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Tips to Stop Drug Abuse

Here are some simple tips for you to stop drug abuse. The first step to stop drug abuse is to know why people start to use drugs. The reasons why people abuse drugs are as different as people are from one to another. But there seems to be one common thread: people seem to take drugs to change the way they feel. They want to feel better or feel happy or to feel nothing. Sometimes, they want to forget or to remember. People often feel better about themselves when they are under the influence of drugs. But the effects don't last long. Drugs don't solve any problems. They just postpone them. No matter how far drugs may take you, it's always around trip. After a while, people who miss drugs may feel worse about themselves, and then they may use more drugs. If someone you know is using or abusing drugs, you can help. The most important part you can play is to be there. You can let your friends know that you care. You can listen and try to solve the problem behind your friend's need to use drugs. Two people together can often solve a problem that seems too big for one person alone. Studies of heavy abusers in the United States show that they felt unloved and unwanted. They didn't have close friends to talk to. When you or your friends take the time to care for each other, you're all helping to stop drugs abuse. After all, what is a friend for? FSBO
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Dear Mr. Shill

I am guessing you are paid to write on other people's blogs so you can post links to money grubbing web sites, or for some other astro-turf purpose.

However, I will now address your comments.

Some of what you say is correct, mainly friendship is awesome!

It should be made clear that not all drug users are abusers.

However, you seem ignorant about "drugs."

  • One does not "abuse drugs," the abuse is of the body.
  • Not all drugs are the same.
  • Not all drugs are detrimental to one's body.
  • Some drugs are "turn your mind off" drugs. The effects are short-lived.
  • Other drugs are "turn your mind on" drugs. The effects are long-lived, or last a lifetime.

However, you are correct that one should approach the problem of serious addicts with love and not broken down doors and guns.

Stop "blog abuse" and dump the shills! Tips on stopping the war on drugs are more appropriate to this site.

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