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Police Will Do Anything to Arrest People for Marijuana

Opponents of marijuana reform often try to act like it's already no big deal. They say no one really gets in much trouble for it and it's not a top priority for police. It's a pretty desperate and counterintuitive strategy. It's also total bullshit:

(AP) — TIGARD, Ore. - The Tigard Police Department has ended a sex-for-marijuana Internet sting because officers posting the online ads posed as promiscuous women, not prostitutes.

The officers posting the Craigslist ads posed as women willing to a have casual sexual encounter with men who had marijuana. No cash was involved. When the men showed up for the encounter, they were charged with prostitution and delivery of drugs.

Defense attorneys say the program was entrapment.

Ya think? I couldn't ask for a better example of police taking advantage of people in order to put them in jail. The whole thing is perverted and I'm not talking about the people who responded to the ad.

This story should be posted on every police department bulletin board in the country with "DON'T DO STUFF LIKE THIS" scrawled across the top of the page. Remember before the drug war, when the police officer's job was to prevent bad things from happening to people? Now we've got cops who think the best use of their time (and our money) is to trick people into breaking the law and then ruining their lives.

When we talk about ending the drug war, it's not because we want more freedom to take drugs. It's because we want to take away any incentive our police have to do stupid and insane crap like this.
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How smart are those cops? What a bunch of idiots! The next time you see an add for, two used tires, like new, Look out it's a Sting!

How can we trust people like

How can we trust people like this to protect us from anything? They are a million times more criminal that the worst of criminals. They are being paid to protect & serve our communities, they let us down time after time, day after day! These police need to lose their jobs and be arrested for criminal acts. Shame on them, taking advantage of society when they were hired to uphold the law.
We need to stand up and take back our lives...and stop letting these so called police officers play GOD!

It's a lose lose for

It's a lose lose for Americans, we pay for the cop's salary who spends his work time busting innocent people to throw them in jail, which Americans also have to pay for...what are we getting out of this again??


Tigard is a suburb of the supposedly enlightened city of Portland, btw. If it can happen there...

why the fuck do my posts keep getting deleted?

wtf ?

borden's picture

Because you keep saying the

Because you keep saying the same things over and over, usually without any relation to the post you're responding to, and that discourages others from participating.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Prohibition is fraud!

Anyone who forces it on anyone is not welcome in America or any where else. There is that short and to the point enough?

Hidden Priorities

For all we know, the cops were just out to bust guys for wanting casual sex.  The pot angle was a way to make the cops’ sado-moralizing look legitimate.  As popular as weed is, cops can bust anyone for anything as long as they front it off as a marijuana violation.

R.E. Mr. Borden:

I guess my lack of tolerance for unjust,unfair, unconstitutional bullies and their forced double standard based religious cult they try and pass off as legitimate government gets out of hand sometimes. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your excellent service,kindness and dedication to making the world a much better place to be. P.S. If its not too much trouble, would you delete all my posts which are ramblin crap? Sincerely: disgruntled veteran

Disguntled Veteran is a Classy Guy

I just wanted to say that you are a classy guy who appears to internalize criticism in a positive way -- so refreshing these days. A lot of other people would have been jerks and lashed out. Believe me, I've had it up to here with our government's approach to drug policy as well, and I feel your anger. But, I've also been a bit annoyed at your posts too, and I'm glad to see that you took Mr. Borden's criticism for what it was, apologized, and are moving forward under a revised approach. I look forward to your thoughtfulness.

- George

borden's picture

thank you both

Thank you, George, and thank you, D.V.

- Dave

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

and thank you both excellent and classy guys as well:

Thank you Dave and thank you George. Your service and dedication to improving the planet is much appreciated. Sincerely: disgruntled veteran


I believe everything I read in this blog…I too am a victim of police entrapment. Last year I too answered an ad on craigslist for a single white female looking for sex only to find my self arrested for drug trafficking along with a school zone violation…because the police lied along the way …pretty much for me I had a great lawyer who after meeting with the DA agreed that the police acted improperly and let me off with just a misdemeanor……..So people…it does happen police would rather arrested someone for marijuana the chase a robber down the street……so after 5 grand later….I am unemployed victim of the economy and the DRUG WAR ……..PLEASE STOP THIS WAR…OBAMA ARE YOU LISTENING …..

Police entrapment is nothing new.

Entrapment happens all of the time. In fact, there are T.V. shows which are dedicated to catching pedophiles using these same techniques. I'm not endorsing the behavior of pedophiles, but it is another example of how the law is completely ignored. Modern law enforcement all seem to have an Us vs. Them approach to their duties. If this keeps up, citizens are going to begin fighting back.

Anyone who would answer an

Anyone who would answer an ad like this is to high.shit like this only happens in a "movie" or a police sting.The dance continues, watch your feet.

No big deal?

Maybe worth mentioning that though some say "it's no big deal" meaning those arrested for cannabis seldom serve jail sentences, meanwhile they may be held overnight and their equipment (imagine this happening to your $600 volcano vaporizer) seized and thrown away. (The message that sends to kids is, use cigarette papers, easier to hide and less loss when seized. Drug enforcement really means enforcing the idea that cigarettes are safe whereas everything else is dangerous.)

Other problems: an "arrest" record may keep you out of college, prevent getting a loan, cause license forfeiture etc. even without conviction. Let's take the first: bright experimental youths are sidelined while mediocrities step into college in their place, ready to jog along in schritt und tritt as himmler would say, graduating into power positions in the "system" to help enforce Big 2Wackgo imperium.

What's wrong with this?

There's nothing wrong with what the police did here. Seriously, the same people complaining here probably watch "To Catch a Predator" and say, wow, I hope the cops are getting creeps out of my neighborhood like that. Anyone who wouldn't want the police to take this kind of action to keep people like this from using drugs to lure their daughters into a potentially dangerous situation is deluding themselves. Keep up the good work law enforcement.

What is wrong with this is:

Cops must be held to a higher standard of behavior because of the position of power to which we hire them. Cops (and prosecutors, too) should NOT be allowed to lie to ANYONE, or to do ANYTHING that any other, ordinary citizen would be arrested for doing.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Grants Pass Police Entrapment

the grants pass police are doing this now, posting on craigslist Head for 420

its entrapment ,please contact them and let hem know

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