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In Case You Haven't Heard Enough Cops Talk About Legalizing Drugs This Year…

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Here's Nick Gillespie interviewing Jerry Cameron from LEAP:

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life is addiction

We are all addicted to many things. It is the nature of living beings. As humans, we have a special condition - we are addicted to ourselves. Life changes our brain chemistry, and the ensuing neural pathways that chemistry supports.

The term Addiction, used in the sense of substance use, is a symptom of the emptiness we all feel in our lives, largely because of the lack of connection to our environment, including the people we find around us. Substance use in way is only a problem where it becomes a destructive force in our lives. We may become compulsive, in trying to fill the void.

Treating substance use as the problem, only shifts the behavior to some other substance, though hopefully to those less. destructive. This may bring short term relief, but does not address the real problem. This is why treatment programs are largely ineffective.

Treatment should focus on putting substance use in perspective, and the positive uses substances have in society and our lives, as social and personal forces for good. The real problem is not the substance being used, but rather that the particular society in which we predominantly find in the west, views a side or our human nature as evil,as something that must be denied.

All substances, from drugs to basic sustenance, have positive and negative sides. Marijuana in particular, is one that has few negatives. But, like anything, from food to alcohol to watching TV, it can destroy us, if we are not taught how to use it. To say that Cannabis has no positive use socially, is not only naive, but dangerous. It keeps us shadow boxing our true nature, and ever denying a side of ourselves that seeks the light and truth. We would all be a little more sane, if we acknowledge these facts, in my opinion.

Great job Nick... keeping it real... keeping it light

Vices abound, but responsibility should be the common denominator!

Measure your excesses carefully... and always act responsibly... by respecting the rights of others.

B.S. It wouldn't hurt to pull up our collective pants some.... so to speak... keeping our butt cracks to ourselves!

Pitch LEAP to the media and Congress

William Aiken

I bumped into Albany County, NY District Attorney David Soares at the annual Crime Victims Brick Ceremory this past Saturday. When I asked him what he thought of LEAP, he wasn't at a loss for words. 'I think," Soares said, "they are a powerful group with a strong message. Those guys have a lot of creditibility on the issue."

Now granted most DAs aren't as enlightened on the issue of drug policy as Soares is. But his impression of LEAP is similiar to most people when I pitch the group weather it's to the staff of an elected representative to request a meeting or a program/news director for doing a guest suggestion interview. They all recognize LEAP's creditibilty and background as an organization who's opinions and beliefs are rooted in well researched facts, and real life experience.

I urge readers of this blog that know of a LEAP member in their State, to try to contact the TV, Radio and Print media to interview LEAP. The media gatekeepers are looking for compelling material and controversial issues. LEAP speakers are certainly cable of providing both of those qualities and more. The pitch to politicians may be a bit more complex since the competing interests of the drug war(the DEA, National Institute of Drug Buse, Partnerhship for Drug Free America) may be influencing a Congressman or Senator to one degree or another. You want to appeal to the educational value that LEAP can offer and specifically tie in a request for a meeting with LEAP regarding Senator Webb's bill S.714. In either case, always refer them to LEAP's website,

LEAP is leading the dialouge in changing the public's sentiment on the drug war. It's vital that they get their arguments for legalization on the airwaves and into the public consciousness. It's equally important to let our self-conscious soft on crime, poll-driven elected leaders know that supporting and co-sponsering legislation favorable to reformers isn't political suicide, it's smart politics.

You know what to do. Pick up the phone and do it!


. Legalizing drugs would eliminate many inconsistencies, guarantee freedoms, and increase the effectiveness of the government's anti-drug beliefs. The present war on drugs has not and will not produce a decisive victory. We advocate a new approach to this important social problem.

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