Medical Marijuana: First California DEA Arrests Under Obama Took Place Last Week

A massive DEA operation featuring dozens of heavily armed agents and at least four helicopters ended with the arrests of five people in California's Lake County last week. According to California NORML, the arrests are believed to be the first since the Obama administration announced it would not persecute medical marijuana providers in states where it is legal unless they violated both state and federal law. The DEA seized 154 marijuana plants from Upper Lake resident Tom Carter, and arrested him, former UMCC dispensary operator Scott Feil and his wife, Steven Swanson, and Brett Bassignani. Carter is a registered medical marijuana patient and provider, and his wife, Jamie Ceridono, told the Lake County News he was growing for several patients and his grow was legal under state law. The genesis of the bust appears to lie with an alleged May deal between a DEA informant and Bassignani to purchase marijuana. According to documents filed by Carter's federal defenders late last week, the informant claimed to have arranged to buy marijuana from Carter and to have left a voicemail message for Carter to set up the deal. That same informant allegedly made a deal to buy marijuana from Bassignani. In the document, the federal defenders said prosecutors made no claim that Carter ever heard the phone message the informant allegedly called and that they set out no evidence linking Carter and the informant. "All the complaint says is that another individual, Mr. Bassignani, called the informant, claimed he worked for 'Carter Construction,' and arranged a marijuana deal," Carter's defense attorneys wrote. "The deal later took place, and the only other reference to Mr. Carter is the conclusory claim that the informant 'had agreed on the price with Carter.' No context, no specifics, and no other information is provided in the complaint which indicates that Mr. Carter in fact talked to the informant, arranged a marijuana deal, and indicated that he (Carter) was knowingly involved in a marijuana transaction." Moving that the two felony counts of marijuana trafficking against Carter be dismissed, the attorneys added: "This complaint is sadly deficient with regard to whether Mr. Carter has done anything to indicate that he conspired to break the law. It should be dismissed accordingly." It is unclear why Feil and his wife were arrested. They are neighbors of Carter and his wife. Carter and Feil are being held in Oakland, where they are set to have initial detention hearings today and tomorrow. Federal prosecutors have asked that Carter be held pending trial "on the basis of flight risk and danger to the community." Carter is a long-time resident of Upper Lake, prominent construction contractor, and community benefactor. "California already has enough federal marijuana criminals," said CANORML coordinator Dale Gieringer, "It's time for concrete changes in federal law." While the Obama administration has announced it would no go after law-abiding medical marijuana providers, the DEA has conducted at least two raids against providers in San Francisco and Los Angeles, although there have been no arrests in those cases. The administration has not announced any changes in federal laws or regulations around medical marijuana, and Bush appointees continue to serve in the DEA and the US Attorney's Office of Northern California, which is prosecuting the case.
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DEA isn't going to just go away

As long as people sell medical marijuana to people without a card, DEA is going to be there. In my opinion with DEA it's not about the marijuana, it's about the money.

If medical marijuana was priced so patients could really afford it, DEA wouldn't be able to brag about multimillion dollar busts, they might not be so interested.

Sorry if I offend anyone here, but when a single dispensary can make $1.7 million in a single month, it's not about helping patients, it's about the money.

Please, if someone can tell me where the dispensaries get all the marijuana they sell, let me know. Because I'm sure DEA is going to be interested people using illegal grows to supply dispensaries.

We can fault DEA for arresting legitimate medical patients, and caregivers. We have worked very hard to get the marijuana laws changed. So before we jump to conclusions when an arrest is made, let's see if the people are following the laws.

Until we remove the enormous profits on medical marijuana, law enforcement and DEA will be heavily involved. If it's not about the marijuana it's self, it will be about the taxes on marijuana.......

E. Jay Fleming
Former LEAP Speaker
[email protected]
Mohave Valley, AZ

I strongly disagree. The

I strongly disagree. The whole economy is based on profits, the pharmaceutical companies are making 10 times more profit, so why can enterprising individuals not make some form of profit for their hard work? If anything, it should be the government subsidising the production of marijuana in order to lower the price for patients medecine.

