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Just Chiming in, I Thought Prohibition was supposed to save us from ourselves? To protect us in some way? I have to scratch my head......and not from dandruff. I think of my young Niece sitting in prison 19 years old. She went and got a friend some cocaine and in return she got to do a few lines. Well this friend wasn't such a good friend, she did this three times. She was charged and convicted for distribution of cocaine three counts, she was given 15 years in prison. She only has to do a year now..but she has to go through a year of active supervised probation and then be of good behavior for 20 years. My GOD man what the hell is wrong with our "FREE" society? I am so Damn furious about all the lives that our Government is ruining. People these are OUR children that are being persecuted for use of a substance that OUR government allows to be brought into OUR country. We have more people in jail for drugs than even China I think I mean come on enough is enough! It is nothing but a Money racket the damn local justice systems are cleaning up on all the entire system from confiscating houses and bank accounts fine you with heavy fine so they can hire someone to babysit you. Back to my Niece mind you I know her very well She lived with our family for awhile She is young and she was experimenting and out on her own for the first time in her life. All in all she was a very sweet, nice, naive, slightly rebellious but generally a good kid. Now she is a convicted FELON her life is ruined after spending the year in prison she has turned into a hardened person just to survive she is in with murderers and every other violent crimes. HOW is this helping us. Come on people HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHY WE ARE ALLOWING THIS KIND OF STUFF TO BE HAPPENING. ENUFF, I have vented Thank you
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Hang in there and fight. I

Hang in there and fight. I think that's how most of us got started: an outrage upon loved ones. You will be fighting a great evil. There is no "Why?" because it's not about any sort of rational response to drugs. Countless lowlifes feed off the Drug War and they fight tooth and nail to protect their sinecure. Other Drug War footsoldiers just go along because they've been convinced by lies that yet another minority is evil and dangerous and because it is their own easiest path to just go along to get along.

How else to explain that police originating, facilitating, funding, and forcing the prime-mover to proceed in a drug sales case is a crime to chargeable to the target? In your case the target is your unlucky niece. In countless other cases the police are the drug sellers and the victim merely anyone who indicates any willingness to go along with the crime by purchasing their wares - a crime wholly begun by police. It's all sanctioned by our Supreme Court. In the erstwhile Land Of The Free.

This is all rhetorical, of course, because of course you understand this as well as the rest of us. I rhetorically answer your putative rhetorical question, "Why are we allowing this?" with, "Because we haven't as yet, attained sufficient strength to end it and bring the real criminals - these Inquisitors - to Justice. When you are backed against a wall by determined malefactors of superior means all you can do is charge into them, fighting with all your strength and ingenuity.

Good luck.


Absolutely disgusting what was done to your neice. I find these kind of actions of our Govt absolutely inexcusable. How can this kind of crap be stopped?

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When the United States were drawing up their state constitutions one state provided for the election, every seventh year, of a council of censors whose duty should be" to enquire wether the Constitution has been preserved inviolate in every part, and wether the legislative and executive branches of the government have performed their duty as guardians of the people, or assumed to themselves or exersised other or greater powers then they are entitled by the Constitution" and these censors then had the power to remove the entire government and have the people elect a new one. We have the internet now, if enough people in your state will vote on an issue such as this on any internet site they can legally elect a council and then the council can legally THROW THE BUMS OUT.

America is running a large scale degenerate experiment

to see what happens to its national character when millions of people willing to rat on their friends and associates get a big reward for doing so, while millions of people who refuse to rat on their friends do hard time, maybe getting raped along the way.

No Good or Legal Reason Exists... It's Pure Religious Insanity.!

No Good or Legal Reason Exists... It's Pure Religious Insanity enabled by ignorance and greed!

As a libertarian I hate what happened to your family which I believe was a clear violation of your daughters 'self-evident inalienable rights' to: Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness (and Legally Acquired Property).

I also hate having to remind people that to understand this war/moral judgement you must understand its origin and nexus: Religious fundamentalism enabled by criminally whorish politicians operating outside of the rule of law!

WAR always requires "The will to do evil - for a perceived good". That's why the unnatural act of killing is usually done in the name of god, country, or family... and marketed as a 'defensive' thus lawful action. The 'kill or incarcerate' tactics of these machievellian prohibitionists is a gross criminal injustice... very deliberate... very effective!

For too long good 'patrons' have allowed a powerful minority group of religiously inspired 'punishers' to dictate the meaning of words, our rights, and thus the laws of our republic.

If you ever get the chance to have reasoned discourse with a prohibitionist and/or conservative ask them the following question: 'What right does 'joe six-pack' of 'black-out bob' have that 'tony the toker' doesn't?' You'll probably have to remind them that 'social acceptability' and 'what the bible/god thinks' aren't rights. At the end of the day we are all 'pursuing happiness' in our own whacky ways... and religion, with its many moral judgements, is no exception!

The world is my countrry, all men are my brethren, and to do good is my religion - Thomas Paine

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