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So many resources wasted on drug users, there’s no money to extradite real criminals

We waist so many law enforcement resources fighting drugs, from outside our borders; we don’t have the resources to extradite wanted criminals within our borders. You see, when law enforcement agencies receive a felony arrest warrant from a judge, they enter the information into N.C.I.C., the National Crime Information Center. One of the questions N.C.I.C. asks is how far the agency is will go to pickup the prisoner, if an officer runs the suspects name and find they're wanted. Some of the choices are within their own county or state, surrounding counties or states, and nation wide. All too often, officers stop wanted felons, only to release them due to limited extradition when a wants and warrants check is run.. In my opinion the agencies are happy the bad guys out of their jurisdiction. Why would they bring a wanted burglar or robber back to their town? So the courts can released him/her on bond, so he can commit more crimes in their jurisdiction. Many criminals figure this out pretty quick, and simply move from state to state committing crimes they know agencies won’t extradite for, if they are across state lines, or multiple state lines. I know from my experience, other officers, and police radio traffic that officers release everything from drug offenses, to burglars, and people wanted for assault, but many states do extradite for back child support. What’s the point in spending the time and resources to investigate and arrest these bad guys, if they don’t follow through and bring them to trial to be sentenced? It’s time we stop arresting drug users, and concentrate on real criminals. After all, with 40,000,000 people using drugs in the last year, and over 12,000,000 in the last month, let’s be truthful, it’s not hard to make drug arrests. Many times you hear law enforcement compare drug users to bank robbers, or other criminal activity when talking about legalization. Let’s be serious, if we had 12,000,000 bank robberies last month, we would have a serious crime problem,12,000,000 pot smokers, not so much.
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Lots of Rapists Run Free Too

U.S. to Rape Victims and Loved Ones, "We Care More About Hunting Down and Locking Up Every Last Drug User Than Your Alleged Rape."

In other and still related news…

Recently CNN ran a story, "FBI puts bank robbery suspect's face on billboards."

They quote Stephen Emmett, spokesman for the FBI's Atlanta office, "… there are addiction issues with the majority of these bank robbers, and that provides a bad additional ingredient …" "… and now he might actually be on drugs and strung out on drugs."

What he neglects to mention — and CNN fails to question — of course, is that if drugs were legal people like this would not need to rob banks to support their habit through black-market prices. And that if drugs were legal, pushers would be out of business and the creation of new addicts would probably drop to near zero.

But then how would one be able to nurse a sense of righteous indignation each day, day after day?

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