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Seriously, Don't Try to Eat Your Marijuana if You're Pulled Over

Submitted by smorgan on
We've seen this before and it just keeps happening:

NAPLES — A Naples man was caught in the middle of a marijuana feast Friday night, a Sheriff's Office arrest report said.

Carlos Mauricio Rodriguez, 21, 6465 College Park Circle Unit 30, had more than the munchies. He was arrested and charged with marijuana possession and tampering with evidence.
"When I walked up to the passenger of the vehicle I noticed the white male eating something. I also noticed suspect marijuana on his shirt and shorts," the report said. "I pulled the male out of the vehicle at this time. After the male was outside the vehicle I told him to open his mouth. When he opened his mouth I observed more suspect marijuana." [Naples Daily News]

Listen dudes, eating your pot is not the answer. If a cop sees you eating something, it's on. Nobody snacks during a traffic stop. If the cop even vaguely suspects that you've got something in your mouth, you could get choked unconscious.

If your stash is small enough to eat, it's probably small enough to escape detection anyway, so chill the hell out and learn your rights.

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