Marijuana used for methadone withdrawal in Vancouver program

A new program based in Vancouver,B.C. Canada is using marijuana as an aid in with drawing from methadone.The marijuana is bud placed in capsules and rated in strengths from 30-100 mgms.The patient is brought down in methadone dosage as always.The difference is that the patient is given capsules of marijuana to be taken at bedtime to ease any discomfort from the drop in dose.The one person I know that has gone through the program successfully is off the methadone and expressed that the discomfort was minimal and that she:"slept through the whole thing".There were a few(4)days of minor discomfort but the marijuana eliminated the long nights that the lessening of a methadone dosage can cause and the weeks of sleepless nights following the last dose of methadone were non existent.The person in question went from a dosage of 75 mgms a day to nothing in just under two months.This after a 6 year addiction to methadone and many years on the street doing heroin and cocaine.I am as aware as anyone that the major factor in any of these success stories is that the person in question wants to quit and is ready to do so.That being said,this was a really easy withdrawal and I was as amazed as anyone that marijuana was in any way effective in easing the pain of the experience.This is a major improvement over the clonidine that was used when I was imprisoned the last few times.In the early seventies the prison(Okalla) used to use methadone to withdraw addicts from heroin.It was a painful experience but far less harmful than the alternative.Then the doctor that was sympathetic to addicts retired(he had delayed his retirement long into his 70's as he knew as soon as he left the institution would revert back to the cold turkey that the other B.C. prisons used)and sure enough the medical staff decided that the heroin was so diluted that methadone was no longer required.Perhaps one day they will take a page from this program and use marijuana,at least as a sleeping aid while kicking a habit.I always felt that an addict did more time in the first month than other inmates did in a year.Lets hope that this program is given the attention it deserves.I'm afraid that as soon as the ruling against federal drug laws is over that the Harper government will pretend that this and other programs that are showing success will be stopped and filed away in some dusty corridor in Ottawa,never to be heard from again.They will have a tough time explaining why a program that actually got someone off methadone with relatively little discomfort failed to inspire them but they have a long history of ignoring evidence in favor of moral doctrine.Lets hope the program has enough data to support it's continuation in spite of the conservative governments prejudices.
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Kratom vendors are having

Kratom vendors are having huge sales right now, 50% off at many websites. for one, they have good maeng da. I recently had to leave my methadone clinic because I couldn't afford it, I had detoxed from 60mg a day down to 10 or so when I left. I toughed it out through 5 days of withdrawal, but it wasn't getting much better so I ordered some kratom. It has worked wonderfully to ease the withdrawal. It is important to taper off of the kratom, and don't stay on it for more than a few weeks or you can have withdrawal from it too.

Kratom for pain med withdrawral

I have a 3 level failed fusion in my back. I live in chronic pain and have been on pain meds for 8 years. The pain meds went from Vicodin to Fentynal and several in between. Taking the meds was hell. Getting them was hell. I found out about Kratom by researching opiate withdrawal and have been pain med free for the last six days. I don't know how long it will be before the cravings stop. I drink Kratom twice or three times a day. I have no withdrawral symptoms. But I want to be free of all of it. I will be glad when I wake without any cravings! Then I'll know I'm out of the woods.


But now you will have to withdraw from kratom, no easy task i hear

Patients, prescription pain killers, and Methadone

I think that doctors and pharmaceutical companies have a lot to answer for when they prescribe narcotics for pain, implying that being "dependent" is not being "addicted". Just wait till you try to get off the pain killer. Now you are put on methadone, and you are treated like an addict. I suspect that coming off of methadone is far worse than coming straight off of the pain killer itself, because it certainly affects a lot of organs in the body. Getting off of methadone is hell. And the pain is still there, or perhaps it is new pains. I am curious about ways that can make withdrawal easier. 


There is not a lot of sympathy for people who are addicted - not even for those who ask for help.  It is a money making business. This entire equation needs to be changed.

I am currently taking 140mgs

I am currently taking 140mgs a day of methadone and I am desperate to get off it!!  I have tried to quit numerous times but its impossible!  I tried to get into detox but they wont take anyone that is over 10mgs a day!  I wish they would of told me this before getting me on this SHIT!  So basically the only way off is a bullet.

Methadone withdrawel

Perhaps you are going down too fast. 1 mlg at a time go down, and wait a couple weeks before another 1mlg is taken away. I have heard take one month for every year you have been on it, so, i have been on it for 20 yrs, so 20 months is not unrepeatable if i dont want to kill myself. I have gone from 20mlg/day down to 7mlg/day in 5 months, and i feel it. My legs are jumping at night, having to take Mirepex to stop them to sleep. But i am determined to see just how bad my cervical spine pain is really, (my neck is collapsing-inoperable very high up). Easy does it is the rule with methadone NO RUSH


I love opiots I have been snorting heroin for the past 3 Month and put on methadone to kick the heroin but iam Leaving one drugs another same shit ...I've been off methadone now. For the past 6 days because I found out about methadones are worse then Heroin ....n it was cause it constapation. Yea it feels like even though I was methadone for like 2 weeks ....I have not slept..jam always awarevblike in a panick state..ugh iit sucks feeling depress cuz today I lost my job b cause I felt assleep like at 5:00am n I woke up at 650am n I needed be there at 630am. I feeling sooo depress but I got hopes everything will be alright But I knew about the methadone had withdraws I would have rather Quit cold turkey ...

cannabis for methadone withdrawal

I have been on methadone for5 years at 160mg a day. In January i started tapering and now im down to 52mg a day. i use cannabis for depression, insomnia, and more, especially opiate withdrawal. Cannabis is a miracle for getting me thru this taper. After im off methadone i will maintain my sobreity with cannabis. It works people. Its time to be done with methadone.

on methadon for 2 years

  I am doing it right now and i was on 100 mg a day im down to 55mg im going down 5 mg everyother week .i smoke weed after work .dabs is the best befor bed..get up erly work out ! keep positive .and the key is you got to do it for your self......and want to do it!!! Make New Friends....

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