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Will Foster Extradited to Oklahoma

Medical marijuana patient Will Foster is en route to prison in Oklahoma after being picked up Friday by Oklahoma law enforcement officials. He had been held at the Sonoma County Jail in Santa Rosa, California, for the past 15 months as he fought bogus marijuana cultivation charges there--he was a registered patient with a legal grow--and, after the California charges were dropped, on a parole violation warrant from the Sooner State. Foster had been arrested and convicted of growing marijuana in Oklahoma and sentenced to 93 years in prison in the 1990s. After that draconian sentence focused national attention on his case, he was eventually resentenced to 20 years in prison. He later won parole and moved to California, where he served three years on parole and was discharged from parole by California authorities. That wasn't good enough for vindictive Oklahoma authorities, who wanted to squeeze more years out of Foster. He refused to sign Oklahoma paperwork requiring him to return there to serve out the remainder of his sentence. He also refused to sign paperback that extended his original service. Oklahoma authorities issued a parole violation warrant, and the governors of both states signed it. Foster had sought to block extradition by filing a writ of habeas corpus--he had won a similar writ against Oklahoma earlier--but that effort failed on Friday, and Oklahoma authorities were there to whisk him away. Foster is scheduled to be held at the Tulsa County Jail before being assigned to a prison in the Oklahoma gulag. Efforts by Foster supporters to secure his release continue and are now focusing on Oklahoma parole authorities and the state governor. For more information about the Foster case, see our Chronicle story here and at Ed Rosenthal's blog here. Drug War Chronicle will continue to follow the Foster case. Look for a feature article next week.
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This is the type of outcome we need to show America!! that if you break the law,you will do the time.he deserves to be back in prison! He's a very sick and disturbing human being i'd rather live with a pedophile and serial mass murdering rapist than even live in the same city as Mr.Foster. I'm proud of those governors for signing that and that Oklahoma wouldnt go down in their battle with that scum bag. And also i relise he put that woman and her children in huge danger, living with him and his "medical marijuana" garden.that poor woman lost her child becouse of that SOB! he deserves to roit in prison.i dont give a damn how much taxpayer money was spent trying to send him back. cause they got the job done.I for one am sick of drugs like marijuana plauging our streets infecting our children and raping our souls. GOD BLESS AMERICA .

Don’t they have hospitals

Don’t they have hospitals for people like you? Or have you escaped?

God I hope you were just trying to be funny!

with a comment like this i

with a comment like this i am sad for your ignorance and you are the person that is infecting america and should be exterminated ! freedom is not free fight for your rights !!

Somebody put this demon back in the dungeon!

What a wicked womb it must have been that spawned you!

If I were you I'd shot myself because you are a pod person... and a parasite upon liberty... certainly not christian... reptilian perhaps!

"DANGER/DANGER" people! This guy is why everyone needs to read "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power" by Jeff Sharlet

They mate, they multiply, they even walk the halls of congress as we speak... making and breaking laws!

Cretinism is alive and well folks!

Choose Reality,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. Fine, I Evolved... You Haven't! Need More Proof People?

i know for a fact people

i know for a fact people like you will be cleaning toilets in hell. the only sad thing regarding his family is HE IS BEING TAKEN FROM THEM YOU RETARD!!!!!!!! OVER A PLANT!

This ding-a-ling is right outta the movie 'Deliverance'!

Quote: "I for one am sick of drugs like marijuana plauging our streets infecting our children and raping our souls. GOD BLESS AMERICA ."

And, it's obvious what drug you are on... the evil prohibionist god of the old testament... if u ask me! You sound just as psychopathic to me!

You are just another cretinous asshole & public enemy!

You need an exorcism dude... before the demons inside you are allowed to mate... and infect other humans and society.

B.S. What's the old saying? "Don't run... you'll only die tired!"

dude, learn how to

dude, learn how to spell...

::toking on a fat bowl just for YAY!::

The dead and the dying...

