Poking Around in a Teenager's Panties is a Sick Crime (Unless It's a Drug Search)

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At age 13, Savana Redding was strip-searched by school officials who suspected her of possessing prescription Ibuprofen. It turned out their information was bad, but they are so proud of what they did that they've defended their actions all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Soon, the right to drug-search young girls' underpants may be firmly enshrined in our jurisprudence, so that the whims of drug hysteria will decide when it's appropriate to do that, rather than some old list of high-minded legal principles.

That this incident even happened is disturbing enough before one tries to come to terms with the fact that the Supreme Court appears likely to uphold the search. Perverts.
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At what point before a 13 year old girl was made to strip to her underwear if front of 2 strange adults does someone ask if this is justified over IB fucking PROFIN?

You know, the stuff that also comes in yummy grape, orange and cherry flavors. is marketed to children.

its an over the counter anti-inflammatory. at what point does someone ask if a child should even be pulled from class over this. Its over the counter medication. at least in my day the simply suspended you over mouth wash.

Had anyone else done the exact same thing, for the same reasons, out side of a school, it would be called second degree sexual assault on a child.

Would this ever happen in private school for the well-to-do?



Constitucion? We don' neeed no steenken' constitucion!!


It wouldn't matter.No one in our government pays it any mind anyway!!!

you all are a bunch of wimps

'What is the fuss all about? You find this so bad but if she strips down to her panties for a 13 year old or say 16 year old boy and has sex I guess there is no harm in that? So why don't we just let the teenagers run the world and do what ever they want God forbid if we catch them doing something wrong or having a illegal substance on their person. If we try and correct them we might be offending their rights,,,,,,,When I was in school you did what you was told to do and if you got out of line you got punished for it and it was nothing for one of the teachers to put you in your place if that meant slamming you up against the wall so be it..You respected them for doing there job and kids behaved a whole lot better than they do now days.........But no you bunch of wimps done away with whipping and you had pray removed and the pledge of legion ..... and you turned today's teenagers into a bunch of smart mouth, spoiled brats...........


Your the wimp for refusing to stand up for your own right and those of our young Americans you BIG WUSSY! Were does it end after all! Strip search, Body Cavity search. I would rather have my kids exopsed to a benign herb than overexposed at the hand of strangers with hazy intentions!!!!! J. Velasco Brownsville Texas

And you?

Obviously you got slammed up against the wall one too many times, it knocked all the English language learning right out of you, as well as any common sense.

I'm pro-choice on EVERY THING!

So we should allow male

So we should allow male school administrators to strip search teenage girls at school on the suspicion they MIGHT be carrying drugs, legal or not? Yes, that sounds like a plausible, sane solution. Perfect way to toughen up all of those spoiled little 13 year old brats... Some sexual assault will do them good in the long run, at least they won't whine so much.

By the way, can I buy my pot from you?


you most likely or a person of some interest , so let me make a call"anonymously" and i'll tell them that u or a pervert and you strip search little girls just to see whats under there! i bet the police would hook u right up! sounds like that should be okay as well. i think your mind would change after you got strip down a search... i hope anyway

It causes lasting psychological harm.

Maybe people should take the time to imagine themselves in that situation at that age and being asked to strip down to their underwear and then move their underwear aside. That's the kind of stuff that people tell psychologists about twenty years later because it's still there under the surface and ruining their self esteem and mental health. You get someone in their twenties or thirties going to a psychologist for stress or depression, and within several visits all of a sudden they're talking about humiliating things that happened in middle school -- the time that Johnny got beat up, the time that Sally got made fun of for having small breasts, etc, etc. Being stripped searched as an adolescent and asked to move their underwear falls into the same category. Smoking a joint as a teenager won't cause lasting trauma. This kinda stuff will. Justice Breyer in particular has no shame. He actually had the audacity to state that he didn't see how this could cause any harm. What a jerk. I'm tired of this war on drugs BS. It costs at least $30k per year to house an inmate for a drug offense, all while such a person is around hardened criminals, gets raped and beat up, etc. What a great and wonderful world Nancy Reagan created for all of us.


Wow do people actually do this? I have 3 daughters and this is scary. Mighty Scary!!!


Sensitive issue

It's a very sensitive issue and if it is really necessary then it needs to be done by female officers and ideally with parental consent.

John Mitchell

Sensative issues.

It is a sensitive issue. It's seems you are so close to putting 2 and 2 together yet so far away in realitiy. It is an issue where parents have all the authority and the Machine of Big Government should have no input!!! Parents are ultimately responsible for the decisions their children make in a tough world with such difficult choices. Many a drug warrior claim the war on drugs is meant to keep kids safe. That claim is pure 100% uncut fearmongering. The claim is that we would be sending kids the wrong message if weed were legalized. Yet we don't arrest adults who drink responsibly or adults who engage in consentual sex just to send the right message to kids. What our drug policy is doing is treating adults like little children. While at the same time creating a lucrative black market that even entices our kids into joining in. How many of our nation's children have joined a gang or even a CARTEL (Laredo, Texas) in order to get a piece of the action. I'm fumming with anger but have a remedy for the stress! Me and Angelina BongLee will say bye for now. J. Velasco Browntown Texas

Key factor

Yes, it's wrong that the search was done, especially without parent consent, but she was thought to have had PRESCRIPTION Ibuprofen. That's a narcotic. Therefore, it was a tip that needed to be investigated. The actual handling of the situation was very poor, but the intentions were all good. Drugs are rampant in schools now, especially prescription pills, because you can just grab them from mommy and daddy's cupboard. She needed to be searched, but the school should have gotten consent, and done it in a less intrusive manner.

