Breaking News:We Just Won an Old Fight

So take that.

If that bong had a tony the tiger logo on it, wouldn't that be a breach of contract? And, the message this whole smear campaign is sending, is "na na, see how petty we can be". What is with these "institutions" and their "holier than thou" attitude? hello- step right into the 21st century, don't be afraid, the only things that can harm you here are "lies, and laws". What ever happened to progressive thinking? What ever happened to common sense? What happened to our country? The government that's supposed to "better the nation" is ruining the nation. Laws were supposed to "protect" the people, not harm, or kill, random innocent people. This terrorist activity against America, by our own government does not promote the "pursuit of happiness", in fact the government doesn't have the power to enact these "laws" in the first place. That lesson was supposed to have been learned recently enough to still be valid today. So, how does the government get away with such blatant abuse of power? If no one is "above the law", why do judges get "immunity", isn't that "above the law"? Okay, I'm listening. I think,(believe it or not) that the whole problem is, nobody in a position to make life altering decisions for others is accountable if those decisions are wrong. Just as the people they prosecute for making wrong decisions, WTF? The whole purpose of the legal system is to punish those, that make "bad" decisions, no? Weather intentional or not, no? How can this same "system" condone "bad" decisions on it's part, while inflicting punishment on those that disagree with those "bad" decisions? Ya see what I'm sayin'? Or am I preachin' to the choir? We are being encroached upon, this whole "war on drugs" has gone too far, our "leaders" (and I use the term in it's loosest form) really need to stand back and take a good look at what they've caused, and the destruction their "morals" are inflicting. This is unacceptable, and all goes back to no one being accountable for "bad" decisions. Where's the "justice" in putting someone in jail for a plant, when the only harm that plant causes is the harm caused by the ones that are unaccountable. This is not what government is for, this is a war waged on Americans, by the government, and they are using the military funded by the people, against the people, seein' as nobody is safe from attack from the government, and the police being backed, funded, trained by the military, and paid by the state to perform these military assaults on the citizenry, it's a fucking war on us, where the hell am I? And I've stood right here from the start of this, and watched it grow into this abomination, and didn't do a thing, I'm truly sorry. But, in my defense, as we all see now, it's just what our forefathers knew would happen, and me and my musket needed some reinforcements. Yeah, I got some roots in the civil war, my great, great, grandpappy was General Nathanial Green,may have heard of him, but, anyway, bein born n bread in NY I aint scared of nothing, 'cept our government, they scare the hell outa me, sereo. When you can't distinguish the criminals from the enforcement, when in fact, the enforcement looks and acts more like the illegal act than the "crime" that it's "supposed" to stop, somethings gone terribly wrong, right?
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