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Cut the crap and the bill will pass

Submitted by David Borden on
I don't mean to bring the whole political gambit to this site..... but . I just saw the news tonight and part of this incentive bill is 400 mill to the prevention of STD's... 400 mill... I have not researched this as to how many jobs this 400's gonna create.... I'll find out... but.... it sounds like crap to me..... what the hell else is burried in the trillions of dollars to be spent? Something else kind of slapped me in trhe face this morning when I heard Howard's tax crap. Here's what I know.... I owed the IRS 1500 bucks because I used a 401k to purchase a home (our first home) ... They got their $'s We didn't get a tax refund for 2 years !! How the HELL can you owe them 125k and NOT go to jail ??? I think they ALL ought to audited!! We have tax evaders representing us ? I want to help the country all I can .... seems like that is not the case with folks who know the system...its a bad deal ..... our society is greedy not good . What the hell happened to us?

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