Why Legalizing Marijuana Will Reduce Violent Crime

Miami Herald has the story of a pot deal that went horribly wrong:

An argument over marijuana inside a Hialeah apartment Tuesday left one man dead, one wounded and a third under arrest, police said.

Really awful stuff. One guy thought he was gonna get robbed, pulled a gun and everything went crazy from there. You couldn't possibly keep track of how often things like this are happening.

And I can just picture the anti-drug crowd crowing, "and you want to legalize this stuff?" You're damn right we do. We want to decide who sells and where they'll be located. We can keep this business out of apartment buildings filled with children and put it in a safe place instead. Until that happens, you can never know when or where the next violent tragedy will occur. Currently, it's being sold in all the wrong places by all the wrong people. We can fix that. Easily.

Fortunately, the folks at The Miami Herald seem to be on the right track here. Right next to the story is a poll asking "Do you think legalizing marijuana would reduce crime?" So far 75% say yes, and maybe you guys can help bring that number up even higher. It's a good sign that the press is beginning to make that connection. There's no better time to discuss legalization than when lives are lost over a bag of marijuana.
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If that can decrease

If that can decrease violence crime it's good... But, how if that otherwise?

It will, seriously!

With all the false propaganda out there, I can understand how some people would be scared out of their minds at the thought of legalizing marijuana. Being someone who has walked many paths in life, I have been on both sides of the issue. I was the daughter of a police officer and, in high school, joined the DARE program. I truly believed everything I was told. Then, in my late 20's, I was introduced to the realm, the subculture of the marijuana using populace. I have been living in this realm for years now and I'm here to tell everyone, nobody is going to break into your house or car jack you or, worse yet, kill you over a joint. It's just not addictive enough for someone to go through that in order to get it. Will they do it for meth? Cocaine? heroin? Vicodin? Xanax? OxyContin? Yes, absolutely! A person will rob and injure to get those drugs, but not pot. It's about time all of use who do know the truth stand up and speak the truth instead of hiding in the shadows waiting for the truth to reveal itself, because that, my friends, will never happen.

Wouldn't eliminating

Wouldn't eliminating marijuana completely from society also stop 75% of violent crime also?

borden's picture

Why speculate about such

Why speculate about such pure impossibilities?

David Borden, Executive Director
StoptheDrugWar.org: the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

You will never ever be able

You will never ever be able to get marijuana eliminated completely... ever.... i read this comment and had to laugh...wow

legalizing weed is a good idea

over 40 percent of prisons in America have at least half people there are in the prison for possesion of marijuana

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