Ultimately, being a capitalist nation, the federal government is more likely in my opinion to relax their position once they realise the economic potential of medical marijuana.

Don't excuse the DEA for 'Just doing their jobs'

Justifying an act of aggression by a government agency against people who harm neither other people or their property by saying "It's the law" is one of the worst reasons to justify anything.

You can justify just about any government action taken by any government in the course of history this way. The crusades, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Holocaust, the list goes on and on. As long as it's government-approved, it's legal.

You're from LEAP. You might have been a LEO. If a law was placed on the books tomorrow claiming that any individual involved in executing the drug war is now facing a mandatory minimum of 5 years in prison for crimes against humanity, would you accept it because "It's the law?"

One of the reason cops are so disliked by so many people now is because they are akin to machines. There is no reasoning with them. They just say, 'I don't make the laws, I just enforce them' or 'The law is the law'. People have good reason to be angry with this ridiculous justification of government harassment.

Appreciate LEAP & your efforts but can't agree completely...

Appreciate LEAP & your efforts but can't agree completely... I prefer dumping the tax and regulate (control & appeasement) model that the D & R's keep holding up as "'The Path to Decriiminalization". I prefer the crazy notion that 'legality' should be the preferred path.. to our rights and freedoms... and ending what I hope you agree is an illegal prohibition against a plant... which is currently disguised as regulation under the 'control of some substances act'?

Tax & regulate, as I believe LEAP already knows, will not end the political or cultural skullduggery that continuoisly sullies our founding principles... to say nothing of the black-market (it won't be going anywhere)... instead it will be watered and fed... and like nature... it will grow and flourish!

DANGER/DANGER! Civil Libertarians...

The DoI and Constitution are unambiguous concerning our interpretations required by authoritarians of any stripe required!

Many civil libertarians, and there are plenty in the movement,have been fighting this criminal injustice since the 70's and grow tired of the 'go along to get along' theory of law reform... many prefer outright re-legalization.

I could rant forever about 'testalying', and dancing around the rule of law for profit & I'm sure you could still add a long tonne to it. But, I recommend rethinking our approach because now is a good time considering the cultural, political, and economic winds which have never been more favorable?

Consider the Seattle Hempfest/Eric Sterling debate in a previous article in this weeks chronicle (he's since apologized for the outburst). Eric is the only, and highest ranking member I know in the reform movement, that has essentially said YES! THERE WILL BE WAR CRIME CHARGES IN THE FUTURE!


Don't know about you but I know who the 'punishers' (prohibitionists and perjurors) are and who the 'patrons' (yourself & LEAP included) are... and what our better founders would think, say, or do about it today!

Choose Legality,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. I find the best way to change a conservative, or your typical LLEA's, mind about drug use is ask them the following question: 'What right does 'joe six-pack' or 'black-out bob' have that 'tony the toker' doesn't?" Reminding them that 'social acceptability' and what the 'bible/god/or jc thinks' are not rights... just opinions. Then wait for it... WAMBAUGH! "'Whadda u mean Dean?" LOL movie

Plus Kennedy just died...

Plus Kennedy just died... and we're reminded that the civil rights movement of the 60's was defeated only after it became an issue of 'immorality'. Extreme religion and hate lost & the rule of law prevailed.

Guess what folks the documents haven't gone anywhere & they still say the exact same thing.

We should organize with the gay community since they also face the exact same punishers! Most hipppies I know don't fear rainbows... though some in the mmj crowd might be a little squeamish?

Choose Legality,
Thomas Paine IVXX

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And I was there too...

And I was there too -- when Eric said that, that is. (Anyone catch the SNL reference, by the way?)

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Hi David, Could you clarify pleaz?

Hi David,

Seems like a busy week and i'm missing something.

Could you clarify pleaz?

You were where? When eric(?) said what? SNL reference?

I'm really glad the Sterling/Hempfest debate happened (fun & heated intercourse... yummy). I hope it opens some eyes and causes people to think... HUM?

Based on Sterlings earlier interview about his roll, helping the tip o'neal gangsters and all the PERJURY in the Jusictice Dept. (a really serious crime... if we want it to be?), it doesn't seem possible to seriously think 'tax & regulate' would do anything but exacerbate the problem? STOP FEEDING MONSTER!

