Mrs.Capone,tell your boy to stop shooting in the streets

After the third hit in 24 hrs the police have gone public asking that gangsters parents tell their kids to stop shooting people in public.No one ever concedes the drug war is lost and that things are getting out of control.That would be too close to reality and the current reality is that these guys aren't afraid of the police or each other.They're young and bullet proof.They're making millions of dollars and having the time of their short lives.They do the gangster funerals and drive armored cars and wear kevlar vests and pack everywhere they go.They wanted a war on drugs,they got a war.You know people are scared and when they get scared they start calling for all kinds of insane measures.You don't toughen up laws for people that kill at a whim and do it in public in broad daylight in crowded mall parking lots.That there have been so few casualties of bystanders tells you that these guys know what they're doing.That said,it's just a matter of time till a mother or a kid gets shot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.There have been a few bystanders hit already but amazingly few.The police did their job when they were just dealing with a bunch of strung out addicts doing the dealing but they escalated the drug war,invited the DEA to town and now all that's left are the real serious stone killer types.That's how prohibition always works.Now it's just wait and see how many bodies it'll take to end this foolishness once and for all.
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Happy Valentines' Day

it was 80 years ago Al Capone and his band of thugs instigated the infamous St. Valentines' Day Massacre. You would have thought we, as a Country, learned then the futility of prohibition.

Yet, again we repeat or prohibition failures, over and over.

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