BMW and Mercedes Use Hemp in Their Cars

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Remind me why hemp is illegal to grow in the U.S.:

…if you drive a BMW or a Mercedes Benz, or wear Armani jeans or Patagonia shirts, you could be consuming hemp.

Its fiber turns up in car door panels, insulation and clothing. Its seeds make tasty granola and frozen desserts, its oil expensive cosmetics and ecologically friendly soap.

If you use these products, you won’t be jailed for possession. But would-be hemp farmers’ fear of arrest is what keeps the U.S. importing the stuff instead of growing its own. [Bloomberg]

I don't write about hemp often, mainly because it's not actually a drug, but it bears repeating that the only reason hemp cultivation is illegal is because a bunch of paranoid drug warriors are utterly terrified of it. As stupid as the arguments against legalizing marijuana are, the case against hemp is even more mindless and pathetic.

Just pause for a moment and think about the fact that the DEA banned a substance used to make door panels for luxury cars, simply because it's related to marijuana. That level of marijuana hysteria probably wouldn’t be possible in the current political climate, but we're stuck with it until Congress admits this is ridiculous.

And I guarantee you that if Congress attempts to legalize hemp cultivation in the U.S., there will actually be people who freak out about it and try to argue that hemp somehow endangers America's youth.
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Please Write to Your Congressional Representatives

Please go to Vote Hemp's Take Action page and write to your representatives in Congress.

If you live in Oregon, Maine, Montana, Vermont, New Mexico and/or North Dakota we especially need you to check out our Current Active Alerts list and use our handy instructions to call your representatives. It's easy and will only take a few minutes.

If you get a reply from them we would like to get a copy to add to our list so our intern in DC has a better idea of where each member stands before making an appointment with their office.

Using or taking drugs in a

Using or taking drugs in a car is illegal so one should avoid such things at the time of driving a car. Hemp is not actually drug, so one can use hemp at the time driving luxurious vehicles like BMW or Mercedes car. But Hemp cultivation is U.S. is illegal. We have to avoid drugs at the time of driving a car because accident can happen at any moment. Using drugs at the time of driving a vehicle is against law so every riders should avoid drugs at the the time of driving a car.

Good information about the

Good information about the car driving and how to drive a luxurious car in different type of country. At the time of driving the cars, sometimes drive very roughly and consuming hemp and these type of things happen in the European countries so how to avoid these things and drive safely for a better journey.

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Hemp is a term used for

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