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Deprivation of Rights/Oppression - how I got into politics, and how they've beaten me...

My experiences have shown me how little Government (collectively) cares for the Rule of Law, and the "rights" of the people they claim they can overcome at will. If my Right to Life is as firmly secured to myself as is my Right to Property, it is obvious I have no RIGHT to live, nor does any other American.
Show mercy, Government, and end my miserable privileged existence, as I have no liberty and desire only death. It wasn't drugs - it was direct interaction with Government that forced me to wake up and pay attention.
I graduated in 2000, voted for Gore. Didn't really care.
I was in the Air Force, and at bootcamp - a month or so before 9/11/01 - we watched videos demonizing Osama Bin Laden.
I'd never heard of him to that point in my life, and was kind of shocked that he featured so prominently in the videos - all of which were current - up to a few months.

A month later at tech-school, seeing the planes crash into the buildings, the very first thought through my head was, "We did this." - WE being the U.S. Government. (Aside; Be this as it may, I reserve judgment at this point. It's moot. People disbelieve the Holocaust. We're NEVER going to come to a consensus on 9/11. Let it go. Seriously. There's more pressing issues at hand - such as human rights violations being committed in America by its government NOW.)

From that moment on, I had a tendency to be a bit cynical when it came to trusting government.

A year and a half later, I was discharged honorably for homosexual conduct. My animosity towards government was growing, but it hadn't peaked yet.
I slipped back into the typical American mode of, "It's not my problem."
There were times I would make comments, but government didn't actively touch my life any more and I let it get away with things I never should have.
I went back to college in Mississippi, got my associates degree, then ran off to California.

After a year in flight school, I wound up in L.A. working at a porn shop in West Hollywood. At that point, I did the first drug (other than pot in college before the Air Force - didn't do it after, and I'm not really sure why - I hung out with a different group of people though... And I wasn't a big pot-head) in my life - at 22 y/o. Meth, on a houseboat in Marina Del Rey.
I hated it - was up, twitchy the whole next day, worked that night, and crashed.
I felt like I had the flu for a week and swore I'd never do ANY drug again.

At this point, my anti-government sentiments haunted me, but weren't active. West Hollywood eased the pain of my military discharge, and drugs were bad.
In 2004, I voted for Kerry (the rest were just bubbles I "had" to fill in), and again, disenchanted, alienated, and mostly apathetic, I didn't really care much beyond election day.

About a year later, I was working as a live-in personal assistant, and took my boss's daughter to a rave. She had an ecstasy tab, told me she was taking 1/2 of it. I took the other half from her saying, "If it kills you, it had better kill me too, because I don't want to face your father when I go home."
I had the time of my life that night - was firmly embedded into the rave community (online) after that night, and continued to go to raves for the next 2 years of my life - loving the weekly (or bi-weekly) escape from "reality" where I could talk to people that weren't so caught up in their lives.
I loved outdoor parties - sitting around the fire discussing religion and philosophy - and a little bit of politics here and there, but religion and philosophy really drove me.

Being a big part of the online rave community, when word got out about the military-style bust in Utah (Aug. 2005) I set up a website; - which no longer exists (Aug. 2005-Aug. 2007). The purpose of the site was to call attention to the atrocities of American Government, and bring about a restoration of the Constitutional protections we had lost.
I don't have the original page, but an older version can be seen here;
I didn't do much with the site, and with time, my feelings again, receded... Though my questioning of Governmental reason continued, and I became much more cynical about the whole thing.
Maintaining my views that the Constitution had been undermined by those in power (with or without their knowledge, though I admit to feeling personally wronged by many of them at this point), I continued looking, questioning, and searching within for the answers.
My drug use - of course - continued through this period, and reached its peak around August 2006. It was around this time that I started dealing ecstasy, as my boss's company had just shut down - and I'd lost my second personal-assistant job.
By the time I'd sorted things out, it was November. I was still barely making a profit, but I had an investor, a stable supplier, and a buyer that - while somewhat inconsistent - enabled me to pay most of my bills (though not all of them) and continue dealing (which was now a neutral cash-flow business, still far from turning a real profit).
This lasted 4 months - while we continually supplied that buyer, until I was arrested in Feb. 2007 because the buyer was an FBI informant.

