Obama's Fraudulent Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws

The legal plight of medical marijuana provider Charlie Lynch has provided a useful instrument with which to measure the new administration's commitment to respecting state medical marijuana laws. Attorney General Eric Holder has stated that only cases involving violation of state laws will be pursued, prompting the judge in Lynch's trial to request guidance from the Dept. of Justice before handing down the sentence. Here's what came back:

…in response to the Court's inquiries, the Office of the Deputy Attorney General has reviewed the facts of this case and determined that the investigation, prosecution, and conviction of defendant are entirely consistent with the policies of DOJ and with public statements made by the Attorney General with respect to marijuana prosecutions.

Huh!? That can only be true if Lynch violated California's medical marijuana laws, which hasn't been proven in court (he was only charged under federal law), and is entirely inconsistent with his well-documented cooperation with local authorities including the city council and chamber of commerce.

Charlie Lynch is exactly the sort of defendant we aren't supposed to be seeing anymore under Obama, and yet here he is, scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday and the new administration won't lift a finger to stop it. He'll likely receive a 5-year mandatory minimum for doing something the President has repeatedly said would not be prosecuted under his administration. It's just that simple.

On Thursday, we'll find out exactly how much Obama's campaign promises were worth. This won't go down quietly. Stay tuned.
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You can be deceived by...

it has!!

A lot of faces...

The audacity

of raising false hopes.

Railroad job kangaroo court

The department of "justice" has the unmitigated gall to mention "state law" after the abortion of justice "trial" where it was ruled "irrelevant"?

Make me vomit.

Anonymous my ass

--Richard Paul Steeb, San Jose CALIFORNIA

It sucks

Part of my comment was cut off.....

It just sucks to watch someone with 3 kilos of smuggled coke walk while I eat shit for a 1/4 of weed. I was there, I knew the guy. At the local level he was busted. A lawyer shows with 50g cash. Local judge didn't want to let him go, but the smugglers Fed. Judge friend got him out and the charges were dropped. This is not an isolated case.

more, more

So now we've spent how much on drug wars?

currently we're going to pump how much money and manpower into the mexican drug war? The only reason there is a war on mexican drugs is because the mexican cartels have used the money they got from US to gain enough power to be a huge threat.

How fucking stupid is it to spend more money to fight people that are using money from US to begin with?

Pot should be legal and non-imported. So easy to grow now. High schoolers grow the best shit right in their closet. Degrees, laws, history, it's all bullshit when it boils down to the well being of our citizens. Yeah, common knowledge that pot was outlawed years ago and stigmatized. Unitl recently, the Govt's stance on that hasn't changed....publicly. But really, they are educated now, they know pot is NOT a gateway drug they know all about it, but keep the stance because some certain assholes (reps and dems both) are making money on it.
This country has a penchant for drugs in general, it's been that way and will always be that way. I'd like to say the Gov't is stupid, but they aren't. Some of our highest leaders make lots and lots of money and that's smart. But then they pretend to be moral. I think that deserves the death penalty. I think it's treason on all the citizens of this country. Not to mention all the violence surrounding illegal drug importation. Murder. Our people are being murdered over this crap. OUR people.


Obama keeps changing his position quickly like a true pointguard/politician. Flip Flopping on Med marijuana is change we can count on! I will now engage in a little civil disobedience with my girl Angelina BongLee in order to release my frustration. Don't get too angry fellow Americans. If you can't beat them join them by becoming a Cop, Judge, Lawyer, Jail Guard, grow pot, enroll in a cartel, sell dope, or smuggle drugs. Find a way to take advantage of a system that takes advantage of YOU!!!!! J. Velasco Brownsville


Obama is letting the DOJ handle the issue of the previous admin and torture. If he wants to say that he's letting the law BE the law, then in regards to decriminalization of marijuana, he must change the law. It's that simple. If a law is unjust.. overturn it.

He seems to be washing his

He seems to be washing his hands on this. Why can't he just make the change.

Why is marijuanna still illegal?

Well, there's a lot of reasons, but one of them is you lot are doing a craptastic job of advocating change of marijuana policy. I'm referring to the vast bulk of the comment posters on this page.

