members to vote for this bill!

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