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Marc Emery free on bail

Submitted by David Borden on
Vancouver,Sunday,Dec.6,2009 Marc Emery,long time marijuana legalization campaigner and recently jailed for extradition to the US for the so called crime of selling marijuana seeds appeared on The Standard,television program with his wife Jody,LIVE and in color tonite.As I have been down with a rather nasty bug and ill as well because my druggist allowed my dispensation from Pharmacare,our wonderful Canadian health care systems B.C. adjunct,to lapse causing me to have to either go without my fentynl or to have to pay for it.I refused to fork out an unknown sum(I have gone back one full year and there is not one slip telling me the cost of the drug)and my druggist was kind enough to fork over 60 hrs worth of the drug in the last week.As it is my belief that if I am going to pay for dope,I will find it on my own.I have discovered that not scoring in over a year has caused all of my former connections to change their numbers(surprise surprise)so I don't feel any too well.Enough of my problems,the simple fact is that the Canadian Government of Stephen Harper received so many e mails,calls and letters on behalf of Marc Emery that they have allowed him out on bail while they try to decide what to do about the travesty that is his charge for selling seeds.A protest that had been going on since his incarceration was the first group to see mr Emery as he left the remand center to join his wife.He claimed the thing he missed most was food.He then added that he missed holding and being with his wife.This is a huge victory for the marijuana legalization movement but even more it is an affirmation of our sovereignty .Sending Emery to the US on a charge that does not exist in this country would have been against the act that sets down the reasons that extradition can take place.More than anything,this is a victory for Canada.

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