I am glad that everyone that agrees with this person is old, and either dead or dying - the soul died on these individuals a long, long time ago. Some day worthless, soulless fools like this poster will all be dead, and the rest of us will live with liberty and justice. If the law was just, it would put the ignorant in jail, so that their ignorance could not spill over into our public arenas. Mr./Mrs. "Yay!!!!!!!!" can't spell, can't punctuate, and probably is a pedophile, given his/her soft stance on child rape. Oklahoma has three kinds of people: mindless hicks, Native Americans whose homeland was stolen by mindless hicks, and people who are trying to move out of Oklahoma. I would never willingly pass through the state of Oklahoma for any reason or any amount of money, even if I did not stop in the state. As far as I am concerned, anyone who supports the drug war has lost the right to call him- or her-self a citizen of the United States of America. God Bless America, and Satan Take Oklahoma.

We need to recruit the native americans too...

We need to recruit the native americans too... we have common enemies... just ask our brother White Plume from Lakota:

"[The] White Plume farm was repeatedly raided and destroyed by DEA agents. The U.S. took him to court to prevent him from growing more crops".

Imagine! The DEA still 'punishing' the native americans - they'll kill or incarcarate anyone when they have to - by violating what little sovereignty the white man decided to leave them?

Choose Legality,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. Paine was often credited with writing "African Slavery in America", the first article proposing the emancipation of African slaves and the abolition of slavery.

"YAY"? you are sick

you are a very sick person. "YAY"? its sad that people like you are around. why dont you stop ruining other peoples lives and go ruin your own, you deserve it. marijuana users dont hurt you so why do you think so harshly of it? im sure your just an old bitter person with nothing better to do then hate non violent plant smokers.

RE: YAY!!!!!!!!!

You are the ultimate idiot. You don't know the man, you can't evaluate his character.You show your imbecile qualities by your lack of intellect and your inability to construct a gramatically correct statement with multiple spelling errors to boot. You are also a coward since you don't even show your name. You are apparently carrying some kind of a person animosity which is ill-founded but clearly there.

Problem..... Solution

This is just fucked up. Marijuana has never killed anyone, no victim no crime.

and either YAY!!! sucks at sarcasm or is retarded.


Everyone MUST be Free to believe and practice Whatever does no harm to others EVERYWHERE.

Oklahoma, God what a place

For those without first hand knowledge of the good folks of Oklahoma, I would like to give just a little of my own history. This state does have a history of being home to a large church going population. It also has a very large population of native Americans, they run bingo parlors, and sell tobacco through their various outlets. Oh yes, remember that old Haggard song that said, we don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee? Well folks, here's the sad truth, not only do they smoke, but we used to be able to buy some of the best, right out of the local police cruiser. Of course as a white guy I had no problem, but I think that almost all of the pot he sold had been, taken from the black folks and some native Americans. The prices were more than fair, of course the cop did not have a lot of expense. But the worst thing about being in Oklahoma, if you piss the cops off, they will hound you to death. Case in point, I had a young fellow who worked for me for over a year, he got caught with a bag of pot, his sentence turned out to be 20 years with five years before a chance for parole. That folks is what the good churchgoers will do if you are not the right type of person. This is a sad state for justice.

As someone related to a bunch of Okies... I agree!

Your statement "This state does have a history of being home to a large church going population" is a gracious understatement in my experience.

My dads clan is still spred all over arkansas, oklahoma, and texas and they are embarrassingly closed minded for this lad that was raised in a large NE city. Tolerance in the south often seems limited to those that go to church.

My deacon Gramps died last year after 90+ years... and sadly supported 'human bondage' and longed for the return of 'Jim Crow' laws. WTF Gramps?

I can still remember the day 35+ years ago when he stopped putting any hope or faith into my 'thinking right & getting right with jesus'. I become just another 'northerner atheist' destined to hell when I argued against institutionalized slavery... WTF?

Bigotry, racism, religious hate, is often generational, and in many ways I'm glad he's gone. He also banished my father because he went athiest on them while in seminary school... he never talked about it... but I think they tried to bugger him in there? In any event dads rotting from dementia and his family hasn't called in years despite knowing... how fucking compassionate.

The more we learn the less we know,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. In the end he was more 'punisher' then 'patron' and if his theory of things is correct he ain't were he thought he'd be... i'm sure!