STOP griping, restating the problem, bashing politicians, or going off on long ranting tangents. START analyzing individual situations, organizing effective responses, and discussing possible strategies, arguments and responses. When you write a communication about the drug war, think about my 60 year old republican aunt in Baton Rouge LA. You should be thinking "that's my audience, that's who I want on my side". We need to convince the uninformed and ignorant masses of the errors of drug prohibition and the way to do that is by appearing calmer, cooler, and more rational than the ranting raving drug warriors.

FOR EXAMPLE, I note that in one of the above given links, you can find the email addresses of individuals at the DOJ who had a hand in this decision. They are:[email protected] and [email protected]. Note also that you can contact the office of the DOJ at: [email protected]. Why not take a few minutes, and formulate a calm, rational, and compelling as possible response to these events, and let your government know how you feel. Contact all your sympathetic friends and family, and try to get them to write a response as well. Write your local newspaper or televisions station while you are at it. It may or may not help, but it will certainly do a lot more good than the above ranting and raving.

Here is what I wrote the DOJ. If you have a better response, share it with others.:


I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with your offices recent decision regarding Charles Lynch. I was given to understand, by public statements made by president Obama, as well as by public statements made by Attorney General Holder, that the DOJ would no longer be going after Medical Marijuana Dispensaries operating within the bounds of their states laws.

Charles Lynch has never been charged or tried by the state of California. From what I understand, his lawyers were prevented from arguing that his activities were legal in California, because he was being prosecuted under federal law. Everything I have read about the case indicates that mr. Lynch's cooperation with local authorities, including the city council and chamber of commerce, has been thorough and well documented.

In my eyes, and indeed in the eyes of millions of Americans, you are prosecuting a guiltless man who helped the sick and dying in his community

Please keep your promises to the American people, and rethink your decision in this case.

Glen Stark


Mr. Stark,

A breath of fresh air, sir. Succinct, right on the money and unless others begin to reel in their emotions and logically address this issue then we can continue to expect more of the same.

Mexico and Canada repeatedly attempt rational legislation, yet it's their overbearing neighbor who quickly whips them back into puritanical compliance. We point fingers to the north and south as problems - yet we continue to stymie their own brand of solutions.

Perhaps an inundation of letters crafted in thought to our civil servants will spur necessary discussion, logical reasoning - and feasible, livable solutions to this exasperating debacle.

Liberty is not just a dream. Illusory at times - but no dream.

Dale Triplett


Check out this kid, and his article. He has potential, any way you could spread his name around or even recruite him?





Democrats will gang rape

anyone who jumps into bed with them.

Milton Friedman said it in 1998: "There's No Justice in the War on Drugs"

People who expect justice from the Democrats, Barack Obama and his authoritarian drug warrior Justice department are delusional. Justice is not in their lexicon.

Confrontation is the only solution to authoritarianism

The Democrats and Republicans who support the war on drugs are authoritarians. Until they are vociferously confronted they recognize no values or opinion other than their own.

Few reform groups are leading anti drug war protests in the streets and so it looks like there is not much opposition to the authoritarian drug war. Getting as many people out in the streets as often as possible is the only thing that will change the minds of drug war supporting thugs.

May 2, 2009
PhillyNORML - 2009 Global Cannabis March

The 2009 Global Cannabis March, or Philadelphia Cannabis Festival, will be taking place on Saturday May 2, 2009. The event is still being planned, so more information will be posted as it becomes available. The GCM is an annual event that brings out hundreds of supporters, patients, and onlookers. It's an excellent opportunity to show just how popular legalization is, and to have a lot of fun. In 2008 we had our biggest one yet with over 400 people. This year we hope to top 1,000. Check back often for updates!

Saturday, May 2, 2009
Meet at Broad St. and South St. at 3:30 - 4:00pm
March towards Headhouse Square at 4:20pm
Arrive at Headhouse Square by 5:20pm
Speeches - done by 6:30pm

I wrote Obama about this

I copied the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs of Scott's post and then added my own comments. I noted that failure to come clean on medical marijuana will turn some strong Obama supporters into Obama haters. And that instead of prosecuting legit suppliers, they should be providing research funding for cannabis so we can finally learn the medicinal potential of the plant and its chemical components.

