If You Think the Drug War Protects Young People, Read This

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CNN has a story on teenage drug smuggling that pretty much murders the notion that drug prohibition is creating a barrier between youth and drugs:

As an American, [Danny] Santos could freely cross the El Paso-Juarez border and not raise suspicion. At age 15, Santos says, he met "a guy" at a party who introduced him to drug kingpins in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

"You start off as a driver," Santos said. "People feel like they can trust you, then you move up to something bigger."

Two weeks later, he got a $4,000 job offer to drive his first load of marijuana across a bridge into El Paso. It was the beginning of a four-year smuggling career.

Of course, a 15-year-old kid can't get a job driving a beer truck, but he can make thousands smuggling drugs for a cartel in Ciudad Juarez. Does this sound right at all?

US. Customs and Border Protection officials in El Paso and San Diego report that in recent months, they've seen a rise in the number of juvenile drug smugglers getting busted at border checkpoints.

So right now, in 2009, the problem of teenagers becoming drug smugglers is escalating. After decades of trying to perfect our drug war strategies, all you have to do is open any newspaper and you'll immediately see some seriously messed-up stuff going on that we didn't even used to have to worry about.

It just gets worse all the time every time you look at it and I couldn't exaggerate how bad it is no matter how hard I try. I shudder to consider how much more hell on earth it may take to finally prove that the drug war is the problem and not the solution.
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The Biggest Drug War Lie

is the 'for the children' lie.

Of course smugglers would have long ago seen the potential for using underage people as smugglers. And now our government, if it hasn't already, will be pushing to treat all such kids busted as adults to dissuade others in the future.

The drug war itself violates the 'for the children' claim to validity.

Drug prohibition is telling children to just say no to the enticements of addict peers and criminals. If the children fail to just say no they will be subject to mandatory minimums and anal rape tough love in an drug war over-crowded prison. While a regulated market, prohibited by the drug war, would have responsible adult supervision of the distribution. That responsible adults, with licenses to protect, will instead just say no to curious children.

Kids are treated much differently

If you are a minor, the system isn't ready to ruin your life yet. The kid in this story was only busted once and spent a few days in jail during his 4 year smuggling career.

Relativistic denial

The issue is that the black market economy created by the war on drugs puts this enticement in front of children in the first place.

The kid was also exposed to the deadly potential, every day, of pissing off any of the cartel thugs he dealt with.

And throughout his smuggling experience he was politically corrupted experiencing how the rule of law is nothing more than powerless garbage.

Your minimizing the harm and the potential harm is atrocious.

Relativistic denial?

I completely agree with the dangers posed by the black market to enticed kids. I was pointing out your inaccurate description of how the criminal justice system responds: "mandatory prison sentence, anal love, overcrowded prison...etc". Kids suffer few consequences from the criminal justice system which is why they make good candidates for drug smuggling and dealing.

Oh, just because

SOME kids MIGHT, on an individual case basis, be treated lightly by the criminal justice system but this simply does not rationalize the drug laws laws that work to expose children to formative experience of the criminal justice experience.

While, from the perspective of the government, it is perfectly fine and should be considered normal to put kids through the criminal justice process including young gives being subjected to warrant-less strip searches, for me these things are atrocities. The application of relative harm logic with the mental health of American children hanging in the balance I find morally compromised. All of the criminal justice institutions of the drug war are moral, ethical and constitutional abominations. Doubly so when directed at children.

The government of the United States knows that children are being targeted for use by cartels and yet this government leaves in place the policy that is exposing children to this imminent DANGER. This is a callus and cynical government that then tells us that they are doing this 'for the children'.

This same authoritarian government has known since the 1990's that alQaida uses heroin not only as a source of capital but also as a weapon against the west. "That's part of their revenge on the world," Kerry said. "Get as many people drugged out and screwed up as you can." Sen. John Kerry, while the World Trade Center and Pentagon still smoldered 21 Sept. 2001

This government is using children as cannon fodder in their endless war a disease, addiction. they know it is happening and they know how to stop it but they don't. Not the Republicans. Not the Democrats.

As absolutely intolerant as the drug warriors are so too am I. I have a zero tolerance for callus and cynical authoritarians with relativistic reasoning that rationalizing atrocity.

