President Obama, it's time

President Obama With our nation in a serious financial crisis, now is the time to look at ending our nations failed drug policy. You have been candid about your drug use in younger years, and it doesn’t appear to have negatively affected you. You know first hand the effects of several drugs, and I’m sure you’ve seen people who abused drugs and had it negatively affect their life. Think about where would America be today if you had been arrested for your drug use? How many other Americans could have made great contributions to our nation, if not for their drug conviction? Your daughters are going to be offered drugs soon. I truly hope they choose not to experiment with drugs, but if they do, should it destroy their future? I’m a former narcotics investigator, and I know first hand that our nation’s drug laws don’t work. When a 15 year old kid walks into a bar and tries to buy alcohol, someone checks his ID and throws him out. Same 15 year old kid walks up to any drug dealer and buys drugs. Trust me; no drug dealer is going to care how old he is. This is where the problem lies; if you want to control something it must regulated. I was talking to a high school girl a while back, and I told her we needed to legalize drugs. She said you can’t do that; kids will be able to get drugs. I ask her how easy it was to get drugs at her school. She said it was pretty easy to get most drugs. I asked her how easy it was to get alcohol. She said kids can’t get alcohol, you need an adult. Her eyes got wide and she got that look teachers love to see when a student gets something. Mr. President, the truth is that the only one controlling drugs in America today are drug dealers. They control the purity of drugs, the prices, where drugs are sold, and to what age. Please, don’t let the people who have promoted our failed drug policy for so many years continue to destroy lives. Drugs are bad, but the drug war is worse. We need open discussions about where our nations drug policy should go from here.
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