Wouldn't it be great to get the Sterlings, Stampers, Coopers, and many others in front of a special prosecutor & grand jury? The special prosecutor could then set up an 'Internal Review & Affairs' division in the Justice Dept... and let the Perjury charges fly... and mandatory 5 yr. mins begin... for each offense... of course. Imagine the entertainment value of all the skullduggery & canabalism as the frenzied rats turned snitches 'plead out'... sweet kung-fu kharma!

I have an unrelated suggestion (not a criticism undertanding time, money, etc.) on how to improve intercourse in these forums. I posted a few comments over at NORML on the Hempfest/Sterling debate and noticed they had a cool option that notifies posters that want to follow a thread when new comments are added. Pretty cool tool?

Choose Legality & Radically Yours,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. Remember, No Debates + No Checks & Balances = No Law! A serious crime... obviously committed by serious criminals!

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The war crimes comment that

The war crimes comment that you mentioned, I was there. It was a debate with Bob Barr, before Barr shifted toward our side.

"And I was there too" was a line in a recurring Saturday Night Live routine, that one would probably have to see to appreciate.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Thanks, but I was referring to Sterlings statements...

Thanks David,

But I was actually referring to Sterlings statements not Barrs.

But if Barr said the same thing then I give him 2 penance points... and wish him better luck next election?

I was referring to the interview Eric Sterling did in the 1999 PBS Documentary "Frontline: Snitch". [Eco] posted the link when he notified everyone that Sterling apologized for the hempfest/freak outburst.


Q. Do you [Sterling] feel guilty about your involvement in the development of these laws?

A. The war on drugs is one of the great evils of our times. Drugs are a serious problem, but it's very hard to tease out where the problems of drugs and the problems of the war on drugs are not overlapping. ---- Some day there probably will be war crimes trials in which those responsible for these crimes against the American people, and other peoples, may be brought to justice. ---- We have federal judges who have resigned, federal judges who have wept on the bench. Senior federal judges who say, "We refuse as a matter of conscience any longer to take these kinds of cases." Those are people at least who have the opportunity to step out. I had the opportunity to step out by leaving my job in the government and [am] now working to help expose what I think are these problems. When I meet with the family members of people serving these sentences, it is very hard. At times I am moved to tears when I sit across from someone whose loved one is serving a 30-year sentence for something that I played a role in getting enacted. It's an awful feeling.

That statement is what fascinates me and causes me to question why this should not be, along with testamony by Stamper, Cooper, and others, put before a special prosecutor & grand jury? That's the riddle I seek guidance in answering!

Read the entire interview & compelling testimony here:

If you read it you may agree that his arguments don't support the 'tax & regulate' theory. There's also a great -CATO- article, buried in the back of this weeks chronicle, that succinctly argues why 'tax & regulate' would JUST FEED MONSTER... MORE!

Speaking of SNL: "hamburger, hamburger, hamburger, hamburger, hamburger, hamburger..." Big JB... LOL... RIP

Keep Intercoursing With Them,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. "Human rights originate in Nature, thus, rights cannot be granted via political charter, because that implies that rights are legally revocable, hence, would be privileges" Thomas Paine

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Eric said the same thing,

Eric said the same thing, while debating Barr, is what I meant.

I asked in another post which Cato article you are referring to. The Cato links we provided have large sets of articles appearing in them -- some even written by prohibitionists -- and I don't know which one it is are saying critiques the tax and regulate model.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Got It. Here's the specific article for your consideration. Thx!

Hi David,

Yup, Not your fault it's hard to find... good thing i'm an insomniac... must stay awake. he he he

Scott Morgan posted it in the 'Speakeasy' called "Cato Unbound Looks at the Mexican Drug War" and links all the CATO articles.

The article I was referring to is by Jorge Castaneda called "The Eroding Support for the Drug War".

I've looked at several articles and they seem to suggest the 'decriminalization' that's taking place south of the border will just feed the monster too!

So much information... so little time... I know! Without you guys I would never have seen it.

