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NJ Medical Marijuana Patient Convicted, Faces 5-10 Years in Prison

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The jury has returned its verdict in the case of multiple sclerosis patient John Wilson, who was brought up on serious marijuana charges for growing his medicine:

Somerville- The jury returned a not guilty verdict to John Wilson on the first-degree felony charges against him. But the MS patient could still face time in prison after being found guilty of second-degree charges of ‘Manufacturing’ marijuana and third-degree possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms.  

If he had been convicted of "operating and maintaining a marijuana production facility" John would have faced a minimum of 15 years in state prison. That could have amounted to a death sentence for the 37 year old because of the degenerative nature of the disease. [Examiner]

So it could've been worse, but it's awfully hard to get excited about a result that could still send a seriously ill patient to prison. I guess the mushroom possession didn’t help, but shrooms should be legal anyway and I'm sure he found them helpful or he wouldn't have had them.

Let's hope this less-than-worst-case scenario doesn’t suck any momentum from the effort to get Wilson pardoned and pass medical marijuana legislation in New Jersey to prevent such injustices in the future.

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drugsand education

i feel for john...especially this close to christmas........have my state probably smokes pot!!!!california........woke up this morning reading all the rhetoric....on drugs drugs smuggling then thought about all the money wasted...not used on food..then instantly went a favorits site just to this woman is fighting her own battle with feeding the poor or educating them---heyguy

Too bad he didn't live in California where you can grow 99 plants in your back yard and it's legal. There's dispensaries on every corner - just search Hollywood, CA on

borden's picture

not exactly

Be careful! The amount of growing that authorities in California will permit or tolerate varies from location to location. In some places 99 plants will get you busted and/or get your grow shut down.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Veil of Judicial Censorship Lifted

Judge Robert Reed deserves a great deal of credit for allowing a taboo medical necessity testimony regarding cannabis into a drug trial.  It was a courageous move.  What Judge Reed has demonstrated is that justice is not a punishable offense.

Sending seriously ill people

Sending seriously ill people to prison for producing their own medicine...I'm speechless. If evil exists, this is surely an example of it. How dare these people use morality as a basis for policies that incarcerate and dehumanize others.

Why are we so terrible to each other?

Justice at last! but i still

Justice at last! but i still think the 5 to 10 years is not enough time he got a extreamly light sentence .that M.S. bullshit is a horrible excuse theres no sientific proof that maijuana helps with anything.but theres mountians and mountians of sientific proof that marijuana is the greatest threat to american liberty and hope and freedom.I for one am proud that the justice system didnt allow him to make much of a bogus statment about his illness.I lost my daughter to marijuana i found a bag of what appeared to be marijuana in her room and i was so shocked and betrayed that i had her arrested and thrown in to foster care. she's not ever allowed back home she's dead to me. theres proof marijuana will ruin ur life,see it didnt make her lose her life but i lost my only daughter cuz she chose to try that nasty shit .i'd rather have caught her with a bottle of wiskey and a carton of least thoughs are legal and far safer. all you guys have this ass backwards of thinking that legalizing a dangerous substance will slove problems when in reality most crimes are commited on marijuana.rape,child molestion,theft,dui,murder,serial killings.


HAS EVER DIED FROM THE USE OF MARIJUANA, Don't spread your lies. Get educated, your daughter is gone due to something else, don't pick on the otherwise law obiding marijuana users. Cigarettes and alcohol kill thousands a people a year marijuana has not one SINGLE DOCUMENTED DEATH IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. You show me the proof otherwise

Justice at Last (anonymous)

Anonymous, I feel sorry for you. It wasn't marijuana that ruined your daughter's life it was a brainwashed, ignorant parent!
The greatest threat to american liberty and freedom are people just like you and I think your daughter can testify to that.
And just so you know, most actual crimes are committed by government.
I really think that you could benefit from counseling. But at the very least you might try smoking a little of the stuff you found
in your daughter's room. The magic might help mend your embittered heart.


