Even Cowboys Want to Legalize Drugs

This Washington Post story on LEAP's Howard Wooldridge is just awesome:

Yes, that is exactly what he's like. I'm honestly not sure I've met anyone in the reform movement as intensely focused as Howard. All he ever does is lobby for reform everywhere he goes, anyone he meets. He rode across the country on horseback doing this. Twice, if I recall correctly. He even lobbied me to support legalizing drugs, which was unnecessary, but I must admit that I did become slightly more convinced.
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I love that man

I e-mailed him to talk about if he met with my politicians yet, he had and knew the name of the staff that dealt with drug policy in all their offices. It was on a Sunday Night and we exchanged several e-mails.

God speed to you Howard, and your horse.

pot head

If smoking marijuana makes a person a "pothead", then drinking alcohol surely must make a person an "alcoholic " right?

Only if you believe in exceptionism...

'Drugs, especially alcohol and tobacco' is the correct answer.

The drug alcohol effects brain chemistry like marijuana but because we live in a christian nation built upon exceptionism alcohol users get special treatment(s)... like not being referred to as the 'drug user or addict' they may be.

Christian Exceptionism = Cognitive Dissonance

Representative Tom Latham comment

I briefly visited Rep. Tom Latham's web site. A short video launched featuring Rep. Latham. In it he suggests that people sign up for his email list. Something about learning how he's trying to bring "common sense to Congress".

Well Tom, I highly recommend when you meet with Howard Wooldridge you listen to his "common sense" approach to drug prohibition. Somehow, though, I fear your dogmatic rigid position regarding the war on drugs won't allow "common sense" to rule the day.

Trust me

I live in Texas and I can say that cowboys want to legalize drugs at least as much as anyone else.

I can believe that about cowboys

Not the kind of people who can be told what to do, or care for telling others what to do.

Funny how Dr. Ron Paul's name keeps popping up...

Funny how Dr. Ron Paul's name keeps popping up... as one of the best libertarian minded friends the drug reform community has right now... yet they diss him so!

Yeah, cowboys can be just as free spirited and adventurous as the next rope smoker. Besides, can you think of a better way to make hay when stuck in the saddle all day?

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