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The Truth about Drug Dealers, Prison, Marijuana, and Kids

This is the Truth about Drug Dealers, Prison, Marijuana, and Kids I learned over the years. Drug Dealers Law Enforcement wants us to believe that everyone arrested for selling drugs is a drug dealer. Truth is, after listening to testimony from current narcotics investigators, and DEA agents. I’m sure they don’t have a clue how the drug culture works, if they did, a lot more people would be in prison. Everyone in prison for selling drugs is a drug dealer right, wrong. I worked deep cover drug operations, and studied the drug culture for many years. In my experience 90% of people arrested for selling drugs, are someone doing a favor for a friend, or someone who buys a small amount, and sells part to friends to cover the cost. The sad thing is, many of these “drug dealers” are sick people who found medical marijuana helps their condition. Many of these patients can’t afford their medicine, so they sell small amounts to friends to help defray the cost. Imagine finding a medicine that works for you, only to find that it would cost $500-$1000 a month, and it’s not covered by your insurance. To many people on disability, this is a month’s income. Marijuana & Prison Today it seems when the government goes to cut programs, education is one of the first things they look at cutting. In Arizona we spend $7000 to educate a student, and $30,000 to put someone in prison for selling marijuana. In my opinion we have our priorities all mixed up. Kids Don’t get me wrong, after all I was a cop, I do think some people should go to prison for selling marijuana. I think if someone sells any drug to kids, they need to go to prison. Many people say marijuana is harmless, it’s not, I don’t think any drug is truly harmless. Kids shouldn’t be smoking marijuana, their brains aren’t developed yet, that’s why they don’t make the best decisions at times. We need to teach kids something most adults don’t have personal responsibility. I think if we do our best to keep kids substance free until their 18 or 21, we would have a lot less people with substance problems later in life. I don’t anyone who reached the age of 21 without using tobacco, who suddenly says I think I’ll start smoking. I didn’t look at a bunch of statistics, or delve into drug studies for my information. I have a law enforcement and medical background. I was trained in Los Angels as a Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic, and spent a year working on an advanced life support ambulance. I spent 12 years as an undercover narcotics investigator, and 3 years in uniform patrol. I do understand the drug culture, and the vast majority are good people, just like you. In fact, they’re probably you next door neighbor.
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You may not know anyone

who started smoking tobacco after the age of 21, but I do. I know three people who got thru their teen years without ever smoking a cigar, cigarette, or tobacco pipe, and didn't ever even chew tobacco, who did begin to smoke cigarettes in their 20s. I also know a lot of people who began smoking pot during their teen years, who have had not one single problem from it, other than the fact it is "illegal". I also know quite a few who began to smoke pot only after reaching adulthood, I'm one of those, I began when I was 26, now I'm 64. But you are absolutely correct that most people who get "caught" selling pot are not truly "drug dealers". And you are also correct about the funding differential for prisons and education.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

false convictions

I beleive that many of our inmates in our prison systems are falsely convicted of the crimes they are said to have committed. I also dont beleive that you should be charged with a crime that your friend does just because you where coincedentally around him/her at the time of the incident.

Im in my early 20's and a

Im in my early 20's and a single mom. I spent the last year of my life with a man I thought I loved until he was busted by task force. He got caught in possesion of marijuana and now im facing THREE felonies just fro living in the same house. I agree that people shouldnt catch charges just for being with a person whom gets in trouble. Now im having no luck with a job and struggling through college. Im clueless to what to do with my life now, absolutly lost!

system doesnt work

convicted felons have records and cant get jobs, some turn to selling drugs thus getting themselves into more trouble if they arent slick enough

its screwed up cause what are they supposed to do now after they have fucked up and even want to go clean their choices are narrowed

I just turned 16 me and my boys hustle hard i love the cat & mouse chase between the cops and criminals lol

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