Medical Marijuana Comment Approved on the Fresno Bee Opinion Talk Blog My local newspaper, The Fresno Bee, posted an entry in their Opinion Talk Blog asking, "What are your dumbest trends of the decade?" and continues: As this decade stumbles to a conclusion, media outlets have begun putting together their best and worst lists. So I'll join in with my picks of the dumbest trends of the decade, and I hope you'll add yours in the comments section. There are plenty of possibilities in this bizarre decade. I submitted the following comment about medical marijuana, and they included it: One of the dumbest trends of the decade has to be that city and county governments waste so much time and resources that could be better used to better their communities on trying to circumvent California State Medical Marijuana Laws. Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, was a California ballot proposition on the November 5, 1996 ballot regarding the medical use of marijuana. It passed with 5,382,915 (55.6%) votes in favor and 4,301,960 (44.4%) against. Here we are 13 years after the voters made it perfectly clear that sick and disabled people have the right to use marijuana as medicine so long as their doctor approves, and we might as well be back in the Nixon or Regan eras. Because California's medical marijuana laws are so clear on the rights that qualified patients have to grow, possess, transport and use marijuana medically, local government officials are resorting to such underhanded measures as twisting the wording of their zoning ordinances to exclude any business that has anything to do with medical marijuana. The will of the voters was made clear years ago! We have had S.B. 420 and the State Attorney General's Guidelines issued since then to clarify that medical marijuana patients have those rights! Wake up, local government officials! You were elected to represent the will of the people, now Do Your Job! That's just my I hope it helps.



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Good job

I tend to comment, a lot, on letters, articles, and polls concerning the war on drugs and legalizing marijuana in my local paper's online opinion section, in the same sections of papers of the neighboring large city, at the sites of other papers (like the WaPo and Times, the LA Times and others) and of course political blogs all over the net, some like this one which is pro legalization and some anti (if we don't check out our enemies' words, it is harder to fight them, and if we educate even one of their readers by posting truth to their lies, we are making headway in this culture war). But we need many more of us doing that to educate the holdouts and the propagandized. Those who do not read the opinion sections are those who don't care enough to vote, so we need not focus on them. Educating the uneducated and propagandized who do vote is our job as activists. Let's see more of us doing that.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

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