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Obama Creates New "Border Czar" Position, Cartel Leaders Laugh in Unison

Submitted by smorgan on
In case America's fixation with "czars" hadn't already become enough of a national embarrassment:

EL PASO, Texas (AP) — A former Justice Department official who led a 1990s crackdown on illegal border crossings was named to the new U.S. post of "border czar" Wednesday to oversee efforts to end drug-cartel violence along the U.S.-Mexico border and to slow the tide of illegal immigration.
The Obama administration has promised to target border violence and work with Mexican authorities to curb drug and arms trafficking. Hundreds of federal agents, along with high-tech surveillance gear and drug-sniffing dogs, are being deployed to the Southwest.

Sounds like fun. And when it fails spectacularly, what then? Perhaps we'll appoint a Czar Czar to coordinate the efforts of our various Czars and make sure their collaborations are fruitful. I guarantee you there are a disturbingly high number of people working in our government who would not think that is stupid.

Would you watch a reality show where the Czars all live in a house together and perform feats of prowess in exchange for prizes while Joe Rogan makes fun of them? What would that show be called?

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