Methadone is not a "Legal High"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need persons that are learned in addiction and KNOW that Methadone Maintenance, is not as horrid as the public assumes that it is. I have contacted several Methadone Advocates, but once I say that I am on a "taper", which means I am getting off MMT, I hit Dead=Ends! Its all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ But for me, its about getting my FAMILY back. Thanks for reading this! ps- Getting on a methadone program was always one of my "NEVERS"...
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Are you sure you've not

Are you sure you've not misheard someone say Methylone or Mephedrone?

- Synch


The person with the original post seems to be a little smarter than you! Seriously, "Methylone or Mephedrone"?! That was a serious post and did not deserve and idiotic response! Get a life!

Lol. But Mephedrone &



But Mephedrone & methylone are legal highs, or rather, were legal highs until the cathinone ban in April.


Mephedrone sounds confusingly similar to methadone, to the point that someone ODing on methadone lead to the ban of mephedrone because some fuckwit journalist doesn't know the difference.

Hold on

What's the matter? Your post doesn't make much sense. It's OK; it's hard enough to stay alive in a Drug War crisis let alone compose crystal-clear prose. What do you need from someone who is " learned in addiction and KNOW that Methadone Maintenance, is not as horrid as the public assumes that it is." What could such a person do for you?

Why are you de-toxing? Has someone told you that you must get off methadone to get your family back? Whether it was an estranged spouse or a bureaucrat I think they are wrong. The chances of big problems go sky-high during and after a de-tox. So do the chances of overdose. Your best chance, overall, is to get to a stable, comfortable, dose and work to stabilize your life. Do not use benzos. It doesn't matter if a doctor gave them to you. They are very dangerous, especially for MMT patients, even if you are not supplementing your dose.

If you are drinking or using you need a dose increase. The de-tox, in that case, has already failed. Go back up till you feel like doing things that are legal and constructive, then level off there. You can't help your family till you can help yourself. Try doing some activism part time either for MMT or against the WOD.

MMT is our only salvation. It's been mine for 36 years. I was off it once for eight years. All my runnin' partners are dead. Many would still be alive if we'd had heroin-maintenance. That's a fact.

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