This is a very sad story. This man is sick and now headed to prison for something that should not be illegal. To relieve his pain he grew a medication for his own personal use. The problem with this is that no big business can make money off of it and neither can the government so they want to punish people. People should be up in arms and protesting this ridiculous imprisonment and long term harrasment by the State of Oklahoma.

Anonymous's comment

Hey Anonymous:
You just keep on turning this country into a prison population. I, personally, will continue to fight for the Land of the Free. Redneck Idiot. Yeah, God Bless America and pray he changes the hearts and educates the minds of idiot sheep like you who are leading us all to slaughter.
I bet you're from Oklahoma, too.

"Yay" doesn't sound to me like he's being sarcastic

although it is hard to believe anyone could seriously think "i'd rather live with a pedophile and serial mass murdering rapist than even live in the same city as Mr.Foster". His nasty rant sounds like something a hate filled drunk would say, someone who's having a bad reaction to being told that his drug is far more dangerous than weed.
If the woman lost custody of her child that's one more degenerate crime the government has committed. Seizing a child from their parent without a legitimate reason is a very serious and sick crime.

Shame on Schwarzenegger.


Not picking a fight but powerful people do think his way...

Not picking a fight but powerful people do think his way... everyday.

They walk the halls of congress as we speak... you have to read: "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power" by Jeff Sharlet. It's also a New York Times Best seller. The guy that wrote it is a whistle blower... a 'patron' in my opinion... and no doubt has recv'd more then his fair share of death threats because of it!

Think I saw a segment on bill maher about it too(?) it ties into what was happening at the air force academy which was manufacturing uber-priests to radicalize christian soldiers for crusade... seriously scary stuff. The air force academy was also esesentially giving extra points for being religious and ridiculing and punishing the non-believers... on federal property!

These are the children of the extreme fundamentalists responsible for the temperance movement and drug prohibitions... both legal and illegal. Still a small but very powerful minority pulling strings with gods divine guideance. They even have prayer meetings inside congress where our laws are made!

One of their leaders said something to the effect that 'he didn't care how many people a certain world leader in africa killed or children he raped because god choose him and therefore it was gods will'. We have U.S. Senators that think this way... and meet with world leaders... one of them was in bill mahers movie 'Religulious'. I'm nothing special but i know my I.Q. could kick his ass anyday... and it begs the question how he got there in the first place?

From Wiki: "A "Destructive cult" is a term used to refer to religions and other groups which have caused harm to their own members or to others."

Keep your gear clean & close... i'm not letting the punishers take me w/o a fight! He He He

Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. AHHHNuld should know better! Whatz up with that former california govenor I saw him acting like an ass in last weeks news... blah blah something... then my bullshit blockers activated! Thought they called him 'moonbeam' back in the day?

too dumb for sarcasm...I'm thinkin' retarded....

"He's a very sick and disturbing human being i'd rather live with a pedophile and serial mass murdering rapist than even live in the same city as Mr.Foster."

Now who's the sick and disturbed human being? I sure hope you don't have children or I hope they don't read this. They would hate you. Well they probably do anyway....but i just posted my comment below elsewhere on this site, but I wanted to put it in a place with a little more traffic perhaps.

I have a few questions about marijuana and the war on drugs. Actually I think they are questions everyone should be asking. And to you anti-cannabis, pro-DEA people out there, if you attempt to answer them, actually try to come up with something that's original and (more importantly) true/factual. Don't BS me.

1. The DEA classifies marijuana as a schedule I drug. This class is reserved for drugs which have no medicinal value. However, today 13 states recognize it as having medicinal value, and many scientific studies have shown it to be beneficial for Alzheimer's disease, neuron growth, lung cancer (ironic huh?), breast cancer, AIDS/HIV, brain cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis..., the list is quiet extensive. Why does the DEA refuse to reclassify it?

2. This question goes in hand with number one in a way. Again, we all know marijuana is a schedule I drug. Its synthetic counterpart, Marinol, is a schedule III drug. Why is the natural substance in a more strict classification? Shouldn't they be the same? Someone on the DEA classification committee dropped the ball on that one.

