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His Honor

Submitted by David Borden on
At eight a.m. the show begins; The bailiff calls, "All rise!" In walks the dog-and-pony star, Wearing his disguise. All dressed up in his robes of black, He takes the stage alone; Acknowledges the accolades, And sits upon his throne. He looks down at the crowded room, But he won't meet your eye; 'Cause everything he stands for Is standing on a lie. His court is now in session, And justice he'll dispense; Justice based on hearsay And tampered evidence. Your life is his to squander; Your life is his to save; Every breath you'll ever take Is breath His Honor gave. He calls what he does justice, Like he thinks we don't know, His Honor turned his back on justice Many years ago. He traded his integrity To further his career; A million little evil deeds Have brought His Honor here. Every weekday, eight a.m., The bailiff calls, "All rise!" Here comes the dog-and-pony star, Wearing his disguise.

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