Thanks Again,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. "I believe in the equality of man; and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving, mercy, and endeavouring to make our fellow-creatures happy" - TP

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I read the piece differently...

Thanks, Thomas. Interesting piece. Castaneda is Mexico's former foreign minister, by the way, for any not aware. He came out for legalization in an editorial published in Newsweek, while on the NYU faculty prior to becoming foreign minister.

I don't interpret Castaneda's piece as predicting that decriminalization will feed the monster. In fact, he seems to me to have suggested that it will help point the way to legalization:

:[I]t is going to be increasingly difficult to make the pitch for full-fledged penalization and a war on supply and demand, if in fact there are more and more loopholes for legal drug consumption. Mexico can use this as a lever to cajole Washington into at least studying the issue, as the Webb Commission has started to do.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Hi Dave, Still read it the same...

Thanks for his bkgd... had no idea he was that important... thought he was just another libertarian writer being ignored by the masses. he he he

" we could soon see an absurd situation where the two federal governments spend billions and lose lives trying to stop the flow of drugs into the United States..."!

Well, If the current system isn't absurd enough & we aren't losing enough lives now... I hate to think how bad it could get?

I think it implies: As the demand for marijuana increases because of de facto decriminalization & the reduction in penalties (a good thing)... it will create a demand larger then then the zillions of 'Tax & Regulate' systems could ever keep up with, thus, continued black-market... continued violence... continued monster?

Quote: "Second, among Mexico’s levers with the United States would be the fact that if a growing number of U.S. states (fifteen at last count) continue to de facto decriminalize, through legalizing medical use and broadening the definition of medical use, we could soon see an absurd situation where the two federal governments spend billions and lose lives trying to stop the flow of drugs into the United States, where in many important states, those drugs are virtually legal."

Thanks Again,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. The standard libertarian argument... i know!

Sorry forgot something Dave...

Forgot to say that I, and probably most civil libertarians, don't agree with your definition of legalization.

'Legalization', in my opinion, is nothing like 'Decriminalization' OR 'Tax & Regulation'... different animals entirely!

Decrim. for some mmj folks.. but at a huge cost to the remaining 99.9%?

Good Night & don't let the drug dogs bite!
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. What's Senator Webb up to theses days? Lets get him going on a special prosecutor to look into the drug war and the perjurys Sterling, Cooper, Stampers, and too many others, could testify too?

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Thomas, I suspect most civil


I suspect most civil libertarians take the same position that the ACLU does on this -- the use, sale, manufacture and distribution of drugs should be legal, but there is room for the government to place reasonable regulations on it. The idea of no regulation has more currency among people who are pure economic libertarians as well. I certainly know such people, and I respect that point of view, but I have not heard quite that level of opposition to any regulation or taxation of drugs from most civil libertarians I know.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Morning David, Always appreciate your opinion...

Morning David, Always appreciate your opinions...

I guess we're destined to respectfully disgree because I can not agree with your opinion "... there is room for the government to place reasonable regulations on it" knowing our nations history and how the political & cultural warriors dance around the rule of law... for profit & control.

Knowing what I know about aurthoritarianism and the nature of power I'll remain skeptical of placing faith in 50 state gov'ts and the giant monster in DC... to create 'reasonable' regulations?

Not interested in turning my rights into privelegs based on ''reasonable' or other regulations! Besides, I thought california and the other MMJ states already had reasonable regulations... and that doesn't change things for the vast majority who use it recreationally... it won't keep them out of jail or from being 'punished' for perceived sins!

I continue to believe my interpretation of the CATO article(s) is the correct one... increased demand w/o an increase in legal supply = bigger and badder black-markets and the violence & risk that always go with it. Monsters Loves This!

Looking forward to this weeks chronicle...

Radically Yours,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. "He was a victim of the people, but his convictions remained unshaken. He was still a soldier in the army of freedom, and still tried to enlighten and civilize those who were impatiently waiting for his death." Robert G. Ingersoll

Got to say

I agree with your interpretation of both the CATO article and the term "legalization". There should be no taxation, no regulation by government of cannabis. Relegalization should consist of nothing more than repealing ALL laws relating to cultivation, possession, use or distribution of cannabis and other natural plant or fungal based intoxicants (where there is no distillation or "manufacturing" required -- mushrooms, peyote, etc.).