3. These laws are 72 years old and the constitution was never amended to give the federal government any power over cannabis (or any other drugs for that matter). It was amended for the prohibition of alcohol. Why are we still enforcing outdated and unconstitutional laws? A good link for a little more on this:

4. The decriminalization of MJ would save us $7.7 billion a year if we didn't have to prosecute non-violent people and put them in state penitentiaries. Then we could rake in another $6.2 billion if it was taxed and regulated like alcohol and tobacco. The US is $11.4 trillion in debt. You do the math. And don't get me started on the value of industrial hemp. For those out there that think its the same as weed, its not. No one tries to get high from smoking their hemp bracelet, at least not twice. Why do we make working America suffer? Why do we keep the economy in a rut?

5. Why do anti-marijuana activists always bring up addiction? We have far more addictive substances that are legal and easily obtainable. I've even heard pornography is more addicting than crack and its everywhere (do you think your kids really click the "no thanks' button?). To some TV is addicting, or potato chips, or the computer. For more on addiction and its rankings, Google "Henningfield ratings".

6. This one really gets me upset. Picture, if you will, two scenarios. Scenario 1: Police raid the wrong house, shoot and kill an innocent victim. The officers involved are acquitted of any crime. Scenario 2: Police raid wrong house again, this time an officer gets shot and killed by a homeowner protecting his family from what he thinks are intruders. Homeowner receives life in prison or death penalty. Both are scenarios of mistaken identity, but it seems the public is held accountable while the police are exempt. Innocent men, women, and children are dead! Why do we not hold those officers accountable for what they did? If you really wanna get worked up, Google "drug war victims"

7. Prohibition didn't work with alcohol. What makes it different for cannabis and other drugs? All prohibition does is make the wrong people very rich. Does Al Capone ring a bell? I'm not really for legalizing the hard stuff, but who am I to tell someone what they can or cannot ingest, inject, snort, or lather all over their body? As long as they don't violate the rights of others I'm ok with it. If you want to slam Drano, go ahead. If you want to drink alcohol, its your right. But if you want to smoke pot and drive, you get punished (hey just like alcohol!). If you want to tweak and steal copper, you go to jail (I could really care less if your teeth fall out as a result, that's your problem). Oh, and if you decide drugs are more important than work and you are physically and mentally able to work, you don't eat and you get kicked out of your income based housing. Screw the welfare people who don't really need it...lazy bastards. With that said I think people who really do need help because they are unable to work should get it.

8. Science has been unable to reproduce absurd claims against marijuana and has actually shown it to be beneficial as we saw in question one. Why are we still lying to our children and the rest of the world?

9. Who thinks we should all send a letter to President Obama and urge him to stop the persecution of those who use cannabis for ANY reason at all? Let's make our voices heard!

Enough questions now, although I'm sure there are plenty more. Now I'd like to bring to your attention, jury nullification. It's a powerful thing and should be used wisely. I'm NOT saying every marijuana case or drug case should be nullified, but lets be reasonable. I think the jury should nullify every case on medical marijuana if the patient was following the laws of his/her state. I would personally nullify any case where the person was selling marijuana as long as it wasn't to children. We let our kids smoke cigarettes when they are 18. Weed is far less harmful than cigarettes so i suppose the age of the child would be relevant. I'd say 17 as long as the young adult was responsible.

"It is not only his right but also his duty... to find the verdict according to his own best understanding, judgment, and conscience, though in direct opposition to the direction of the court."
—The Works of John Adams

Well that's all from me for now. I hope I got a few people thinking. If you care to learn more about cannabis I recommend "The Emperor Wears No Clothes". It's easily found and is a great read for those who are anti-cannabis and pro-cannabis alike. Chapter two is especially for you "anti" people.

Nice! Did you know about U.S. (Marijuana) Patent # 6,630,507?

In 2003 the U.S. Gov't obtained U.S. Patent # 6,630,507 which is titled: "Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants"!

The patent claims: "Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties... cannabinoids are found to have particular applications as neuroprotectants... limiting neurological damage following... stroke and trauma... or in treatment of neurodegenerative diseases... such as Alzheimer's... Parkinson's... and HIV dementia"!

WTF? Our gov't arrests people claiming marijuana has no value AND owns the patent claiming the exact opposite?

