20 Texas students test positive for marijuana at $4400 each.

More student drug testing results to speak for themselves. 

"Since the program began last April, 2,254 students in the district have been randomly tested. Of those, 1 percent of them tested positive for a drug that is on the list of banned substances, said Regina Bennett, the district’s Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities (SDFSC) coordinator."

"The program, which costs about $100,000 per year, allows the district’s high schools to randomly test students for illegal drugs and the overuse of prescription drugs if they have a parking sticker and/or are involved in extra-curricular activities. Also, parents who have students that don’t fall into either category can voluntarily ask for their children to be included in the group"[Star Community Newspapers]

The way the numbers work out is staggering, from the article its safe to presume roughly 22.54 students tested positive for a banned substance. Of those, 90% were for marijuana. A small percentage tested positive for anphetimines, Adderall is a safe bet.. We are talking about spending around $4400 to catch each of the people that tested positive, and even worse these students are denied access to school resources after we've already wasted all this money just to pick them out of 55,000 other pupils.

Regina Bennett, the district’s Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities coordinator, really smashed the nail on the head. 

“That’s good because hopefully it was a deterrent.” 

 Yes, a deterrent to students using after school programs that actually keep them off drugs. 

In the end they tested 4% of the school district and only 1% tested positive. Another $100,000 in education funding flushed down the drain by the drug war.

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I feel sorry for kids these days

I'm so glad I grew up in the good old 70's when we still had privacy and a sense of self as a separate human being. I think I would have dropped out by 6th grade if I had to put up with that kind of crap.

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