The ridiculousness of the situation left me joking with the arresting agent (after the 20 other people had lowered their guns), and not understanding what all the fuss was about.
I was calm, considered that the worst had befallen me, and went along without any struggle (there were more than 20 people with guns. What struggle could I put up - my scrawny, unarmed, non-drug possessing (at time of arrest I had no drugs on myself nor in my vehicle) self?). When we got to the station and they began questioning me, I asked for a phone call. I was told, "No. This is Federal. You don't get a phone call." I then asked, "Not even to get an attorney?"
The answer was, "No."

Now, we've reached the peak of my distrust of Government. If I have no right to a phone call, no right to an attorney - just who are these people, and what exactly are they doing? What are they planning on doing TO me?
This was the first point (after the guns were lowered) that I feared for my personal safety.

After cooperating (under duress, in fear for my life - as I had no idea what set of rules we were playing by at this point), I was placed in the local jail for the night.
The next morning I was picked up, taken to the Federal courthouse for arraignment, and went through that whole process.
This whole time, I was thinking to myself, "Really? Drugs are THIS bad?"

After being released on a $50,000 signature bail, I dove heavily into legal research.
It was around this time (early March, 2007) that Ron Paul declared his run for Presidency. was still up, but was registered and taking its place. For the next 5 months, it would be devoted to Ron Paul's candidacy - and then I'd change hosting providers and maintain

I was overwhelmed.
Government was trampling the rights of the people, Ron Paul was the only candidate (aside from Kucinnich, who had no chance. As the only anti-war Republican, Ron Paul seemed like he had a shot at the nomination. From there, no democrat could beat him...) speaking out against Governmental abuses of power.

Meanwhile - my legal research (all of which is documented, from about 2 months in to the present in the legal thread) led me to find out what was really going on in my case.
My "crimes" were for having controlled (possessed and distributed) my private property without the consent of Government (license)...
Having violated the artificial RIGHT of Governmental Control over drugs (Regulation of Interstate Commerce is the "source of control" - a privileged power derived from the rights of the people, not a RIGHT, and not a viable source of injury, as there is no RIGHT to regulate commerce which I can violate. U.S. v. Schick backs me in this) in violation of the 5th Amendment protections on the people's property rights.

By my reasoning, there were but 2 ways for the Government's claims to be legitimate;
1) I'd (unbeknown to myself) gone through some sort of Due Process where my property rights had been abrogated and eliminated... or
2) I'd been compensated for my property prior to my exercising control over it - and the allegations were for some sort of retroactive theft.
Neither of these situations was true.
Legislative acts are NOT due process by which the rights of the people may be dismantled nor diminished.
I HAD been compensated (by the FBI through their informant) for my property, at which point I relinquished control over that property (gave it to the FBI informant compensating me for my property). I exercised no control over it after this compensation, therefore I have not committed any CRIME.

I was still absolutely bewildered as to why what I had done was a criminal offense - with a maximum sentence (of all 6 charges combined) of 120 years.
If you want to talk about unreasonable punishments (check out the 8th amendment), this certainly seems to fit the bill.
What about unusual punishment? Free room and board for me, courtesy of "the people" - my alleged victims - at around $90,000 per year? Heh. That's $180K-$360K in taxes YOU will be paying to keep me "locked away from society" because I'm such a serious threat to you. Doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?
Isn't it unusual to punish the victims of an alleged crime by demanding they compensate the criminal that has violated them? Surely I'm not the only one that thinks this way...

With Ron Paul (acutely and ignorantly) at my side, in Feb. 2008, he promised to pardon me (and all other non-violent drug offenders at the Federal level) on national TV, I continued my crusade against governmental oppression.

I fired my first court appointed attorney that told me, accurately but ignorantly, "You have no Constitutional Right to use drugs!"
His contention, by his mannerisms and tone of voice, were clearly that rights are granted by and enumerated in the Constitution.
This wasn't going to fly with my recent legal research, and he was dismissed from his duties.

My second court-appointed attorney refused to allow me to file a motion of demurrer (What I'm accused of is NOT a crime - why am I still in this court room?) as he, too, claimed that there were no property rights to drugs.

