BBC News Says Hash is Safer Than Marijuana

Having apparently missed the memo that the alleged causal link between marijuana and psychosis is demonstrably false, BBC News is still spreading mindless hysteria and confusion about it. In an article overflowing with dubious claims, this one in particular caught my eye:

The experts believe skunk is particularly damaging because it contains more THC.

Unlike skunk, hashish - cannabis resin - contains substantial quantities of another chemical called cannabidiol or CBD and research suggests this can act as an antidote to the THC, counteracting its psychotic side effects.

And where did all that delicious, brain-nurturing CBD come from? It came from the cannabis plant, i.e. the exact thing you're claiming is so dangerous. The statement above, though not entirely untrue, highlights the fundamental ignorance about the cannabis plant that underlies this whole crazy obsession with "skunk" that has gripped the British press for years now. So let me break this down for you:

1. Skunk is just one variety of cannabis and hardly comprises the bulk of the market for good marijuana. It's an old strain that's been hybridized a million times over with other strains to the point that one rarely knows if they're smoking Skunk or not. Many strains contain some amount of Skunk, but there's generally no way to tell, especially if you're buying on the black market. In reality, the British press is just using the term "skunk" as slang for any type of high-potency marijuana. And that's why the hash comparison is absurd…

2. The only reason hash is often high in CBD is because hash is usually made from indica strains, which produce more CBD. But most commercial cannabis is indica-dominant anyway, so the whole idea that hash contains some special ingredient that's missing from cannabis is just pure nonsense. It all comes from the plant and it just depends what variety you're using. Instead of calling everything "skunk" and confusing everyone, why not educate the public about which strains have the healthiest ingredients?

If you're concerned about the safety of marijuana users, there is absolutely only one logical solution: regulate and control the product so that users know what they're getting and researchers know what they're studying. We could argue about this for a thousand years, or we could test it out right now and learn the truth.
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Some high potencey strains cause me to have minor anxiety (really, it's just because my life in the past few months has been generally stressfull... I never know what batch will be great for me and witch will amplify my anxiety

This so called "psychosis" is really just a lack of knowing the blend of chemicals in each strain.

That's why, as suggested, that educating the public is the best way to reduce the "harm"

BTW this is also why Marinol doesn't work as well as raw plant.. It's pure THC with no other cannibidols for balance

killer weed

Okay, so if marijuana never killed anybody, and hash is safer than marijuana, but if you smoke marijuana you'll become addicted to heroin and die in the gutter with a needle in your arm and meth steals your soul and makes you abuse your children (even if you don't have children) and LSD makes your babies born with 2 heads, and smoking marijuana makes white women have sex with Negroes, and crack kills and the meth epidemic is contributing to the spread of AIDS and exploding meth labs kill people and snorting cocaine spreads Hepatitis C and prison is a safe, drug-free environment for addicts to consider the consequences of their actions and the DARE program really works and Nixon was NOT a crook. And that's why heavily-armed SWAT teams attack unarmed civilians while they sleep and why cops get away with murder.

Reading and listening to the endless, contradictory crap that passes for "drug education" would be amusing if it the whole thing weren't so deadly.


if you support prohibition, you also support the death of the innocent.

you don't have the right to murder/physically end a person's life, so what gives you the right to tell them what they are allowed to do with their life? imprisonment is the wrong method of handling the dangerous drugs issue, because imprisonment is still murder. no, not physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

evidently we all have the right to speed on the highway, drive without wearing seatbelts, ride a bike without a helmet, or commit any of thousands of other such offences and receive nothing more than a fine, even though these infractions can potentially be as fatal as the use of dangerous drugs.

is anyone else frustrated with the obvious lack of reason or logic behind 99% of the things that people do?

i can barely look at another person anymore because i don't know if i'm looking at someone who's got their head on right, or just another idiot who couldn't be trusted in a sh*thouse with a fork and knife.

British Skunk Hysteria

As drug propaganda goes, British skunk hysteria ranks among the more bizarre.  It’s not like the UK’s so-called drug experts can’t go somewhere to learn proper cannabis facts and terminology.  It’s really easy.  Randomly select any teenager in the streets of London and get the kid to explain it all.  So what gives?

One thing, the cannabis preference in Europe has typically been hash.  America’s first choice is weed.  So maybe the UK’s warped plan is to introduce a new word to the English bogeyman lexicon.  Something facile that can be distinguished from hash.  In this case:  Skunk Monster.

But if ‘skunk’ means medical grade marijuana to these simple UK prohibitionists, and the stuff of the 60s and 70s they make comparisons to is the Mexican ditch weed that US smokers once hacked and coughed their way through, then they misuse the word ‘potency’.  ‘Quality’ is the proper term of comparison here, not potency.  I agree that the quality of marijuana has improved, and that the improved quality is a good thing for lung health.

As usual, there’s a more insidious twist on this latest mythmaking exercise.  The UK’s Brown government has decided that political opinions are equivalent to scientific opinions, each easily dispensable should the delusion demand it.  The Brown faction made this policy clear when they refused to consider recommendations set forth by their own leading scientist on drug issues.  BBC appears to be following the Brown political party line.

Sad to say the BBC News was once the most reliable news source in the world.  Today it’s just another bogus, anti-drug website.  The stinking drug war corrupts everything it touches, including the venerable BBC.



As far as I know from a source I read many years ago THC slowly turns into CBD with age.The older the weed the more CBD and CBD is what makes you tired.Can anyone elaborate or refute this?

Yes I can CBD is the the dark

Yes I can CBD is the the dark brown crystals you can see in your hasj. The dark types is the one with moust CBD in.. Then you have the weed geen.. There you can see all the white things you can see on the weed is THC crystals. But its true If you some to mutch strong thc lets say 50 - 70 % thc.. in some Time.. ITs not good for you... You can get paranoya... My own exsperienc is Thc is god for the day use to stay up and gowing.. And dark pure Cbd has bifore bed to get a good night sleep..


Btw If you get your hands on som real SKUNK pleas Don't smoke it every day for more then a week :)

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