‘Legalization, For The Children’

In the War on Drugs: Addict dealers and gangsters don’t ‘just say no' when children come seeking drugs.

Children too often don’t ‘just say no’ when addict dealers and gangsters entice them into drug use.

Legalized and regulated drug distribution would put responsible adult supervision in control of drug sales. Responsible licensed adults who, unlike the addict dealers and gangsters of prohibition, would “just say no” when curious children seek to buy.

This war is getting worse

This kind of war is unstoppable. We just can decrease it. As long as there are drug and poverty, drug war is always there. They are a perfect combination.

Prohibition creates the poverty

Unregulated drug black markets create nodes of crime that reduce the disposable income and accumulated wealth of people with little to lose.

The biggest problem is pools of addicts thrust into a criminal culture by virtue of their source being criminal. Once an addict is busted they are reduced to the lowest wrongs of economic possibility in America's legitimate economy. An individual addict might reduce the economic health of friends and family by thousands of dollars in loses and damages before the addict turns to some outside source of income, sometimes the arts will same one in ten thousand. A few go for years or even a lifetime with great economic anonymity achieving like everyone has a right to.

But then there are those who get caught up in the criminal culture that is the only alternative left to incurable or inveterate addicts. Especially once they are put into the criminal justice system. These individual. might each commit hundreds of dollars a day each in crime in a day. Robbery, thieving, prostitution and drug dealing. The addicts of today make the addicts of tomorrow.

The solution that the Swiss have found of prescription heroin to the incurable and hard core addict works really well at getting addicts out of their dependence on crime for their economic livelihood. Break the cycle of dependence of forever seeking new customers to feed the habit. This results in exposing fewer children to drugs in the first place. It also reduces the number of economic crime victims in poor communities. More money stays in the pockets of poor people. More addicts have a chance of becoming gainful members of the community. Fewer prison beds running a rotating schedule to accommodate all of the prisoners.

If you dont kow by know that the drug war double standards

make pain for profit,then naivety is your excuse for ignorance. Alcohol prohibition was a vehicle for the same.

Of course it doesn't protect young people

First of all, the drug war is an utter failure. So it's not protecting young people or anybody else for that matter. Assuming it was designed to protect anybody in the first place, which I don't think it was, the fact that it is an utter failure tells you all you need to know.

And second, as far as young people go, they are certainly not being protected when their fathers and/or mothers are senselessly being locked away in prisons for non-violent crimes. The whole thing is downright dumb.

Drug war

This drug war is the most violent and insidious disgrace of failed policy in recent history. In border towns across the Rio Grande we have people dying every day due to drug gang related violence. Legalization needs to be discussed.

Just say no

Legalized and regulated drug distribution would put responsible adult supervision in control of drug sales. Responsible licensed adults who, unlike addict dealers and gangsters, would just say no when children seek to buy.

The original drug war Goals

The original goals of the drug wart were social control. Extreme leftists were getting to much following with the young crowd so the rightist republicans ended their movment by nippinig it in the bud(no pun intended)

nothing wrong with "kids are treated much differently" post

the guy who said it was atrocious is a problem child, don't pay him any mind when he's in attack fellow reformer mode. He thinks he's got all the answers

The Drug War

is the best thing to happen in the world that i can think of. I believe that we should find these drug dealers and bring them into the streets and shoot them like dogs. They are the scum of the earth. Nothing good has ever and never will come out of drugs. Drugs bring anger, violence, and death. We need to stop the problem at the roots, being the drug producers. I am proud to say that i fight for the drug war. Drugs killed a good friend of mine and i don't wish that pain onto anyone else. Being a Drug Free Mind makes the world clear to me that a lot of the problems are in due part because of the drug problems. I know all of you will disagree with me and im fine with that. Im not here to change people, but im here to voice my opinion. So as i leave this comment, i feel that i am doing something right, fighting against an evil that corrupts and kills people. The drug war to me is something i will fight for until death. If i have offended anybody, i apologize.

Drug War!