I'm in deep at this point - campaigning actively for Ron Paul, working (again as a personal assistant full time), and continuing my legal research so that I can write and file my own motions.
I'm even circulating petitions for Marijuana Reform in California - even though I'm open opposed to medial marijuana (it's an Unconstitutional licensing statute) at this point, and the petition maintains a medical front for usage.

The court refused me "assistance of counsel" as the Constitution defines it, and begins to hassle me regarding my motions - as it is MANDATORY for all motions to be filed electronically in the 3rd District Federal Courts.
My attorney - the person "representing my rights" refuses to file the motions - even if I am the sole author and he is in no way responsible for the motion's contents - and I am left with no choice but to represent myself.
The prosecutor (my adversary - my nemesis) offers to file the motions if I email them to him. Nothing like working with your enemy to accomplish your VERY dissimilar goals.

After having the motion filed (58 pages of it, along with another 38 pages in reply to the prosecution), going through numerous court appearances (continuances - as the prosecutor failed to reply timely, having the judge lie - openly - to give the prosecutor an excuse (telling the prosecutor he'd been on vacation - then repeating himself forcibly when the prosecutor tried to correct him), having to present oral arguments in defense of my motion (which I was NOT prepared for, and failed at completely, as I expected my filed briefs to be my argument) - and having the prosecutor basically state that my arguments weren't legitimate, I looked at the judge and said something along the lines of, "I just don't understand how Congress can take property and convert it into something else, eliminating the property rights of the people."
It was nowhere near that coherent, and probably didn't make as much sense, but the judge's eyes lit up.
He looked shocked.
And I thought I'd hit the proper nerve.

Apparently, this wasn't the case. A few weeks later, the judge passed down a written ruling (of 12 pages-9 after I typed it back in) denying my motion to dismiss the charges against me.

His reasoning amounts to one basic argument that all his other contentions rely upon;
...the Court is hesitant to recognize a right to property that does not yield to any government regulation.

I ask, now, what is a right that yields to governmental regulation? (Aside from the fact that the Supreme Court ruled already what point at which Governmental regulation of personal property came into being - check out Budd v. People of New York - only when control of one's property in injurious to your neighbor's rights may government REGULATE the control of that property)
Particularly a "right" which is regulated via a licensing statute. (Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham - Statutes claiming to LICENSE the exercise of any PROTECTED RIGHT (property - 5th Amendment) are Unconstitutional and can be ignored with impunity - Interstate commerce arguments not necessary; sorry Gonzales v. Raich, but you're moot. If jerking off affects the interstate commerce in condoms (reduces demand), Government still can't prohibit jerking off - as it is a consensual act with yourself, and Government doesn't OWN nor CONTROL you by RIGHT. Growing tomatoes/potatoes/roses/corn/anything in your garden affects Interstate Commerce (reduces demand for produce/flowers), government still cannot prohibit use of your property for purposes of gardening, as this use is BY RIGHT of ownership. If using drugs affects interstate commerce in drugs (black market or otherwise), property RIGHTS trump the Interstate Commerce Clause.(I point again at U.S. v. Schick) Check out the dissenting opinions on Raich. Really? You ruled AGAINST the defendants? Because they argued improperly that their acts were not interstate commerce? And you disregard their fundamental rights in favor of the Commerce Clause because of this technicality? For SHAME!)

If a RIGHT can be "regulated" to the point of Government prohibiting its exercise, what good is a RIGHT at all?

Does the Constitution serve no purpose - as all "RIGHTS" in the Bill of Rights are mere suggestions?
That these "rights" which are not granted by the Constitution, but are PROTECTED from GOVERNMENTAL USURPATION by the Constitution are completely subject to Governmental "regulation" or "control" and may be eliminated, or licensed by legislative will alone goes so far beyond my ability to reason that I am stuck, mentally, and cannot proceed further.

