Seriously, Don't Try to Eat Your Marijuana if You're Pulled Over

We've seen this before and it just keeps happening:

NAPLES — A Naples man was caught in the middle of a marijuana feast Friday night, a Sheriff's Office arrest report said.

Carlos Mauricio Rodriguez, 21, 6465 College Park Circle Unit 30, had more than the munchies. He was arrested and charged with marijuana possession and tampering with evidence.

"When I walked up to the passenger of the vehicle I noticed the white male eating something. I also noticed suspect marijuana on his shirt and shorts," the report said. "I pulled the male out of the vehicle at this time. After the male was outside the vehicle I told him to open his mouth. When he opened his mouth I observed more suspect marijuana." [Naples Daily News]

Listen dudes, eating your pot is not the answer. If a cop sees you eating something, it's on. Nobody snacks during a traffic stop. If the cop even vaguely suspects that you've got something in your mouth, you could get choked unconscious.

If your stash is small enough to eat, it's probably small enough to escape detection anyway, so chill the hell out and learn your rights.
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sure ok

I'm sorry if I had eaten the .4 of a gram I had I wouldn't be on probation right now I wouldn't have spent thousands of dollars in fines court costs and lawyer fees. I wouldn't have gone to jail. hmmm I think I should have eaten it. Hell if they can find less than a half a gram stashed in my car they can find your stash. I say eat eat eat. Just finish it before you pull over.

"I'm sorry if I had eaten

"I'm sorry if I had eaten the .4 of a gram I had I wouldn't be on probation right now I wouldn't have spent thousands of dollars in fines court costs and lawyer fees."

I'm sorry but don't you only have to do that stuff if you are an idiot and you break the law all the time? Oh wait thats right, smoking weed is against the law. Hmm. Looks like you have no right to complain....

you are stupid

if you think the only reason to be against marijuana is because it's illegal. how many illegal things do you do, hmm? because there are a lot of effin things out there that are illegal. alcohol destroys people and their families and tobacco blatently causes cancer. so shut up and learn your facts you incompetent idiot.

Habit? What habit? How is

Habit? What habit?


How is that being an idiot by breaking the law? It's safer than alcohol and tobacco.. It beats out the corn and wheat value COMBINED making it the number one US cash crop.. Less addictive and safer than caffeine..


Learn your facts, idiot.

Dude and Dudettes......Quit

Dude and Dudettes......Quit driving around with your stash.....that's so high school....what, you want to show somebody that you can score?? Please...


never carry more than you can swallow! fold the joint in half, bite down on it with yer molars, soak with saliva, wash down with frosty beverage. repeat if necessary. anybody that has more than they can swallow in public is begging to get popped! use your heads and dont listen to the jackass that wrote this story (sorry dude, nothin personal) cause he is stupid to hold on and HOPE that he wont get caught. dont EVER carry a pipe either! i cant imagine what a pipe comin outta my ass would feel like but if i got pulled over with one it would only be about 12 hours before i found out! joints ONLY! never loose weed (too hard to swallow). people will call u paranoid and give u all kinds of shit but who gives a shit... its your ass thats on the line not theirs.
by the way "dumb spik guy" everybody i know that has gotten busted around here is white and some of them tried to eat their weed too. just cant eat an ounce that hasnt been rolled. and to "dumb spik hater" your comment was actually a bit more offensive than the one u commented on.

Grubbing on Grass

I've found the following 4 point 'joint rule' good under most circumstances:

1) Keep It Rolled - Eating joints is much faster, and cleaner, then bag lunches.
2) Keep It Light - Only carry what you think you need, mouchers will hate you too!
3) Keep It High - Hide your stash up high where a dog can't sniff out your treats.
4) Keep Cool - Know and exercise your rights, and never consent to searches!

Sure Bet

It works to bet someone that they can’t eat 24 saltine crackers in a row because the crackers soak up so much saliva that it makes swallowing impossible.  Dry pot works the same way.

The question is:  How much dry pot can be swallowed before swallowing doesn’t work?

Maybe there are some volunteers out there who would like to conduct some experiments on this subject and come up with some numbers for everybody?


Eat it

Yes, eat that pot. Just make sure you only carry a little if you must carry it. The best thing to do is leave it at home. If I am leaving for a few days and want to have some with me I carry it in the trunk, and I carry no more than I think I'll need. If I'm buying a bag, I'll usually put it in my tighty whiteys and I obey all traffic laws until I get home. I don't smoke any until I get home because I don't want to be high if I get pulled over. If possible I'll have my guy bring it by my house so I don't have to drive with it. I never carry a pipe and I never smoke in my car, ever. That's how most people get busted. The pot smell will give the police probable cause to search you whether you consent or not. I don't even roll joints in my car because I don't want to drop anything that could be found later. If you are smoking it in your car and you are being pulled over, by all means eat that joint and try to have it swallowed before you get pulled over. The best practice is to never smoke it in your car though.

I've been smoking pot for more than thirty years and I've never come close to getting caught. I'm a lawyer though and I've handled hundreds of pot cases. Well over half the time when people get busted for simple possession it is because they were smoking it in their cars. Others were carrying when they were arrested for something else. If you don't pay your tickets or fail to show up for traffic court or something like that, there is going to be a warrant issued for you. If they pick you up they will search you and if you are carrying anything they will find it. Pay your tickets. Keep your tags up to date. Avoid doing things that get you in trouble with the law. Be a law abiding person, except for the pot. Avoid hanging around with trouble makers. Stay away from people that like to use hard drugs like methamphetamine, heroin or Oxycontin because they are always trouble. Leave your pot at home for the most part. Avoid smoking it in the front room because if the police ever do come by they are liable to smell it or see something laying out in plain view.

