New Hampshire Senate Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Good news from New Hampshire:

CONCORD, N.H.—The state Senate has joined the House in endorsing medicinal marijuana use by residents with crippling ailments.

The 14-10 Senate vote Wednesday sent the bill back to the House to review relatively minor changes. If the House endorses the changes and Gov. John Lynch signs the bill, New Hampshire would be the 14th state to legalize medicinal marijuana. [Boston Globe]

It looks like this will get through the House, but I don't know anything about Gov. Lynch's intentions. Click here to contact him.
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As citizens of the United States, its our duty to secure the freedoms granted by our Bill of Rights and other such documents. Where... does it say we cannot use a plant for a little buzz?? Why should people have to be arrested for using a natural, wild growing plant. If pine trees produced an intoxicating substance, would we eliminate these trees? People need to realize that, its not a huge issue. It can be a highly taxable item, since our wonderful new president Obama can't seem to figure out how to "stimulate" the economy. We as a nation, need to step up this cry for legalization. Who will we harm? Lets experiment like prohibition, see if it helps or hurts. House robberies and thefts would decline, and the police wouldn't have to deal with the teenagers behind the corner store. WHY are we not fighting more for this cause??? People don't want CHANGE. Lets keep everything safe and controlled. The world ISN'T controlled, or safe. Introduce a haven, a neutral act that brings people to peace and happiness. Introduce the use of marijuana, for everyone.

very welll said !!! "

very welll said !!! " NoireeAxors " is 100 % right . i dont know almost anything about poison ivy but , the affects seem to be harmful and by FAR a lot more annoying then marijuana any day , but we dont see the government trying to make a plan to eliminate this and other harmful plants

A Theory

The legislation system makes far too much money arresting and charging thousands and thousands of people into poverty with heavy fines to be bothered with legalization. Not to mention risking their political career, politicians would rather just let it be and not disturb the good source of income that comes from teenagers and adults alike illegally experimenting with cannibus and being caught. It's a sad conflict of interest that profit be put in front of the wellbeing of citizens but this is what happens when the government's authority is not questioned.

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