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The Most Insane Anti-Marijuana Argument Ever

Anyone can dream up dumb reasons for keeping marijuana illegal, but it takes guts to equate pot prohibition with the survival of Western civilization. Mary Grabar at Pajamas Media shows us how it's done:

The sanction for alcohol use has lasted for millennia. It has become part of our rituals at meals, celebrations, and religious services. That is a large part of why Prohibition failed.

Marijuana, in contrast, has always been counter-cultural in the West. Every toke symbolizes a thumb in the eye of Western values. So it follows that in order to maintain our culture, we need to criminalize this drug.

The prohibition against marijuana is one brick in the foundation of our society.

You know, marijuana has only been illegal for 72 years. This isn’t a brick in the foundation of anything. Marijuana's prohibition was born out of absurd racist demagoguery, and the counter-culture that subsequently emerged was a symptom of prohibition, not a justification for it.

Ironically, Garbar is trying to fan the flames of what she sees as a massive culture war over marijuana, yet as the comments indicate, she can't even get her own conservative readership to buy into it.
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Yeah, and I bet that thumb

Yeah, and I bet that thumb in the eye of western values belongs to those wonderful eastern values who will actually sentence you to death for pot. She can go and have another sip of her favourite drug to go celebrate her hypocrisy and ignorance. Bloody moron.

the western values of freedom and rationality are incompatible

with alcohol supremacism over cannabis. Freedom is meant only to be restricted for serious reasons, and forcing people to use a clearly more dangerous drug instead of the safer herb/drug they want to use is not a serious reason, it's a moronic violence promoting reason motivated by irrational hatred. If they're not willing to ban their drug/herb alcohol, then they need to keep their hands off cannabis. Liberty and justice should be for all who don't violate the rights of others, not just for people the majority likes. Might not even be the majority anymore, but the war on peaceful adult cannabis users staggers on.

The barn door is already open when you allow alcohol

The crazy and mean horse has already escaped and keeps crashing into things constantly. Ignoring the crazy horse and bearing down on cannabis users isn't even doing too little too late, what it's doing is feeding more souls to the crazy horse, killer alcohol. Do you want to fight violence or do you want to fight cannabis use? It's one or the other.

Actually, I agree with the

Actually, I agree with the author's way of portraying prohibition. I do think it is a cultural war. Except I think that is one of the biggest reasons to stop the war, not to continue it.

Keep On Tokin'

Every toke symbolizes a thumb in the eye of Mary Grabar.

alternative phrasing

Do you want to fight violence or do you want to maintain alcohol's standing above cannabis? There's no other choice. Coming down harder on cannabis than on alcohol is incompatible with fighting violence, even without taking into account the black market aspect of it.

This is some heavy,deep,scary stuff.


it IS a culture war. So legalize it dumb ass.

"Polls estimate that about 62% of the US supports decriminalization of the harmless and extremely helpful plant, marijuana. The reason complete idiots like Mary Grabar think it should remain illegal is because she, along with the rest of the anti-marijuana crazies, have been pumped full of propaganda to the point where they no longer even convey their own ideas and opinions, just the medias. Legalize it and you will end all this bull shit. Look at the scientific facts Grabar, not what tainted media tells you, and you just might learn something in life. I challenge you, give me any complaint you have about marijuana and I can provide an accurate argument. and I'm 17."


I actually posted a comment on this persons blog...don't know if it made it past moderation which I blasted her for such drivel...such absolute nonsense. This writer knows nothing about ganja, history, common sense of scientific facts...all she knows is that she is forced to reach down to the bottom of the bag to scrounge up a thesis as lame as some moral imperative historically to keep weed illegal. It is is like some mental patient with a fairly high IQ ranting on after reading all the drug war lies ever published and nothing else.

