Future Wealth

I believe future wealth will be generated in the medical marijuana field. It's going to be very lucrative in the near future. Read what the Wall Street Journal pointed out on their front page coverage of Medical Marijuana In California. We will have a marijuana reform bill on the 2010 ballot here in Arizona. Now is the time for intelligent conservative entrepreneurs to lay the ground work for future operations. There is a niche for consulting in such areas as preparing business plans, seeking grants, tax planning, capitalization, etc.. This is going to be better than the gold rush of 1849. Legalization is going to be a fact of life in the near future, and those who have resisted it for whatever stupid reason, will loose out in the long run. When you realize the anti-prohibition zealots are made up of people that profit directly from the prohibition, you will recognize a sinister intention. Nearly every one else regards the War on Drugs to be a failure and prohibition to be a total waste of billions of tax payer dollars. I also think that many people who have never used this herb, have little regard for the miseries prohibition heaps on the lives of millions of honest, responsible, God fearing American citizens. The damages represent a major travesty of justice that should not be condoned by any one in the land of the free! The lies by the government regarding the effects of marijuana must end. If you looked into the debate by reading the truth that is openly available on line at sites like stopthedrugwar.com and our local Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project you will see a path to freedom that is paved in gold for those who have the wisdom to follow it.
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Southern Justice

I wrote this song about Maricopa County's Sheriff Joe Arpio. I gave him the original copy with just me and my guitar playing "Southern Justice". Shortly after that he kicked me off the posse.

You can stream or download the song by Colonel Pepper here:

Trey Haltom
Colonel Pepper

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