Choose Legality,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. We need to get serious about a special prosecutor filing war crimes charges against the federal gov't (including lots of perjury charges in the justice dept). Something that Eric Sterling believes will happen... and for good reasons... hope he still believes that and works toward making it happen. Go Guerilla Guys! Convincing O'bama to prosecute the VP could be a problem though... I know! At least Joe Biden made it into Dickipedia!

well said

I read your comment and questions and found them to be fantastically said. I am a recovering addict as well as addiction counselor/ social worker. Alcohol is one of the most leathal substances of addiction and it is legal....marijuana, while having some long term negative effects.....should be the least of the worries. Addiction is a disease and it cannot be treated in the prison system. If a crime is commited while under the influence, then certainly lock em up. In doing that, it would certainly have a great impact on reducing the population in the prisons. In fact, it would probably make drug use less desirable as the legality would make it less interesting.

Agreed, and why we support education NOT incarceration!

Hey Bogey,

Unfortunately the song remains the same... authoritarian lead-heads treat our rights like privileges... to be 'tax & regulated' for their own profit & control.

Quick ??? since you are 'recovering' & do important counseling work. I keep harping about Rehabbers advertising "Drug & Alcohol" and "Alcoholism & Addiction" cures and treatments... but most people in know understand alcohol is a drug. So it's like saying "Drugs & Drugs" and "Addiction & Addiction"... which causes my cognitive dissonance generators to kick-on...creating wtf moments?

Hope you stay healthy...

Choose Legality,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. "While in prison, Paine narrowly escaped execution. A guard walked through the prison placing a chalk mark on the doors of the prisoners who were due to be sent to the guillotine on the morrow." - Wiki

Too Dumb for Sarcasm.......

Excellent writeup, Pete.
Will be looking forward to reading more of your comments.

Great questions

I think everyone who agrees with the need to Stop the Drug War, should copy those questions (add in the one about the patent on cannabis, too) and send it to everyone you know requesting they ask those questions of their "representatives" in congress (all three), and do the same thing, yourselves.

Demand that your "representatives" respond to those questions with thoughtful, lucid, "lawful" (Constitutionally lawful as opposed to legal by legislation) and science based answers. Tell them you give them only a month to research the questions and formulate their response. If enough people do that they will be inundated with those questions and forced to respond in some manner, privately to each constituent asking or publicly to all of your state, or even nationally.

We should also send the questions to our local and national media. If the legislators refuse to respond publicly, send the media their private response, too; or if they refuse to respond at all (a very likely outcome), send that info to the media as well.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

drugs are not the issue here

As I see it drug are not the issue here.The issue is the interstate compact agree ment between OK and CA. When a person compacts out of a state where he or she has been convicted after being granted parole they then fall under the rules and regulations of the state where they are serving the parole at.If California released Mr. Foster the very next day Oklahoma has or should have no say in the matter whatsoever because they released Mr. Foster to California to serve his parole under their rules which he complied with.

Wish I knew, but, glad I'm not an attorney...

Wish I knew, but, glad I'm not an attorney...

And being a layman I prefer the broad strokes: Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness (and Legally Acquired Property) is all I need to know who is 'patron' on who is 'punisher'!

Wasn't the 'Control of Some Substances Act' stuffed into an Interstate Commerce Law? I always thought that was b.s. too!

Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. "The next day their [Paines] cell was overlooked. "The Angel of Death" had passed over Paine. He kept his head and survived the few vital days needed to be spared by the fall of Robespierre on July 27, 1794" - Wiki

truth and consequences

obviously we are in a sick country when a convicted rapist on life parole is allowed to kidnap and rape little girls and the parole officials do nothing about it, but a guy growing plants gets yanked back to prison.

obviously weed should be totally legal.

one thing is also true, will foster never played it safe. he repeatedly put himself in harm's way by refusing to comply with release conditions, and by his general attitude, which was beyond hostile and made him disliked by many he came in contact with. i met him at a hempfest. he was not what u would call a "nice person." some of his troubles come from his own bad karma. enough said.

that being said, there is no legitimate reason for him to be in prison.

america is in deep trouble and the way the war against pot is one big evidence of that.

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