Drug War Logic 101

Pete Guither and Dave Borden already mentioned it, but I just can’t get enough of this quote from the Wall Street Journal:

"If the drug effort were failing there would be no violence," a senior U.S. official said Wednesday. There is violence "because these guys are flailing. We're taking these guys out. The worst thing you could do is stop now."

So let me get this straight. According to the U.S. government:

No violence = drug war is failing
Intense violence = drug war is going well

So when do we win the drug war then? When everyone’s dead?
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Drug War = Big $$$$$$$$

"Intense violence = drug war is going well"

No it reads: intense violence=business is doing well. The drug war is a front for military hardware build-up. Drug are just a convenient excuse to spend money in this direction. They invent unfair laws to create criminals to shoot at... so bullets get bought and sold, and people are making money. Peace is not a good market for guns, tanks, warplanes, soldiers, etc. Peace in fact would be bad for these businesses!

People should be aware that their government is locking people up for what should be a medical condition... pure lunacy. The drug war exists because Nixon HATED hippies. Hippies were right and made Dick's rule look foolish! Fast forward to today, and this sadistic hate is causing bootleg suppliers (getting rich!) to war amongst each other, with dieing going on everyday!

These drug warriors must be held responsible for violating human rights because they need to feed an prison/military industrial complex! Peace is the only way to prosperity for EVERYONE!

drug war 101


rule numero `el one`o is don`t bust all the bro`s yo. once you`ve taken out everyone, you no longer have a job. half of the cops are on the take, judges, politicians, liquor industry, prison unions, take-over crews, big Pharma, drug test supply co. , beer industry, wine industry. the government has a monoply in conjunction with the beverage industry over alcohol. RICO anyone? there is only "1" legal drug. alcohol. cannabis is a plant. what do you mean "illegal"? the people overwhelmingly support marijuana legalisation. the government thinks that pot smoking causes` submissive behavior. anti- war actually. the ball`s of cannabis users seem to be growing by the day now. it`s about time. Genesis chptr. 1, verses 11-13.

drug war economics


ever notice how the south imports inmates form california prisons? southern slavery folk`s moved into the government. the modern day "plantation" is the prison farm in the south. there are many. am i wrong in my observance of reality? how many southern states have marijuana decrim initiatives ready? a black president and rabid rascism all at the same time. welcome to the land of the free.

The Job is never ending prohibition and encarceration... WAR!

"the government thinks that pot smoking causes` submissive behavior."

Actually, the government is RIGHT! I think the US government is afraid of free thinkers. They saw what happened when a few hippies turned on and tuned in... or something like that. The hippie movement, led by such celebrities as John Lennon and Timothy Leary, helped end the Vietnam war. I'm sure the CIA and secret government knows about the SUPERPLANT, and how it is a powerful medicine and psychic inducer. But like UFOs, the government bowls over the public with "madness" propaganda to keep people away from discovering something profound. Something that they can not CONTROL.

After decades of a cannabis market, this product has evolved from compacted, stale, contaminated flowers to hydroponic skunk bud (Indica or Sativa) fresh from the farmer. People have figured out that cannabis can be a good product like nice oranges. I am amazed to find very productive and smart people that tell me they smoke pot, I learn of smokers weekly; I am not talking about riff Raff, I'm talking about very talented, disciplined and profitable people.

In order to bring the USA back to strength, they are going to need the talents of the creative cannabis connoisseur; not the easily fooled drug warrior and goody two shoes believer.

Chaos and Instability = drug war success

In the Spring of 2004 the Congressional Research Service released a report on the relationship between the war on drugs black market economy and terrorism.

'Illicit Drugs and the Terrorist Threat: Causal Links and Implications for Domestic Drug Control Policy'

"The international traffic in illicit drugs contributes to terrorist risk through at least five mechanisms: supplying cash, creating chaos and instability, supporting corruption, providing “cover” and sustaining common infrastructures for illicit activity, and competing for law enforcement and intelligence attention. Of these, cash and chaos are likely to be the two most important."

Insane, but consistent with the quote that inspired this thread, the CRS report concluded:

"American drug policy is not, and should not be, driven entirely, or even primarily, by the need to reduce the contribution of drug abuse to our vulnerability to terrorist action."

Govt says "Killing everyone will get rid of the drug markets."

That's the most realistic drug prevention idea I've heard from the drug busters since Nixon declared a war on some drugs.

Gallup Poll Begs to Differ

The Gallup website offered this relevant bit of information regarding the drug market in Mexico:

"On Drugs, Gangs: Between 2007 and 2008, Gallup observed significant spikes in the percentages of Mexicans who said drug trafficking takes place in their neighborhoods, and who said gangs are present in their neighborhoods.  Nearly 6 in 10 Mexican residents (59%) said gangs are present, up from 51% in 2007.  More than 4 in 10 (43%) said drug trafficking or sales take place in their neighborhoods, up from 38% in 2007.

It appears the increase in drug sales in Mexican neighborhoods is unaffected by the rivalries occurring among various gangs, this despite an intensity of violence that includes mass murder and terrorizing acts of decapitation.

Also, an increase in the market availability of drugs in Mexico means the drug market is thriving and expanding, which in turn means the Mexican drug war is going badly for the drug warriors.

Among the causes of increasing drug activity in Mexico are the ripple effects of the economic meltdown in the U.S., along with the economic disruptions caused by a stronger enforcement of U.S. laws that prevent itinerant Mexican farm workers from entering the U.S. to work during the harvest season in order to send money back to their families in Mexico.  The economic crisis has spurred many Mexicans to seek other forms of income.  What’s currently available as an alternative income, and what’s thriving in every country on the planet, is the illicit drug business.

Adding to the economic mess, tourism in Mexico has all but been extinguished by drug related violence and kidnappings.  A focus on resolving the immigration situation in the U.S., for example, one that creates a guest-worker program for strawberry pickers and the like, would work far better to end drug violence in Mexico than the militaristic solutions being proffered by U.S. drug warriors and President Calderon.  Unfortunately, the war profiteering and authoritarian mindset created by an omnipresent drug war seems to preclude humanistic solutions of this type.


No violence = drug war is

No violence = drug war is failing
Intense violence = drug war is going well

What the rationality behind this formula?

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