We always hear about the hundreds of thousands of people who get arrested for simple possession of pot every year. If you look at the government statistics on how many people smoke pot, it looks like less than 3% of pot smokers get caught every year. The real percentage is actually lower than that. The government statistics on how many people smoke pot are probably low because a lot of people are not going to be honest about illegal conduct when government workers come knocking on their doors asking questions, and what I've seen in my many years of experience is that a lot of these people who get caught have been caught before, often many times, sometimes even in the same year. They're idiots and/or criminals who are always getting in trouble. Don't be one of those guys. Use some common sense. Don't do things likely to get you busted and odds are you will never get busted. Most pot smokers never get caught. When people do get caught it's usually because they did something stupid that got them caught.


I had got pulled over one night in arizona and i had two passengers with me..And I was following a friend and he pulled over also.. The officer asked me if i had anything in the car cuz the other person had gave up some weed so he gave him a citation..and i had told him no.. when he goes back to the other car my passenger than opens the door and it had seemed like he spit.. than the officer comes and tells me if i had anything and i said no than he goes to the paasengers side opens his door and makes us all get out from the same side.. and he had picked a jar and pipe and said we were going to jail.. one passenger was a juvenile and he let him go.. and he was ticked off so he made me go too.. we are both eighteen.. and than i had went to court the other day i didnt get no public defender or anything.. so the judge told me what the charges were and stuff.. i never had a bad record i always stayed away from trouble.. i have so many goals but now with a drug charge i doubt ill be able too): it is my first offense and she told me the charges were gonna be poss. of marijuana/poss of paraphernalia.. my mom had told her what happend and i did too.. before she was gonna sentence me.. she was deep thinkin and told me she was going to assign me a publicdefender so i can work something out.. what should i be doinn ?:O


Charges were poss of marijuana.. poss of parapernalia.. and $4,500 or 6months-1 year.. that shits bullshit i dont deserve none of this.. helpppp

umm not really

ur best bet is to idmiteally tell the police officer you have marijuana on you and it will go alot easyer and better if u just tell the truth and dont hid it it will help u out in ur case cause marijuana is highly toxic and evil you know.understand this ur rights disapear when u have drugs on u so the cop shouldnt have to listen to u just tell them soon as they pull u over it will help u out in court for being honest .trust me my brothers a cop

Are you kidding me?

Did I really just hear that " It's best to just come out and tell a cop you have marijuana in your possession if you are pulled over."?

ABSOLUTELY NOT, a police officer is never on your side, and if you know your rights you will never have your vehicle searched. There are also many good hiding places in your vehicle that cops may never find even in the case of a search. For example ( assuming no K-9 unit ) the gas cap compartment is great, the space where the sunroof door closes, under the hood, etc. etc.

There is no sense in giving yourself away. It is the law not to possess marijuana. Police are legally obligated to charge you. 

Help you out in court? A cop?

I don't care if your brother IS a cop, no cop is ever going to help anyone s/he's arrested in court. And to the rest of you, if a cop says "tell us the truth, it'll go easier on you" do NOT believe him or her, it is NOT true. If you are being arrested, do NOT talk to any cop without your attorney present, EVER, stand on your right to remain silent, even if you are innocent of any wrongdoing.

I'm pro-choice on EVERY THING!

Kudos tot he above

Your bang on mate.

Just cause your bro is a cop, dont mean he gives a flying f--k about anyone else but his little brother....He might let his brother off, but anyone else is gunna go thru hell before they learn they shouldve kept their mouth shut!


trust god & dnt do drugs, u will BE better me... i know & remember the recession is time for possesion...

What the actual fuck. First

What the actual fuck. First off, you are not harming yourself nor anybody else by smoking Marijauna, it is proven to be less harmful than caffeine so you are worse off drinking 3 cokes than you are smoking a bowl. Second, Cannabis has been traced back thousands of years, people who bring God into this have no clue what they are talking about, as it is believed that early Church events used cannabis oils and cannabis paper. Also, I am much worse off without Cannabis. I feel pain and aching in my back and shoulders and I just don't have a positive outlook. While I am on Cannabis, I not only feel strong and light but also intelligent and outgoing. It is certainly an incredible experience. 


"Nearly all medicines have toxic, potentially lethal effects. But cannabis is not such a substance. There is no record in the extensive medical literature describing a proven, documented cannabis-induced fatality. In practical terms, cannabis cannot induce a lethal response as a result of drug-related toxicity." -US Department of Justice

 Also, that statement at the end of your post kind of supports the argument FOR drugs...? I don't really know what you are trying to say there.

Jus got pulled last night

Jus got pulled over last night, car smelled like weed but I jus had a lil .5 on me. I ate it cops looked in my mouth didn't do shit..tried to make me set someone up that didn't go down.. So they let me and my boy go. Long story short fuck the police..including your brother they bring us no peace

A cop told me to stop eating my chicken sandwich

Me and my cousin got pulled over one night in Dallas , I was in the back seat , we had just went thru the drive thru and I bought a chicken sandwich.  The cop was interrogating my cousin the driver when he shined his flash light in may face as I was devouring a chicken sandwich and digging french fries out of the bag and stuffing them in my face.  He immediatly told me to stop eating so I did after stuffing one more fry in my mouth.   Can a cop really make me stop eating? Unless he arrest me and cuffs me am I not allowed to continue eating my meal unfettered? 

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