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California Tax and Regulate Cannabis Initiative Suspends Signature Gathering--Because They Have Enough Already!

The Tax and Regulate Cannabis 2010 initiative, sponsored by Oakland medical marijuana entrepreneur Richard Lee, has laid off its paid signature gatherers, saying they already have sufficient signatures to qualify for the November 2010 ballot. Lee told the Chronicle this afternoon that more than 650,000 signatures have been turned in, and that he expects an additional 50,000 or so to dribble in in the coming weeks. Precisely 433,971 valid signatures of registered California voters are required for an initiative to be approved for the ballot. That leaves Lee and the initiative a substantial cushion of about a quarter-million signatures to make up for any invalid signatures. The campaign will wait to turn in signatures until January 15. If they were turned in this month, the initiative would appear on the June ballot, not the November ballot. Lee wants the initiative on the latter. Lee's initiative, which would allow individuals up to 25 square feet to grow their own and would allow counties and municipalities to opt to tax and regulate marijuana sales on a local basis, is controversial. Some national figures believe it is premature and risks going down in flames at the polls, thus setting the movement back, while some California activists believe it does not go far enough and does not entice voters with potential revenues for the crisis-ridden state budget. But it will be on the November 2010 ballot, provided the signatures are certified by election officials in February. It may not be the only legalization initiative on the ballot. At least two other signature-gathering campaigns for competing initiatives are under way.
Oakland, CA
United States
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The best financed and

The best financed and organized initiative is also the worst. It is poorly written, does not do what needs to be done and I'm frustrated about it.
I'm sure they thought the local controls would make it more appealing to certain types of voters, otherwise there is no good reason to do that.
A mix of different local laws is going to be a mess.
The one oz possession rule combined with the 25 square foot grow space is RIDICULOUS! That grow space will produce more than one oz.
What are you supposed to do? Throw the excess away? This initiative will only create new and different problems. It won't solve the real
"Prohibition needs to end" problem.

drugfreeworld ads...

Webspace provided through 3rd party makes for some interesting placements. It's really funny to go through legalization sites and find anti-marijuana ads everywhere. In this case, as I write this I'm seeing "drugfreeworld" ads flanking this article. It bothers me that is becoming so prevalent, not just because of what they do, imitate the partnership for a drug free america and the DARE program at the same time, it's the fact that, as a front group for the church of scientology, their prevalence in the anti-legalization movement gives this very dangerous cult more power.

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