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Jim Webb Says Marijuana Legalization is "On the table"

Submitted by smorgan on
I didn't get a chance to mention this on Thursday and I didn’t want any of you to miss it:

The leader of a congressional effort to reform the criminal justice system said Thursday that all issues — including drug legalization — need to be on the table.

Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), who has made criminal justice and prison reform a signature issue of his this year in Congress, is the most high-profile lawmaker to indicate openness to drug decriminalization or outright legalization.
"Nothing should be off the table," he said. [The Hill]

Indeed, why begin the inquiry by politicizing the discussion and arbitrarily dismissing approaches whose merits have yet to be explored? Hopefully, this means we'll be seeing some actual discussion of alternatives to prohibition taking place in Congress.

After all, keeping things on the table implies that we will be talking about them rather than pretending they don’t exist. Surely, our opponents aren't afraid to debate the subject and would welcome a lively conversation about the pros and cons of legalizing drugs.

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