Maybe the judge will look at DOJ's reply and decide it is frivolous, since it provided no details to back up its claim, and make his own judgment that Charlie Lynch doesn't belong in jail because what he did is no longer considered a crime. If the right reply from DOJ would have allowed the judge to not give the mandatory minimum, then it seems like he could make that choice himself, since the feds refused to provide guidance of any substance, confining their response to a bald assertion that the conviction was still appropriate.

Where will the state of Arkansas celebrate May 2nd?

I live in Southeast Arkansas, and what I see here makes me wonder what the hell country are we in? I am a 68 yr old white dude, I was in the military twice, but not to protect the crap I see here. The rent-a-cops at the local University, are even into setting up students. Now I don't know what the hell they gain from this, but it destroys the lives of the students. And this is done by dumb-asses who couldn't make the grades to go to college. And if you think that is bad, you should see what they do to people on probation. They "blackmail them and extort money", even to the point of depriving a mentally challanged boy of food. This area is known as the "bible belt", and they think that kind of crap is ok. After all, they broke the law, and this from self-professed religious folks. The war on drugs has caused so many problems, families destroyed, not by the drugs, but by the law against them. And it amazes me, how all of these people become "dealers", not because they are dealers, but because it gives the authorities leverage, threat of felony convictions, loss of everything they ever hoped to have. Then after they cooperate, they find that all of their fears have come true. Of course we still have and use the death penalty, just to teach them a lesson. God has truly forgotten this hell hole. So once again the celebration will just be to lock up a few more folks at 30 grand plus per year. Happy May 2nd America.

Holder Conflict of Interest?

Holder was a partner at the powerhouse big pharm Washington, D.C. law firm Covington & Burling?

Might he be holding back on decrim to protect C&B's pharmaceutical industry interests?


Greg in Texas

If this weren't so tragic, it'd be funny. Funny because all the idiots who voted Obama in because they believed change was "possible" are steadily being proven wrong. Perhaps once these naieve voters are educated, we can count on them to help make an intelligent decision regarding whom to believe and whom to vote for. Hint: chose from the lesser of all evils- all of them are politicians in the long run. Don't fall for b.s. lines like "change". WE change things. The people who don't believe that are the lazy ones who thought Obama would do it for them. *sigh*

the situation regarding MMJ would be worse if McCain won

I'm not ready to give up on this administration yet, though Holder's response to the judge is as obnoxious as Obama's response on the question of legalizing cannabis. Everyone is obviously going to make their own judgment on what they expect from this administration. The new administration can expect to hear charges for the duration that the science is clear: alcohol is far more dangerous than cannabis. They know it's true, they don't want to deal with it, and it's our job to prevent them from pulling off that time dishonored scam any more.

But I'm more interested in what happens in the states in the next couple of years: There's a pretty big push going on in at least 4 states to legalize MMJ this year (Minnesota, Illinois, NJ, NY, did I forget any other good possibilities, any chance of overriding that hardhearted, hardheaded Republican governor in CT?) and the real possibility that a legalization referendum could pass in a West Coast state in 2010.


He needs to change the friggin law, that's the only real change.

I refuse to recognize the authority of terrorists

No matter what title or uniform ! Prohibitions are made by terrorists for terrorists to have absolute power.

Obama and the drug war.

I suspect that our president has discovered what I believe to be the real reason why marijuana is illegal in the United States. Suppose a powerful, prosperous industry discovered that changing a prohibition law would result in that industry losing billions of dollars a year in profit. Would this industry, which has armies of skilled and proven lobbyists, allow such a change? Not on your life! Even if it means your life. What is the most potent analgesic, appetite enhancer, anti-glaucoma drug in the world that cannot be patented? Cannabis. Legalizing cannabis threatens the profits of every major pharmaceutical house in business today, by eliminating demand for some of their most profitable products.

Used properly, cannabis is effective in the treatment of dozens of afflictions, from toothache to menstrual cramps. Because cannabis has been cultivated and used medicinally for thousands of years, our brains have more receptor sites for the compounds in cannabis smoke than any other medicinal substance. As long as cannabis is grown by users, there is no profit in it for drug companies, only loses. These companies have repeatedly forced their will upon the American people, through lobbying efforts that are nearly traceless.

