ABC News Says Marijuana Makes People Miserable

ABC News has one of those classic pot propaganda pieces that relies on anecdotal accounts to sound the alarm about marijuana addiction. We learn the sad stories of a couple people who smoked way too much pot for way too long and ended up unhappy. Meanwhile, buried within all of this is the one relevant statistic that puts it all in perspective:

About 40 percent of all Americans aged 12 and older -- about 94 million -- have tried marijuana at least once, according to a 2003 survey by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). Of those, about 3.6 million were daily users.

Overwhelmingly, people who try marijuana don't get "addicted" to it. They also don't go on to try harder drugs. They don’t get lung cancer, or psychosis, or any of the other horrible outcomes that are so commonly and shamelessly associated with America's most popular illegal drug.

Yet according to ABC News, marijuana is dangerously addictive, and worse still, it's the legalization movement's fault that people don't know how bad it is:

Since the 1970s, when marijuana was the symbol of political protest, the risks of marijuana dependency have been clouded by the legalization debate and long-held beliefs that the illicit drug is harmless.

Nonsense. The reason so many people think marijuana is safe is because they've tried it and it was safe.

Update: If you'd like to read some more about this ABC News story and why it's bad, then this post is for you.

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Marijuana Miserable

So why didn't the president of the United States of America become addicted to marijuana ? I'm almost sixty years old and I have never met anyone, who could say they were addicted to marijuana and keep a straight face.

What is "Miserable?"

I'm a 64-year old VN combat vet. I brought a 100% case of PTSD home with me and didn't know what it was. I thought the world was wrong.

Then, I read about PTSD and how the Israeli Army was handling it with their troops. They were prescribing medical cannabis. So, I decided to give it a try as nothing else that has ever been offered has been of an assistance.

BAM! I have control again. I have a small aluminum pipe (I'm sure most of you know the size I'm talking about - bowl about the diameter of a dime and about half as deep.). One single hit. That's all. Not even enough to get any THC buzz. There's something ELSE in there that keeps PTSD thoughts from "sticking" and growing.

So, the "misery" of cannabis is the joy of control over PTSD. It's really miserable to be able to enjoy life again. My question is why isn't our military looking at this? It works. It works fast and it doesn't take very much to achieve success.

I've been "in control" now for the past 5 yrears. I think I've gotten "high" once and that was when I first started out, trying to figure out the correct dosage. So, a single hit does the trick.

If you're a PTSD sufferer and live in a Compassionate State, then get you card ASAP! If your State isn't a Compassionate one, then "make it so." Regain your life and the control of same. Quit living "second to second," waiting for that next "episode." Reclaim the lives we left behind. Cannabis controls PTSD, PERIOD!

wELL SAID! one puff out of

wELL SAID! one puff out of your piece and that should carry you for the whole day. Easy

Mickey Mouse TV...

...nobody in their right mind believes anything MMTV says. MMTV would make me miserable if I watched it. ABC, CBS,NBC, FOX.and CNN are simply the 4th branch of our government.

"About 40 percent of all

"About 40 percent of all Americans aged 12 and older -- about 94 million -- have tried marijuana at least once, according to a 2003 survey by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). Of those, about 3.6 million were daily users."

Had they have looked at the 2007 NSDUH they'd have seen that by 2007 over 100 million had tried it, and if you take out young people who haven't tried it yet and old people who grew up before anyone was smoking it, more than half have tried it. Slightly more than 50% of Americans 18 through 64 have smoked it according to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, and that's just the percentage willing to admit this illegal conduct.

ABC News

Makes people miserable and causes mass mental and physical illness.

The only thing miserable

The only thing miserable about marijuana is the constant threat of arrest.

ABC News wants to talk about miserable? Let's talk.

Alcohol addiction makes some people so miserable they kill themselves. It's pretty common, like murder committed UI alcohol, on and off the roads. Suicide due to cannabis ( not to be confused with suicide due to gov't persecution) is as rare as murder caused by cannabis, all but unheard of.
Why don't you focus on what really matters, ABC, on reducing the damage done by drugs like alcohol which break our hearts and our innocent bones?

Cannabis is hops cousin, the missing ingredient in micro brews

Cannabis buds, when added to fine ales in generous amounts along with hops produces the cannabis euphoria from just one pint. This makes for a deeper more complex and robust flavoring. The psychoactive properties of the cannabis and hops combine for a mellow and rewarding experience. Try some Cannabia certified organic ale in moderation(1 or 2 pints is good and wait 3 or 4 hours before you drive) . The Cannabis and hops together make for less belligerence in most drinkers. Prohibition is over. Peace


At this point, we are reaching a momentous swing in the public stance of the DEA and ONDCP. With Gil Kerlikowske's recent comments, it is becoming apparent (to me at least), that the government is coming to the realization that they CAN NOT deny medical marijuana any longer, but they CAN deny the value of SMOKED marijuana.

However, we have to be aware of their (likely intentional) mis-use of the word addition. They are using it interchangeably with the word dependence, although the two are VERY different. Marijuana is less physically addictive than caffeine. But we must be honest, it CAN cause emotional dependence in up to 10% of long-term users, who MAY then show signs of dependence during withdrawal, and that, "Withdrawal symptoms can be observed in animals, but appear to be mild compared to opiates or benzodiazepines, such as diazepam" So it is LESS likely to cause dependence, and when it does, it's pretty weak! Yet they still specifically refer to it as 'dangerous'?!

They are going to put up a VERY specific fight now, regarding the efficacy, and value of smoking marijuana as a medicine. We may be at an advantage to ensure we are always recommending non-combustion-related methods of ingestion, as this alleviates many of the 'dangerous' side-effects of carcinogens etc.

But continuing to claim that marijuana is 'dangerous' is both disingenuous, and factually inaccurate, as long as you don't ALSO qualify tobacco and alcohol as 'dangerous' as well, since they both KILL and ADDICT Americans with greater frequency and power!
Alcohol = 150,000 American deaths/year, addicts at a rate of 15%
Cigarettes = 450,000 American deaths/year, addicts at a rate of 30%+
Marijuana = 0 Americans deaths/year, addicts at a rate of 10%
Where's the parity? Where's the common sense? It's certainly not present in American drug laws!

Sorry, /rant.


Please name even one substance people consume, or one human activity for that matter, that does NOT include an element of danger. Even cinsidering the minimal degree of danger entailed in responsible adult use, calling cannabis dangerous is not just misleading, it is ludicrous.

nothing to be sorry about in that rant, Fred Evil

Nice rant- passionate, and business-like as well. I recommend it both to heads who are in denial about the possibility of problem dependency, and of course to prohibs who are in denial that the average marijuana dependency is FAR less dangerous to society and the individual than the average alcohol addiction.

Check this out, ABC

If the only problem with alcohol was that it made a few dependent users miserable, there would be the kind of fervent rejoicing you only see when a long and bloody war ends. There's no end in sight to the war that alcohol abusers wage on society and themselves, but there is help in sight, in the form of a level playing field between alcohol and its much safer alternative, cannabis. When are you going to do a report on the comparative dangers of alcohol vs. cannabis? Seventy years too late would be better than seventy years too late and counting. Do your fricking job!

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