However, I do not have a problem with legalization of all the other illicit drugs including some regulation of the manufacturing processes, standardized dosages, and distribution of drugs like LSD, XTC, amphetamines, opioids, depressants, etc.; since the purity (or lack thereof) of those drugs could have a serious impact on users. We don't want those drugs' equivalent of "bathtub gin" killing users. Possession and use of those manufactured drugs should be lawful without further regulation, tho, except as is done with alcohol, set age limits tho I would revise those downward to age 16 (the age of consent in most states for sexual activity and driving, which should also be the age of consent for all other activities -- entering into contracts, drug use, etc.)

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Thanks & I largely agree... people dying from irresponsible...

Hi Moonrider,

Thanks & I largely agree... people dying from irresponsible behaviour... or the abuse of any drug... is a bad thing to be avoided. Especially considering the super-sensationalized world of 24 hr news... just aching for a hearst style pulp fiction tear jerker stoners done raped your dog & slaughtered your neighbors family story! Worse, said stoner would no doubt use the 'de facto monkey & reefer madness defense' himself... to save his own ass!

'Public safety' should always be a high priority... it's why I and most of the movement supports 'Education NOT Incarceration'. And why the law making process is legally required to have 'debate' and 'checks & balances'!

When the politcal & cultural warriors in power create 'expedient' laws, by circumventing 'debate' and 'checks & balances', they are actually violating the law... by creating laws that are unjust & illegal!

Laws should be created, coercion free, for the right & lawful, not expedient, reasons. And why people who violate the self evident inaleinable rights of others are supposed to be punished... as the 'rule of law' dictates and the 10th commandment agrees with (against bearing false witness ie perjury)!

But, I'm also sympathetic to the more liberal civil-libertarians when they point out corporate greed and question putting profits before principles, etc.

I'm Pro-Choice on Everything too... especially following the 'rule of law'... because it is the law... and perjurors, punishers, prohibitionists, and power brokers have obviously forgotten that!

Cheers Mate,
Thoma Paine IVXX

B.S. "His last, great pamphlet, Agrarian Justice, he published in winter of 1795, further developing the ideas in the Rights of Man, about how land ownership separated the majority of people from their rightful, natural inheritance, and means of independent survival." - Wiki

DEA Sucks

What is wrong with the DEA ? Why are they going after lagal pot growers when the country seems to be changing it's opinion about pot. It is time for Obama to stand up and put an end to the insanity.

The DEA is today's NAZI party !

d.e.a. are domestic terrorists:

The d.e.a. and anyone who supports their fraudulent existence are terrorists as well. The U.S. Military should be removing them from the planet! Every country and peoples military should should remove them to stop the terrorizing of people. All the corporations which made these prohibitions of alcohol and cannabis happen are going to be charged with sponsoring terrorism,unjust wars,socio-economic plunder,and insider trading if actual constitutional operatives can help it!

You missed one a week or 2 ago.

There was a Raid in Denver on a Cannamed office, and a dispensary in the same building. From what i understand the feds were in the area to bust someone on a identity fraud investigation and saw marijuana through the window.

America's economy is

America's economy is hurting, people are out of work and there is zero extra money to go around. Yet the DEA seem to keep spending very large sums of money to arrest harmless American Citizens! When are we going to put our foot down and say to our government (that works for us, by the way) enough is enough...we don't want our tax paying citizens arrested for such behaviors? Time to grow up America!!!!