Excuse me! You do not have the right to talk to me like that! you are a criminal! so you dont get the right to vote .your marijuana is true to the most biggest threat to america! how dare you talk about the justice system like that.YOU SPEAK of treson! our governement commits no crime! except for the democrats they commit crimes all the time and are the biggest idoits.your probably thinking with your retarded liberal jibberjabber!. marijuana is dangerous! peroid!!!! we dont have to explain why we dont like it.AND we can make you not be allowed to enjoy it.WE R DONE TALKING ABOUT IT JUST ACCEPT THAT WE DONT WANT IT SO YALL CANT HAVE IT.theres beer and cigarettes thats enough enjoy those. we dont have to prove anything to you just understand we want a healthy socitiy so there for accept it and enbrace it as gods will


It is too bad you quit talking. It was entertaining seeing those ignorant comments you made! I feel sad that our country has such ignorant people spewing forth what you have, so far. And, as far as I know, it is a still free country with freedom of speech as one of its fundamental ideals! Don't tell anybody they don't have the right to reply to your ignorant rants! That is unconstitutional! You committed a federal crime?! Then again, I guess we could take all the guns away from people, too! Let's give the government more chance to exercise their (and apparently your) tyranny!

I never smoked cigarettes (glad I made a good choice). I drink about once or twice a year! But, I do have an uncle, same age as me, who is dying from alcohol abuse. Killed his liver! Cigarettes and alcohol kill 500,000 people a year, according to all of the literature available. You are wishing death on you fellow citizens with your ignorant diatribe.

Because of the ignorance you exhibit, your posts are essentially as worthless as, the character, Rosanna's rants on the old SNL! It provides loads of laughs! And now , I will stop feeding the troll!

And, I am a registered republican and Christian conservative! I just happen to believe in free will. Does you Bible prohibit drugs or alcohol? I'd love to know!


If this is such a free Country than why are you supporting the government dictating what people put in there bodies. And about your bible reference, if you find a bible from the 1930's and 1940's and look in the old testament when it talks about the Holy anointing oil, it used six pounds of Cannabosm, which is what Cannabis was refered to at the time. Cannabis is God's Gift to humanity, You cannot legislate peoples hunger with prohibition, prohibition goes against anything our Constitution and our Four Fathers based this Country upon.
So you have no right to call me ignorant, you arguement is biased, people are always going to have different opinions than you.

Maybe you need to read my

Maybe you need to read my REPLY TO ANONYMOUS AGAIN!?
You misunderstood what I said. It is a chastisement of that writer that I responded to. Not to Callum Yeater. As far as I know, there are NO (none, zilch, nada) prohibitions of drugs or alcohol in the Bible . I am in no way supporting the illegal actions by the government. I guess I better read it again, because I do not understand your criticism! Yes I know about konobosm (as referred to in the Old Testament). But I wonder how you misinterpreted what I said so badly. You should be replying to anonymous, not me! Did you notice he did not capitalize "God's will"!

And, you don't need an old Bible to find out what you are referring to. They talk about anointing oil all the time and anyone, in the know, also understands that Cannabis oil was used in the anointing oil.

Or, maybe it is because you did not place your reply in the right string? Or, maybe you answered the wrong person?


Wow, You're full of it, and a very angry person. Take your crap somewhere else. Cannabis is a miracle plant, most people know that.

Re "justice at last": If you are for real, you need to sober up

and stop foaming at the mouth like a wannabe dictator. Alcohol and tobacco are mega killers, deaths related in any way to cannabis are virtually non-existent. Deal with it, you clown. And sorry, I wasn't made to enjoy alcohol or (yechh) tobacco, I prefer the safer stuff. Justice and crime prevention (prevention of REAL crime, with REAL victims) is on our side, alcohol supremacist bigotry and the need to get off by controlling others is on your side.




THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! This country is seriously eating a big pile of shit! They actually want to give this man 15 years for smoking pot. Men charged and convicted with attempted murder of a police officer have recieved a sentence of 30 years. Do you mean to tell me that growing weed is half as bad as attempted murder???!! This is the kind of garbage that makes me ashamed to call myself an american citizen. This country needs to get its priorities straight. Its all the close minded prudes who think weed destroys people that need a good smack in the face to open their narrow minds. This man does not deserve the trouble he's getting.


marijuana is not harmful at all . tobbaco kills people and alcohol . there has been research that when on the influence on marijuana and driving a vehicle you actually pay more attention and drive better look it up on youtube. its far more easier to get marijuana than alcohol and tobbaco. and this is coming from a 16 year old that is far more smart than ignorant brain washed people . please look up the UNION DOCUMENTARY !!!

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