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CU-Boulder Reminds Students to Have a Massive Pot Party on 4/20

If you don't want 10,000 people to smoke pot on your campus on 4/20, the last thing you should do is send them a note ahead of time encouraging them not to do that:

TO: All CU-Boulder Students
FROM: Office of the Chancellor
DATE: April 15, 2009
SUBJECT: A statement from the CU-Boulder leadership to CU Students on the 4-20 gathering

Dear Students:

As another April 20 approaches, we are faced with concerns from students, parents, alumni, Regents, and community members about a repeat of last year’s 4/20 “event.”

Let us start by saying that we share their concerns. A gathering of thousands on our campus for the sole purpose of engaging in unlawful activity is contrary to everything that CU-Boulder stands for and is in no way condoned. This event only serves to harm the reputation of this great university and is comprised in large part of individuals with no investment in the university at all.

The increasingly large crowds that have gathered in recent years present safety risks for participants, whether students or people not affiliated with the campus. This activity violates a number of campus regulations designed to provide for the well-being of our campus and neighboring community.

On April 20, 2009, we hope that you will choose not to participate in unlawful activity that debases the reputation of your University and degree…[CelebStoner]

Oh, you are so screwed now. Whose idea was this? The administration should have just been thankful that 4/20 lands on a Monday this year and left it at that. You just had to challenge them, didn't you? Well, bring a gas mask to work on Monday, you genius.
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Too funny

It's classic that the Chancellor couldn't bring himself to mention marijuana in the letter. I can just see all the nonsmokers looking up 4:20 on the Internet and learning all about marijuana...and from all the reform websites since they dominate. It's so awesome that he was dumb enough to advertise the event, provide intrigue to nonusers, and stoke the flames. Where did this guy learn public relations?

open your eyes

Its funny that they don't say a word about the thousands of students who participate in underage binge drinking that takes place every single day in campus dorms and off campus housing that results in the complete loss of inhibitions of students which leads to unprotected sex, teen pregnancies, rapes, fights, car accidents, and the list goes on yet a few thousand peaceful students who for one day out of the year cause no harm to themselves or anyone else and are the targets of these Administrators. Get your head straight CU boulder leaders and take a look at the big picture and get your priorities staight

On Target

I went to Boulder, you could not be more accurate!

If this had been an alcohol only event, CU Boulder would become

....would have to turned into a "Girls Gone Wild" event and the university would have to rename themselves CU at Cabo San Lucas. For their part, the CU administration just enshrined this as the be all event for all kids looking for an opportunity to party and be rebellious.

Instead of merely telling kids not to do something they want to do and hasn't hurt anyone yet. Maybe its time to regulate this event....[Light Bulb] maybe time to regulate all marijuana activity as one whole market.

Apparently they haven't heard... bashing pot... promotes pot!

What's the saying "any publicity is good publicity".

Hasn't the 'Drugged BiCzarro' and his over the top anti-marijuana drug ads taught these people anything?

Besides, I believe the correct name of those teen titty movies is "Alcoholic Drug Idiots Gone Wild".

I'm waiting for the "Alcoholic Drug Idiots Gone Wild & Having Bad Disfunctional Sex" Edition.

Besides, how can you have an institute of higher learning with alcohol killing your brain cells.

Beer is Bad (unless it's home brew)... Bongs Are Better!
Smokin' Since '75

4/20 in your face, congress

That hypocrite Lou Dobbs is going to love the "DEMAND" factor of CANNABIS on or around college grounds on Monday. Think of the "drug war" grandparents looking @ their grandchildren in college smoking marijuana on 4/20/09. Is this fun or what? The united nations declaration to wipe Cannabis off the face of the earth has been an obvious success. Lou Dobbs and megalomaniac Hannity hope and pray to Satan that you will appease the drug war gods. imagine rush limbo on 4/20 jacked up on opiates and denouncing Cannabis at the same time. Rascism anyone? welcome to the land of the free. free to get yo arse locked up for nothing.

Screwy Louie is a major league idiot...

Screwy Louie is a major league idiot... and I can't change the channel fast enough... i'll even switch channels if wolf asks him for a preview of his show.

Keith Olbermann frequently pisses me off with his marijuana mockery too. Oddly for a liberal he seems to know about and espouse our rights...but doesn't seem to want to extend them to responsible marijuana users... even if they are older and w/o doubt wiser then he is... but like a bastard child u gotta love em even when they are acting like childish idiots!

Just my opinion!

The dumbing of America continues.......

That's right, stand around all day and get high, damage the lungs more and blow off classes for the's no wonder the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Self-Righteous Dumbness

If we examine history, we clearly see the self-righteous and their insatiable appetite for persecution in the guise of punishment (e.g. drug prohibitionists) are responsible for more damage than any group of drug users, or even abusers, could ever cause.