response to leap rep

Dear leap representative I would like to point out a flaw in your logic. In unincorporated Alameda county the dispensaries are currently unable to produce their own medicine for their members. Because of this they must essentially buy marijuana at the current market level, which because we are a capitalist country, is affected by both the cost of production and the profit that growers put on top of that. In essence local regulation has essentially ensured a high cost of medicine. Despite this a dispensary in Alameda county named CCAC sought to put downward pressure on the price of the medicine it provided its members. The dispensary redistributed the product at a 10% markup to cover overhead of a rapidly expanding coop. As a result of the low prices the coop grew to astronomical levels. A recent report on nightline reported that this dispensary grossed around 50 million dollars in 12 months and paid about 400,000 dollars in sales tax every month. The dispensary didn't advertise, didn't divert medicine to non patients, and was in complete compliance with local and state laws. Non of this mattered to the feds who raided the coop in nov of 2007 and eventually charged four men with crimes that carry a fifteen year mandatory minimum. I could go on to tell you more of the issues in the case but my original point was to dispute your argument that a dispensary that grosses or profits[ you didn't stipulate if that 1.7 m is a profit or gross for a dispensary] money in the millions is responsible for their own fate. In fact if a dispensary could control production and push the price of medicine down there membership would swell. Just think about it, if a dispensary sold lets say a gram of pot for 1-4$ people would flock to them and their gross could reach unimaginable numbers. Would you then blame them if the DEA raided them for "making too much money"?

Some countries get it, bravo Mexico and Argentina

Argentina’s Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday, Aug 26th, that it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL to punish an adult for possessing and consuming marijuana if it did not endanger others. In a unanimous ruling, the court struck down criminal penalties for using drugs “in private.”

Wait till the DEA guys overseas go postal when they come home...

Wait till the DEA guys overseas go postal when they come home... post traumatic adrenaline junkies patrolling americas streets keeping us safe... what could ever go wrong?

Just another leap towards militarizing the drug war at home and abroad. How is it the DEA can be soldiers on foreign soil and peace keepers on american? Soldier/Cop which is it?

Better paint the decks red mates... the pirates are coming... and they are pissed! Something tells me when they lose over there, as history predicts, it will be us at home that suffer there angry wrath for another gov't failure?

Keep your gear clean & close,
Pastafarian Knight

B.S. The answer is always easy! Abolish the ATF and modify the DEA's job description and priorities! Honest people know alcohol and tobacco are drugs and firearms are intregal to the drug war so we really don't need the ATF at all. This allows us to redirect the DEA away from cannabis towards guns and the deadlier drugs... Impossible?.. I know!

When the d.e.a. goes overseas to the middle east:

The U.S. Military Troops, the allied troops,the enemy troops,the friendly troops,every one, might just make sure that not one d.e.a. thug makes it back to America or any where else for that matter. The only people who like the d.e.a. are prohibitionists of high rank who are also drug runners while being exempt such as Oliver North. Everyone I have ever met hates the d.e.a. and their fraudulent occupation. Whether some judge with stockholm syndrome declares it or not. Drug prohibition(yes believe it or not alcohol is a drug) was over in 1933 and declared unconstitutional therefore illegal. Illegal law means illegal government which means criminal organization. Drug prohibition is alcohol prohibition with a different title for the same illegal scam. The drug prohibition the same unconstitutional violence as alcohol prohibition and worse. The U.S. Military(every branch together) vs the d.e.a. . Who do you think would win in a fight?


Just another rogue institution demanding to be abolished.

Once a special prosecutor sets up a division of "Internal Review & Investigation' in the 'Justice Dept. the sooner we can imprison the kingpins/drug czars and their lieutenants... for starters.

WE could kill the Drug Czars office overnite because of the illegality of circumventing congressional oversight & review...making the CZAR and his crew illegal under the rule of law... if we want them to be?

Choose Legality,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. DEA = dumbevilassholes? If we get busy we can revoke their passports and leave them in afghanistan and let the taliban deal with them... it's what they'd do to us... afterall?
On second thought, they are often just dogs addicted to the dollar and would probably just switch sides... for fun & profits?


This argument never seems to die. Drugs are illegal. End of story. Marijuana is considered a drug and is therefore illegal. People continue to plead their cases for legal marijuana for medical purposes.

I have no expertise in this field but if marijuana worked that well wouldn't doctors be demanding and pushing for its use? The lack of commentary from the medical business seems to say it all for me. casino

Please let me help you change your mind... truth is hidden!


FYI: Alcohol is a Drug (and more dangerous than marijuana)
& the word 'DOPE' comes from the Dutch and means 'SAUCE' and where the term... 'SAUCED' (on the drug alcohol) comes from?

