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Good Stuff to Read

An Alternet story about the DEA's continuing failure to update their website in accordance with the AMA's new position on medical marijuana seems to have gotten results. DEA made another update here, noting the new position and replacing bad info.   

Also at Alternet, 10 Signs the Failed Drug War Is Finally Ending by Tony Newman. This has been an incredible year for drug policy reform and Tony's piece was published before this week's incredible news on Capitol Hill.

An outrageous medical marijuana prosecution in New Jersey. It's really time to get this legislation passed.

A new poll finds 53% support for legalizing marijuana. Other interesting stuff in there too.

The worst anti-marijuana editorial I've seen in awhile. The dude even mixes up North and South Korea.

Drug war robots! I've been warning about this for years now. It's just a matter of time before the cartels build robots too (if they haven't already). 

And finally, Prisoner dupes guards, grows pot in cell. Seriously. He told them it was tomatoes. And he only got busted because another inmate ratted him out. Although I suppose it would have caught up with him eventually, because at some point the guards might notice that he doesn’t ever seem to have any tomatoes.
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Worst Editorial Ever...

...comes with a poll asking whether pot should be legalized ( ) As of Friday morning, "Yes" was leading 97% to 3%. I guess that answers the moralizing moron.

That poll now reads:

98% supported legalization by voting yes, and only 2% voted no.
I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

CNN Offensive

CNN is on a propaganda rampage today.
I just watched Brian O'Dea blow Kyra Phillips out of the water.
When Kyra suggested a massive increase in usage would result with legalization,Brian cited Portugal's experience and Kyra ran like a little girl lol!
Scott,do you know who Brian O'Dea is? I've never seen him before but he did a great job and promoted LEAP.
CNN is blasting propaganda all over the tube today and ridicules the suggestion of legalization with words like "addict".There needs to be a response!

Clariononline 'moral issue' to legalize marijuana

the best part of the article (rant) was not that the writer (did) apparently mistake south for north korea.

It was results of the embedded poll on the article:
Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use?
97% YES
3% NO

CNN's alcohol supremacist bigotry is showing

It just doesn't matter in the slightest to them that alcohol kills constantly, and cannabis kills very rarely. Their reply is: so what, who cares?

somebody said...

..'.a nation has the morals it can afford'. But of course use of mj has nothing to do with morals.

A new poll finds 53% support

A new poll finds 53% support for legalizing marijuana. Are you sure/ I'm keeping neutral about this topic. Why? Because Marijuana can be negative or positive depends with the person who look at this.

Is this a spoof?

The editorial was so dumb I started looking around the site and noticed that the banner says "The Clarion Online - A First Ammendment Publication of Citrus College, Glendora, Calif." So either this is a joke, or Citrus College students can't even spell amendment correctly. Perhaps the editorialist IS a good representation of the student body.


I'm utterly speechless about that editorial. I understand that community colleges are underfunded and under performing but that's shocking to me.

Also, spoof?

It doesn't appear to be a spoof, the "newspaper" site is linked directly from the Citrus College website...

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