Someone I know died of a heart attack so we should wage war on the Fast food industry. My freind made the choice to eat in an unhealthy fashion but we could have stopped him by locking him up right Mr. Drug warrior!!! Stop the problem at the root I saY!! Sec. Clinton & Obama addmitted that drug consumption was responsilble for this whole mess. So I guess the real root of the problem would be the consumer in a free market enviroment. It's just simply the laws of supply and demand. If not for the overwhelming demand the coke and the producers themselves would truly be worthless. You choose to live an drug free life and that is your choice but you can not force your "morals" or ideals on others. The U.S. is therefore no better than the Taliban for taking away our free will an forcing our people to act according to your set of skewed value. Forced virtue is not True virtue. Live, let live and keep your Fu**ing nose out of other people's lives. Rolando Mota Laredo, Texas 'P.S. I hope you die soon so we can be rid of another stubborn asshat who only regurgitates what he was spoon fed as an ignorant child.Prohibition v.2.0 is what really corrupts and kills people.
If your don't learn your history then we are destined to repeat it!!! Apology NOT accepted.

The Drug War

Nice troll, amigo. LOL


Guns are evil, so we should take them away from everybody... the cops, the military, law abiding citizens! But, we all know how well that would work, too.

Stupid, irresponsible, people end up abusing drugs and alcohol and get addicted. Not all people that use alcohol and drugs, end up that way, though! Leaving it in the hands of the dealers assures kids and addicts will have an ample supply, just around the corner!

What we are doing has resulted in friends, like yours, losing their lives! That is why it is a failed drug war. How long have you been fighting it? Have you even put a dent in drug use?! NOT LIKELY! Many more are going to die from unneeded overdose!

Cool the Engines

To whoever posted the little "Drug War" comment: cool the engines, man. The guy who said he was for the war on drugs was a hell of a lot nicer and made his point a lot better than you did. And you know what? I think he's right, in some respects.
Take marijuana. The stuff is rediculously easy to get, and I personally think it should be legalized. Anyone smoking the stuff has a 50% chance of supporting the drug cartels, and its effects are relatively few, so I'd be in favor of legalizing it.
But other drugs? I mean look at stuff like heroin or cocaine or meth? You really want to put all that packaged in shelves on the US? It might elimminate some drug violence - because people would still sell it illegally - but it'd cause a ton of other problems too. That's my view - you going to say you hope I die too?

The guy who's for the drug war offered you an apology; his friend died as a result of drugs. Give the guy - and the dead - some respect man. Learn some manners. Cool it.

Drug War!

Screw them all!! Civility is out of the window when dealing with these harsh stubborn ass Drug warriors. Prohibition is the root of all these evils. Yet they will blindly hold to their values. It all comes down to personal choice and expecting our leadership to have a common sense approch to drug policy and not the continuation of lies meant to continue this war against minorities and the poor!! I will not cool my engine and apology not accepted because all ass shafts choose to continue this miserable war. It has cost us billions and warriors on both sides and their families have endured more suffering than all illegal drug use combined. In the end truth and justice will prevail.
Prohibition was and always will be a COMPLTETE failure!!!
Smoke That whores!!!! Rolando Mota The Gateway city.

drug war

Everybody has a part in this drug business, I mean the government,police shit maybe obama..lol the point is everybody is in it some how money talks, and especially how the economy is now people find drugs an easy way to make money.I have nothing against the drug war. If they make marijuana legal im all for it id be buying that shit 24 7, well dats all I gotta say gotta get bak to my blunt.. Viva los cartels

Re "the drug war" post: and what about alcohol?

Alcohol is most definitely a dangerous drug, by your logic you should support alcohol prohibition. If you don't think alcohol is a drug, you really need to look into it further. If you think alcohol prohibition would be a good idea, please explain why you think it would work out better than the first time in 1920-33. If you think cannabis is anywhere near as deadly and dangerous as alcohol, you really need to look into that further. I don't support the war on hard drugs, but I understand why people hate them, though part of that hatred is confusion over what is caused by the drugs themselves and what is caused by their prohibition. But the war on cannabis is a loser from any side you look, it is as unwise (promoting alcohol and black market related violence) as it is unjust (creating an arbitrarily selected class of third class citizens in flagrant violation of the pledge of allegiance).

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