It never dies for extremely good reasons... including the fact that marijuana laws are created based on frauds, without debate, or checks & balances, and therefore illegal according to the DoI and the Constitution. Illegal marijuana prohibition violates so many 'self-evident inalienable rights' people will be prosecuted for war crimes someday... for crimes against the people?

There's also the small fact that 10's of millions use it here in the states and 100's of millions (perhaps billions) use it world-wide and the numbers are not likely to decrease as facts become common... instead of covered-up... by political & cultural warriors! Did you know there are more people that smoke cannabis regularly in India then their are people in america?

Please answer this question if you dare: "What rights do 'joe six-pack or 'black-out bob' have that 'tony the toker' doesn't?" Remember that 'social acceptability, and what 'the bible/god or jc thinks' are not rights... just opinions.

Many doctors do prescribe cannabis (have been for centuries) and the number is growing despite the fact that many have been arrested and imprisoned... at an average cost of $30,000 per year + the cost of a federal prosecution ($250,000?)!

Besides didn't you know your gov't which claims marijuana has no medical value, and arrests 800,000 people a year on marijuana charges, owns the patent to marijuana claiming the exact oppopsite?

That's right your gov't owns U.S. Patent # 6,630,507 titled: "Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants".
Claiming (with scientific proof I would imagine): "Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties... cannabinoids are found to have particular applications as neuroprotectants... limiting neurological damage."

Dare to Disagree,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. "Human rights originate in Nature, thus, rights cannot be granted via political charter, because that implies that rights are legally revocable, hence, would be privileges" - Thomas Paine

re.Brian.N U.S. patent # 6530507?:& What about fake cannabis?

Fake cannabis meaning marinol(dronnabinol) at pharmacies(whats up with that?). How about Dr. Andrew Weil?Dr. Phillip Leveque? There are so many doctors who know cannabis works it would be nearly impossible to mention them all here. How about asking medical cannabis doctors and patients yourself for proof? On Youtube there are testimonials such as 'Run from the Cure' Rick Simpson,'Phoenix Tears', also ' 6 Natural cures for cancer' Peace,Love,Happiness,and Prosperity to you Brian. N and may your home and clothing soon be made from the stems of sustainably farmed medical cannabis plants and our cannabis/ hemp jobs returned from those who bully and steal from us. From James

Hey James, Did you have a question about the patent?

You referenced my comment on the patent but I didn't see a specific comment or question?

Choose Reason,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. We should also stop the doctor/rehabbers from saying 'Drugs & Alcohol" WTF? Who looks dumber they or us for buying the b.s.? Remember it's not the THC that scares the crap out of authoritarians... it's the BSB's... The 'Bullshit Blockers'! He He He

re Brian N correction on patent # 6630507

Woops Peace

borden's picture

peace to you too, friend

Peace to you too, friend. But you are "disgruntled veteran for peace" -- I can prove -- just as prior to that "disgruntled veteran for peace" was "disgruntled veteran" and "veteran for peace" separately.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

re anonymous, I was referring Brian N.,(above post) to patent:

Brian. N is a doubter of the effectiveness of medical cannabis, so i was helping him see the effectiveness. Thank you and much appreciated Peace,love,happiness and prosperity to you and may your clothes, home,and many other products soon be made of the stems of medical cannabis sustainably farmed with care and compassion. From James

And peace and love to you Mr. Borden my friend:

I have many different expressions for how how i am feeling and reacting. You are correct about disgruntled veteran and veteran for peace. Is it against the rules to have different names in here?All the names do fit me well. I hope i didn't screw something up. Any hoo Thank you for for being you Mr. Borden. Your work at improving the multiverse is much needed and appreciated. Sincerely; disgruntled veteran for peace

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No, it's not against the

No, it's not against the rules.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Medical Support

Brian M,

Here's a small list of health organizations supporting medical cannabis (I have the formal position papers and/or supportive comments, if you'd like to know more about any of the groups listed).