You have demonstrated with your post that you are part of the self-righteous dumbness that has ruined any notion of walking the walk when it comes to unalienable rights.

Your insufficiently-opposed hypocrisy is the reason so many Americans don't have faith in unalienable rights and the Constitution derived from them.

You are the problem, not cannabis users.

I'm exercising self-righteousness here in case you haven't felt it on the receiving end. The difference between your self-righteousness and mine?

Mine is in line with the unalienable right to liberty.

You ever heard of Octoberfest??

An alcohol-fueled family event.

why should you care if

why should you care if people want to smoke pot all day? I went this year and not a single person was assaulted, raped, mugged or shot the whole time. But you sure do find those things at clubs and bars...

The dumbing of America continues..................



While I appreciate the partying going on, I'm hoping that 4/20 will also have a very well-organized and prominent serious side in a style inviting to the average adult to learn the basics of our cause, including showing them that being an incompetent loser is not caused by cannabis use, that cannabis prohibition is a well-proven failure by the full set of facts (no cherry-picking needed by us), that only 9% of cannabis users become dependent (and that dependency is generally mild) according to the prestigious Institute of Medicine in a 1999 report commissioned by the ONDCP, etc.

4/20 should also be a day in which we acknowledge the damage caused by cannabis abuse, publicly demonstrating at least a sincere effort to replace prohibition with effective abuse prevention and treatment. In addition to helping our society better handle abuse, such efforts show the general public that we really care about improving society.

4/20 should help strongly encourage that nice neighbor who no one ever suspected to be a cannabis user to make a prominent appearance on the national or even international stage. The more people without dreadlocks and cannabis imagery (no offense to people with dreadlocks who proudly display cannabis images, but the average adult sees you as a piece of crap thanks to demonizing prohibitionists) come into mainstream public view, the more previously uninformed people will see that people like them enjoy cannabis and still live (sigh, what the mainstream considers) respectable lives.

For Americans, I know my rights in the U.S., and cannabis prohibition is unauthorized by any sane interpretation of our Constitution.

Let 4/20 be a day each year that the U.S. Supreme Court has to tell the American people that if one uses cannabis, one is having a substantial affect on interstate commerce.

On 4/20, let Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh explain that same bogus, anti-conservative connection to the Constitution to their audience (conservatives against cannabis prohibition should call up their shows to make that point, encouraging that explanation).

4/20 may be the key to ensuring the cannabis issue never goes away, the key exposing the drug prohibitionists as the unethical, demonizing, self-serving traitors that the full set of facts apparently proves they really are.

Liberty and whole truth are firmly on our side. May 4/20 be a day that message rightfully resonates worldwide.

- ph0ed1n

PhillyNORML - 2009 Global Cannabis March

The 2009 Global Cannabis March, or Philadelphia Cannabis Festival, will be taking place on Saturday May 2, 2009. The event is still being planned, so more information will be posted as it becomes available. The GCM is an annual event that brings out hundreds of supporters, patients, and onlookers. It's an excellent opportunity to show just how popular legalization is, and to have a lot of fun. In 2008 we had our biggest one yet with over 400 people. This year we hope to top 1,000. Check back often for updates!

Saturday, May 2, 2009
Meet at Broad St. and South St. at 3:30 - 4:00pm
March towards Headhouse Square at 4:20pm
Arrive at Headhouse Square by 5:20pm
Speeches - done by 6:30pm

Sounds like a great time... sign me up!

Good thing they didn't tell me: NOT TO TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF!

See you all there

I will be the guy with the HUGE smile. if you see me, say HI.

Free Jason Lauve, Boulder medical cannabis patient

Medicinal cannabis is legal in Colorado, so why is the Boulder DA still prosecuting medical patients for their legal use of cannabis? Read more about Jason Lauve, a legal medicinal cannabis patient currently facing felony possession charges in Boulder. Then contact Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett and ask him to drop all charges against Jason Lauve and stop prosecuting patients!!!
Boulder DA
Phone: 303-441-3798
Email: [email protected]

See more information here:

Lgliz It

973-409-3471 Call Now to take place in a project to be presented to President Obama! Dont just talk about it! ACT ON IT!

Cannabis Legal There?

Is cannabis legal there?
It is totally illegal here in Spain, but we do plan to start our own 4/20 gathering in the country's coastal regions.
Costa4/20 is the name of the new event.

CU pushing for professors to administer tests on 4/20?

I've noticed, especially this year, that a lot of tests, not only mine but also those of my friends, are falling on 4/20. It really seems like the administration is pushing for this in order to take away from the numbers that show up on the quad. fsckers...

Its funny that they don't

Its funny that they don't say a word about the thousands of students who participate in underage binge drinking that takes place every single day in campus dorms and off campus housing that results in the complete loss of inhibitions of students which leads to unprotected sex, teen pregnancies,

Great photos from 420 Check it out!

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