Her premise is so lame..that virtually ALL of the coments made on her site are telling her she is a moron. Why would anyone read this crap to begin with?

borden's picture

because it's fun

We read it because it's fun to laugh at our opponents. :)

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

You are right Dave

It IS good to laugh at our opponents..but it is with a certain sick feeling that one musters a chortle when reading mindless insanity from supposedly educated writers. It is outrageous and therefore funny in a pathetic way...she cannot possibly realize how disgustingly inane she sounds to people who know the would be TOO embarrassing for someone with an advanced degree to realiaze that she is a laughingstock to anyone with any semblance of common sense and access to the current literature on the subject.

How can people ignore all the studies? All the testimony? All the millions of users who suffer absolutely NO negative effects, even with heavy use and long term toking cannot be ignored, unless one is intentionally dishonest, for profit motive or other intelllectually corrupt reasons.

One day these old crones will have their forked tounges stifled, when shame finally cannot be ignored any longer and no one but the few ranting loonies still cling to the drug war lies. The sooner the better.

Codene and Morphine: Good - Marijuana: Bad

So let's outlaw coffee and morphine and coedine.

Culture War

To equate pot prohibition with the survival of Western civilization is to deny its importance to the founding fathers of our republic. Would she have put Thomas Jefferson in jail for his cultivation of hemp on his property? Would she reject our Declaration of Independence because it was written on paper made from hemp?

There are many of the older generation that has held these beliefs for decades. As the younger generations assume power positions within our society and there is less influence from this older generation, our beliefs will become the dominant paradigm. We will rid ourselves of this hypocritical ideation and promote the personal freedoms that our founding fathers espoused.

To Mary Grabar: Sometimes you must embrace change. The younger generations are smarter than you think. They will not be swayed by this type of justification to continue this social experiment called prohibition. Prohibition has never worked and never will if you live in a free society.

end hunger,homelessness,racisim,.................

i think we should ban everything that could cause us harm alcohol,paracetamol,cannabis,chocolate,McDonald's,Chinese food the list will go on and on i think we'll end up with water even then it will be a controlled substance (no more than 1 ltr at a time)

im starting a new campaign its called speak the truth

we as a world need to speak the truth i mean all the truth if we know as a fact then we speak it if not we say we dont know not possibly not maybe not it could be not even yeah it is then 72 yrs later emm no it isn't

i think if it involves hurting someone else then yeah make it illegal im not saying ban boxing im saying if i need to steal to fund my habit then maybe it should be harsher punishments for theft if it is a consequence from the substance but its fundamentally down to my secondary action ie committing a crime of theft not taking a substance its self, there of its ludicrous to make the substance illegal i feel its a breach of my human rights im not owned by the country or government im the owner of me and i should be able to put substances into my body if i feel the need to. if i have the decision to make, i want to make the decision myself not have the government make that decision for me

but apart from the human rights aspects of drug taking it should be made safer so i feel that legalisation is the only way forward to solve the drug war mess thats been created

but also by legalising and controling drug use on a personal level we also reduce our co2 levels and reduce global warming we can end hunger and homeless ness plus we could also generate fuel on a sustainable level thus reducing our demand for oil

need more information on the usage of hemp visit

Alcohol and cannabis about the same?

You mean except for the fact that alcohol kills and maims constantly and cannabis does no such thing? You really should study the statistics on alcohol related mortality and ask why there are no such statistics for cannabis.
People who like pot and can't afford it or find it because of blatantly discriminatory prohibition have a perfect right to be a little mean to the jokers who drink their killer booze and with the most astonishing hypocrisy dare to tell other folks they are criminals and addicts for preferring the safer substance.
The science is clear that alcohol is much more dangerous to life and limb and peaceful ways, so the law discriminating against cannabis users is a piece of junk that no red blooded American should respect.
Alcohol and cannabis about the same? That's not what the cemeteries are saying, I guarantee you.

Very Angry about this

weed has killed nobody. alcohol 40000 or some crazy number. the us gov hated mexicans and mexicans toked so they made weed illegal.

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