Yeah, yeah... and girls who

Yeah, yeah... and girls who wear short skirts are asking to be raped.

BTW, "PRESCRIPTION Ibuprofen" is just that. Ibuprophen. Nothing else, just a larger dose. 800mg is common which makes it twice the OTC dose.

You are wrong it is not a

You are wrong it is not a narcotic! regular has 200 mg this has 800 mg it is 4 pills in one. So all you have is 4 regular strenght Ibuprofens! No narcotics what so ever.

Not surprised!

Is it any wonder how screwed up the drug warriors are when they don't even know the difference between a non-narcotic (NSAID) like ibuprofen and real narcotics like diacetylmorphine?! Most don't know what the second drug, I mentioned, is! At least not by its scientific name! That commenter sounds like someone the government would employ to fix the financial system! The more ignorant , the better!

God Please!!

It seems like some people still just don't get it.Some are ready to regurgitate whatever they were spoon fed as young ignorant children. This whole mess called the war on Drugs is mostly responsible for this mess.
The Misinformation that has for years spewed out of Big Government has blurred the distinction between marijuana and true narcotics. When they are told that "ALL DRUGS ARE BAD" then try marijuana they come to the conclusion that they were lied to when it comes to hard drugs. So it becomes easier to make the transition from a natural herb to hard drugs. Kids are rebellious by nature and buck the older generation by engaging in a little civil disobedience. Firecracker in the mailbox, grafitti, ring the doorbell and run you get the picture. We need to be upfront and truthful when presenting "THE FACTS" so all our citizens and not just kids are well informed when making choices in life. Roland Mota Laredo Texas

training prisoners

Random drug tests, lockdowns, strip searches, security cameras everywhere -- what are schools doing but teaching kids to be good prisoners?

Anonymous Tips

If that had happened to MY daughter, I'd have jerked her out of that school immediately (if not sooner!) while I let my attorney give those administrators "the business end" of what motions could be filed that would best keep them spotlighted in the public eye the longest while I sued their ass.

What a bunch of ignorant dickheads--they justified their actions over a tip for prescription Ibuprofins? Aparently they were so anxious to "out" someone w/their newly-created, no-tolerance drug policy that they couldn't even be bothered to establish that Ibuprofin is no more a narcotic than aspirin?! Un-fucking-believable.

...And there's the problem w/"anonymous "tips" and those who do the tipping... First of all the presumption is that the tipper is telling the truth; that their motivation stems from their "do-gooder" desire to right wrongs and end moral turpitude. So the snitch gets the "full-identity-protection treatment even when their story turns out to be just a dirty little lie. In some cases it might even be an honest mistake; a misinterpreted situation or, they were just repeating hearsay. Yet the snitch alwalys gets the benefit of the doubt and the accused gets raked over the coals, subjected to embarrassing, demeaning & outright illegal treatment while the accusation is flaunted for purposes of setting an example even when the accusation turns out NOT to be true.

Didn't ANYONE ever once presume, for example, that the (alleged) Ibuprofin prescription quite possibly belonged to Savanna...?

this is a good reason for kids to

carry guns .to protect themselves from the perverted cops .message to cops stay out of my kids underwear


the search could have been done by the parents. but how the hell are we supposed to. prisoners can hide anything they want in their ass. no parent would look inside his children's vagina to 'make sure' she doesn't smuggle drugs.

we may not know if she had to strip down in front of the adults or so. or at least i hope the adults were woman. but even this is humiliating

no amount of drugs abuse and misguided drug policy can do worst than this.except heroin

we have to stop demonizing our children. no 'nowdays' they aren't that so smarter and malicious than yesterday, and gangsta rap didn't change them all into drug fiends and prisoners,the second you started demonizing them was the second they started using even stronger methods to use their drug abuse. metal detectors in school means that everybody knows that there are alot of knives there, so they just throw the knife over the school and get it back in the schoolyard. newspapers headlines need to stop using juvenile and even 18-25 year old criminals as scapegoats for violence in this society. financial crime which leads to poverty are never thoughts of having psychological repercussion on society, but they are very real, and the person whose repercussion was on will himself pay the price later on, homeless, alcoholism,heavy fines for petty thievery, even heroin addiction

it is in fact, incredible because even if the tip was about heroin, i would never have agreed with this. any person with any faint idea of the charter of human rights wouldn't

i remember in california, 2 strike and they castrate sex offenders, and this goes against human rights. in canada, we have tried multiple times to bring this into law, but the charter of human rights is against us. and we have no choice but to bow. and in this instance, human rights are blatantly disrespected, the united states will acknowledge it as normal. this is my friend, the difference between our 2 countries.

kids, skool and sexx

Adults and kids mixed w/ nudity is called a crime nowadays according to the law. Imagine skool administrators performing a "routine" search of a 13 year old girls panties and or body. For "possible" "drugs" . The "drug war " must be won at all costs. Even if it means that your daughters gym coach must strip search her for "possible" narcotics upon a suspicion. Or curiosity. Welcome to the land of the free.

You all are crazy, the

You all are crazy, the school had to protect the general population from the horrors of pain medication! Ibuprofen is a serious narcotic... I once knew a guy who had a cousin who was associated with a chick who knew another chick who became addicted to Ibuprofen and then ended up homeless giving BJs for tablets before ODing in a gutter. If we can't trust our school administrators to control prescription medication and keep our children from becoming addicted, who will? Let them institute random, mandatory cavity searches for every teenage girl I say! The worst that could happen is that we'd SAVE CHILDREN'S LIVES!!!!!!


Now that is a comment to chew on!

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