American Academy of Family Physicians, American College of Physicians, Medical Student Association of the American Medical Association, American Nurses Association, American Preventive Medical Association, American Public Health Association, American Society of Addiction Medicine, Arthritis Research Campaign (United Kingdom), Australian Medical Association (New South Wales), Limited Australian National Task Force on Cannabis, Belgian Ministry of Health, British House of Lords Select Committee On Science and Technology (First & Second Report), British Medical Association, Canadian AIDS Society, Canadian Special Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs, Dr. Dean Edell (surgeon and nationally syndicated radio host), Health Canada, Kaiser Permanente, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Lymphoma Foundation of America, The Montel Williams MS Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society (Canada), The Multiple Sclerosis Society (United Kingdom), National Association for Public Health Policy, National Nurses Society on Addictions, Netherlands Ministry of Health, New South Wales (Australia), New England Journal of Medicine, AIDS Action Council, AIDS Treatment News, Parliamentary Working Party on the Use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes, Dr. Andrew Weil, Alaska Nurses Association, Being Alive: People With HIV/AIDS Action Committee (San Diego, CA), California Academy of Family Physicians, California Nurses Association, California Pharmacists, Colorado Nurses Association, Connecticut Nurses Association, Florida Governor's Red Ribbon Panel on AIDS, Florida Medical Association, Hawaii Nurses Association, Illinois Nurses Association, Life Extension Foundation, Medical Society of the State of New York, the Minnesota AIDS Council, Mississippi Nurses Association, New Jersey State Nurses Association, New Mexico Medical Society, New Mexico Nurses Association, New York County Medical Society, New York State Nurses Association, North Carolina Nurses Association, Rhode Island Medical Society, Rhode Island State Nurses Association, San Francisco Mayor's Summit on AIDS and HIV, San Francisco Medical Society, Vermont Medical Marijuana Study Committee, Virginia Nurses Association, Whitman-Walker Clinic (Washington, DC), Wisconsin Nurses Association,.etc...

As you can see, the medical support for medical cannabis is quite broad and quite formidable. Cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years; and cannabis products were widely used in the U.S., especially cannabis tinctures made by industry giants like Merck, until the racially-fueled and intellectually indefensible "Marihuana Tax Act of 1937" led to cannabis's illegitmate removal from the U.S. Pharmacopeia in 1942 (after being a part of the U.S. pharmacopeia since the mid-1800s).

Even the American Medical Associaton strongly opposed the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. Dr. William C. Woodward, testifying on behalf of the AMA, told Congress that, "The American Medical Association knows of no evidence that marijuana is a dangerous drug" and warned that a prohibition "loses sight of the fact that future investigation may show that there are substantial medical uses for Cannabis."

Physicians have been standing up for patients' re-access to medical cannabis for years; but because of the DEA's practice of targeting doctors who recommend medical cannabis -- especially if the physician is vocal about his/her stance -- most doctors voice their opinions about sensitive issues like medical cannabis through professional affiliations with reputable health groups like the American College of Physicians and the American Nurses Association so that they don't lose their licenses to practice.

Tragically for patients with severe illnesses, however, most of the media is still 70+years behind the science and continue to print sensational, fear based propaganda, instead of actually investigating and reporting the medical truth and broad medical support. In fairness, a few larger media outlets are currently waking up to the historical and medical facts regarding cannabis and are beginning to present medical cannabis in a more balanced fashion. But the media has a long way to go to catch up.

Brian, I hope you get a chance to do some research on this amazing healing plant, because it really is fascinating stuff.

Damn, that's alot of people and organizations

Damn, that's alot of people and organizations... wonder what the hold-up is... could it have something to do with fear or persecution since opinions dictate our laws... instead of science promoting them... how bizarre?

Doctors have been perscribing this medicine for centuries... and it was the u.s. gov't that tried to erase it's healing properties & utility from our history and consciousness!

First, do no harm,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. It is often asserted that DuPont actively supported the criminalization of the production of hemp in the US in 1937 through private and government intermediates, and alleged that this was done to eliminate hemp as a source of fiber—one of DuPont's biggest markets at the time. Hemp paper threatened DuPont's monopoly on the necessary chemicals for paper from trees, and Nylon, a synthetic fiber, was patented the same year that hemp was made illegal. The company denies these allegations.

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