Under duress (clearly, as I am petitioning a member of the criminal agency violating me for relief from that same criminal agency... To no avail...) I sign a conditional plea agreement preserving my right to appeal - as the judge is CLEARLY wrong in his contention that ALL RIGHTS are mere privileges for Government to dish out as it sees fit, and prohibit whenever it finds it convenient. (This is increasingly true of the "right" to free speech. I was told, at one of Charles Lynch's hearings by a Federal Marshal, "We don't allow free speech in the courtroom." Really? You don't ALLOW the exercise of a protected (from governmental deprivation) RIGHT on public property? Wow. Free speech "zones"? What nonsense is this? A right cannot be diminished by Governmental powers - as no inherent RIGHT to diminish the right of your neighbor exists, neither can you pass such power on to your government, who's sole source of power is the rights of those granting it power...)

I rally behind the law itself - U.S. Code Title 18 Chapter 13 Sections 241, 242, and Chapter 95 section 1951... As well as the civil remedy in Title 42 Chapter 21 Subchapter I Section 1983...
Under all these laws (and more), Government (to include the judge), in its pursuit of control over drugs (property) owned by civilians is criminally assaulting the people of this nation.
This is an ongoing conspiracy against the rights of the people, and there is no way to squirm out of these accusations.

By this point, Ron Paul has lost both the nomination and the election.
I've long since written a 2nd Declaration of Independence calling for the IMMEDIATE abolition of the criminal cabal posing as America's legitimate Government, and providing reasons for this action - as well as steps forward to ensure the rights of the people remain protected both during the interim as well as henceforth. It has over 100 signatures, and continues to get a few each month.
I've been actively involved in getting out the message of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. I've gone to protest rallies and spoken on LEAP's behalf.
I've established a tongue in cheek anti-LEAP website, - Drug Dealers Ensuring Against Legalization - in an attempt to jar public awareness to the point it may finally start thinking rationally.
I've continued attending medical marijuana protests and TRYING to get the people there to open their minds a little and recognize that they are not OBTAINING A RIGHT to medical marijuana, but are attempting to get a LICENSE to exercise a fundamental RIGHT that Government has no LAWFUL authority to take in the first place.

I continue to study law - and politics - and put the pieces together, even faster than Charlie Lynch's attorneys when it comes to the "new federal policy on medical marijuana" and the California Dispensaries (as far as I know, I'm the only one in the world to even write up ANYTHING to this effect - it's online here, Myspace, and a few other places I posted it... all with no real effect). - though to give them credit, I am not in communication with them - and for all I know they, too, have come to the same conclusions I have at this point... Charlie's new sentencing date is next Thursday - and I cannot attend as I have to work (in order to stay out on bail...).

My own sentencing is in a few weeks - May 4th - at which point I will most likely be sentenced to some Federal Prison for some amount of time between 2-4 years (depending if the plea agreement (4 years) or the prosecutor's recommendation (24 months) is used).

My only request at sentencing is that I be granted the PRIVILEGE of bail on appeal - as I believe the Judge is CLEARLY in error.
I expect the same protests from any appointed counsel I may receive at the appellate level that I have experienced at the District level, and I feel I MUST be the one to proceed with my arguments.
I'm actively preparing for the 9th Circuit court of appeals, and I'm still here...
Arguing politics and trying to convince people there is a difference between a RIGHT and a privilege LABELED a "right".

People that thought I was crazy a year ago now see where I'm coming from - and they're scared... Not of my ideologies, but that I was "so right" then, and Government continues its path of destruction and licensing.

Half the time I think I'm crazy.
The other half I wish I was.
All the time, I believe that if I fail in my appeal, there is no point to living - as a privileged existence without any right to myself, my property, nor any liberty is a life not worth living.
The past 2 years I have experienced the TRUTH of a privileged existence - my very freedom is not a RIGHT but a privilege that may be revoked at any moment by Government... without cause. My presence HERE is privileged - as my freedom is privileged. My possessions are privileges - as I may be taken at any moment without cause given, and what protection is there for property that appears - as mine would - to be abandoned?
My existence at this point is not BY RIGHT, but by PRIVILEGE GRANTED by Government.
Should they wish me dead, it could surely be done.
My experiences have shown me how little Government (collectively) cares for the Rule of Law, and the "rights" of the people they claim they can overcome at will.
If my Right to Life is as firmly secured to myself as is my Right to Property, it is obvious I have no RIGHT to live, nor does any other American.
Show mercy, Government, and end my miserable privileged existence, as I have no liberty and desire only death.
Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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