Several times, commissions created by presidents have recommended relaxing or repealing laws against hemp products. In each case, the recommendations have not only been ignored, but some presidents have actually acted in opposite of the recommendations, as Nixon did when he arbitrarily put marijuana in the same enforcement schedule as heroin. Isn't it likely that these presidents have been under intense pressure from somewhere to act as they have? Could it be that President Obama has discovered a power greater than the presidency? Surely, there is some organized and powerful resistance to any appearance of tolerating medicinal marijuana, and I don't think that it is coming from law enforcement agencies. Only the federal government has continued to insist that marijuana is a threat of any kind, and the Drug Enforcement Agency rarely acknowledges that there are any illegal substances besides marijuana.

The greed of the pharmaceutical houses is well documented, as well as their astonishing profitability. This industry actually wants people on drugs, as long as they are drugs that are patented. This industry rushes new drugs onto the market in spite of minimal testing, and has repeatedly ignored evidence that the drugs may be harmful. This industry has repeatedly resisted attempts to lower drug costs in the United States, which are the highest in the world. No other industry, organization, or interest group has more at stake in maintaining the marijuana prohibition than the pharmaceutical industry. Medical marijuana is not in danger from law enforcement, it is in danger from the drug companies.

The problem

is greed within law enforcement and the lure of more money and absolute power also threats idle or real are how this tyranny crept in

So its 4-23-09

Did Charles C. Lynch get sent off to jail, or what? I can find no news on this what so ever.

Lynch status

Jail Term to Be Sought in Medical Marijuana Case
New York Times

"Judge George H. Wu, a Bush appointee who is hearing his first federal case, postponed sentencing until June 11, by which time he will receive final briefings from government and defense lawyers. Judge Wu seemed inclined at times Thursday to hand down a lighter sentence than the government was seeking but repeatedly said he was constrained by federal mandatory minimum sentencing laws."

Joe Biden Sez:

Hey, thank God I helped institute mandatory mins! All of you dope-sucking thugs oughta be given five years just for siding with this law-breaker!

Best regards,
Your Vice-Agent O' Change,
Joe Biden

It's very simple

Any law passed telling grown adults what they are NOT suppose to put into their own bodies is doomed to failure look at prohibition,it was so laughable every politician(and other authority figure with a IQ above 10 saw it was a lost cause)the retarded media doesnt help matters any either,how often have you ever heard them discuss khat?Yet,every time you turn on the tv(something I dont do very often)its oxycontin,oxycontin,oxycontin ...you know like pitbulls?Its B.S.

New York Marijuana Movement


The Cannabis flower is the most effective and versatile medicine known to humankind and the hemp plant can provide non-toxic alternatives to almost every product that people consume, from paper and bath products to building materials. With the legalization of cannabis in all its forms New York State residents will have the opportunity to build a prosperous and healthy life based on locally grown agricultural feedstock, immune to inflation. The key issues are the benefits that we are violently prohibited from enjoying and the atrocity that marijuana prohibition has become.

Sunday, May 17, the voice of the New York marijuana legalization movement will be heard in Albany again. One month after the rally on the Capitol steps, Abigail Storm is planning a public "Speak Out" in front of the Capitol where anyone who has something to say will have a chance to voice their opinion. This is part of a rallying effort to encourage people to reach out to Governor Paterson and their state representatives for an end to the prohibition of cannabis hemp. But this time Storm is not just rallying outside. 

The day after the "Speak Out", On Monday, May 18 she is planning on leading a group of concerned citizens into the Capitol building to ask for an audience with Governor Paterson to address what she calls a crime against humanity being commited by our government. "We don't need a law to give us permission to use this wonderful plant. God already did that. We need a law to protect us from those who want to deprive us of our rights." She is serious about getting all of the prisoners out of jail who are in for marijuana and getting their children returned their families. 

Abigail Storm says, "Its time to plant our seed and give the people a light of hope for a healthy and happy future." 


Listen to WAMC Northeast Public Radio News coverage of the April 17 Rally:

Hypocrisy we can believe in

Is anyone keeping track of Obama's broken promises?

War in Iraq? Check.
Medical marijuana? Check.

Obama: CHAINS we can believe in.

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