In the Future, Opposing Legalization Will be Political Suicide

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Check out this sweet attack ad Pete Guither came up with:

It's time for a change from the failed policies of Senator Incumbent. He voted 24 times in favor of drug laws that increase the profits for black-market criminals -- from the gangs that roam the streets of our town to the drug cartels causing death and destruction in Mexico.

Senator Incumbent is actually opposed to setting age limits for drugs like marijuana -- even cocaine or heroin! He actually prefers that criminals decide at what age kids can buy drugs.

Senator Incumbent refuses to even discuss policy options that have been proven to reduce violence. What is he afraid of? Does he have a reason to keep drug profits high?

It's time for a change. Vote Challenger for Senate. For smart drug regulation that reduces violence -- protecting children, families, and our community. [DrugWarRant]

If we haven't already reached a point where this kind of thing could work, I think we'll be there soon. I've pitched some of my better-funded colleagues in drug policy reform on exactly this type of concept and it's something I think we'll be seeing before long.

The key is to drop a drug reform attack ad in the right race at the right time. We'd probably stick to an issue like medical marijuana, where the polling is so strongly in favor of reform. Even if the ad doesn’t do the trick by itself, it becomes part of the narrative of how a seemingly invincible incumbent got slaughtered. Visibly injuring a big name politician for opposing reform would be game-changing.
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Political attack

I laughed when I first read this and thought, yeah right!! Then, I realized how many voters are still "in the closet" so to speak about cannabis and how private the ballot box is. I also realized how insanely inaccurate some of the "conservative" arguments are against cannabis and how easily they are shot down. Just about any politician could use the arguments you mentioned and be seen as a real progressive thinking person. And, once it works, the flood gates will open because we all know they just want to get elected. Didn't Alice Cooper make some mention of that?

Never Happen

This ad will NEVER happen. Although it is a factually correct ad and steeped in common sense, let me clue you in on some facts. NORML takes in MILLIONS of dollars a year, and are BEGGING for money to put just as good ads on tv. The money goes mostly to the Executives and sponsoring hit and mostly miss rallys. We will see results when the money is put forth in a public relations TV onslought.

They COULD already be doing that, but as we say in the South, "Why buy the cow, when your getting the milk for free"


Re: Never Happen

Whoa, Robert! This is unfair. NORML doesn't bring in millions a year. That's just not true. And they're not paying for all these rallies either.

Well if.....

People actually stood up and told their reps what they wanted in a co-ordinated effort several things would happen right away...

1. We (the movement) would find out for sure who supports us (and for what reasons) and who does not
2. We could then compile a coordinated "attack" to get these "reps" out of office and be replaced with people that actually have a brain between the ears
3. ALL politicians would then take us VERY seriously as right now (look at obama) they don't

If this were to happen along with whats being done now and an increase in TV ads we would see these terrible (for us real people) laws go away quite quickly as nothing changes a politicians mind such as the prospect of loosing their "jobs".
Wake up people and DO something about it!


forgot to login hehe.....

"Well If." is my post no anon here ;)

Long overdue!

A series of assertive and acerbic commercials that place the responsibility for the policy failures on the policy making politicians is a powerful idea that can force the serious discussion that the Mexican ambassador agrees is needed.

Jingles .....

They get people to think more positively toward the rest of the ad.

On NORML site

The budget of NORML and its sister NORML Foundation, from 1980 to 1999, has never exceeded $750,000. NORML has no endowments and the NORML Foundation received its first $1 million matching grant just this year. For the past several years, the Soros backed Lindesmith Center and Drug Policy Foundation have worked within the $5 -7 million neighborhood to fund harm reduction and drug policy reform, needle exchange grants and OSI grants to numerous organizations. Compare this to the nearly $40 million private pro-Drug War groups had at their disposal and the sharp rhetoric falls flat.

Further, the lack of adequate funding appears to be the major reason behind the supposed "carefully camouflaged" claim of General McCaffrey. There would be little secrecy to this movement, if not for the lack of financial support. As public policy groups intent on influencing public opinion, secrecy would be the least desirable quality to maintain.

Moreover, the major donors to the drug reform movement, New York financier George Soros, insurance magnate Peter Lewis and educator-entrepreneur John Sperling, are open about their support of the issue. The media, the Congress as well as Mr. McCaffrey have highlighted Mr. Soros as a supporter of changes to drug policy on numerous occasions.




And how would one start such a thing? As I have no problem "sticking it" back to em over and over as many times as I can until things change. I am sick and tired (literally) of being told you can put anything ya like in your body but if you put these items in YOUR body we will arrest you and put you in jail. Its long time past to hold our "policy makers" to task and to make the changes needed ourselves as we KNOW FOR A FACT that our current set of "politicians" (more like money grubbing thieves using their positions to enrich themselves at the expense of our country and our people) wont do it.

Hows this for fair

If anyone bothers to actually look at the tax return for NORML, they can see the shell game as well.

I support NORML as well as other pro cannabis groups, Scott, but lets not think that they are not using the set in place system as well. AND the tax return also show that they DO sponsor rallys.

Read the tax return and tell me its not smoke and mirrors.


Re: Hows this for fair


I looked at it and I don't see what you're seeing. Their income is exactly what I thought. There's nothing about sponsoring rallies, unless you consider the annual NORML Conference a rally.

Listen, I know these guys. They're my friends, so take my opinion for what it is, but I assure you they use public transportation, fly coach, and wear jeans. The idea that that NORML staffers are making big bucks off the drug war debate is so hilarious to me I don't even know where to begin.

If you wanna talk about how the drug policy reform movement spends its money, there are a couple groups with much bigger budgets than NORML's. Even so, I just don't see the point in dissecting it. George Soros and Peter Lewis are pickier about how their money is spent than you or I could ever be.

Fund raising


I have long thought that a mass mailing idea directed at congress could work with the right visual and tactical concepts. These days snail mailing anything to congress, with the security hassles, is a little more limited but the right concept could make a reform message a ubiquitous constant presence in the offices of congress people.

Picture post cards are really cheap to have made online these days. A picture with a message on one side and a message on the other can be gotten in small quantities for under 50¢ a card larger quantities cheaper still. A stamp is 27¢.

Alternative to the first batch being mailed, do a 1 month campaign selling the cards from every venue we can get, organizations and online. Then have Howard Wooldridge from LEAP dramatically hand deliver bundles of them to each member of congress. A large volume of cards will have the impact of a petition and the volume of photo art would be available to staffers in congress to hang and proliferate in whatever creative ways they come up with. Serendipity is our ally in a project like this.

Sell them online with addressing and with constituent ID printing offered. This could be done for $2 or less a card and you would make a few cents for the organization on each one. You can also sell bundles so that people can do these campaigns in states directed at state legislatures.

I would be happy to help you with a Photoshop set up the art both sides of the card. I've made a number of cards recently for mailings for someone and they can be done in a couple or three hours. I have some limited art and I know you have some too. I would offer two covers and maybe 4-6 alternative back messages.

Online printers print in 3-5 days or less if needed. You can start with small volumes and order up more as needed. You can sell volume packages of the cards to other organizations if you are willing to make the cards organizationally neutral. Neutrality could give the cards a greater distribution potential. I'd link a pitch for them on my pages either way.

(I am contemplating doing a non-organization based sales project with this but I'd rather see some organization make a buck from this.)

My thought for the day.


Aid & comfort blog.

Postcards idea

I attended the local Tea Party yesterday and took many photos with the intent of picking some of the best to use as postcards to send to congress and my state's legislators. I plan to print them out and glue them to cardstock with a hand written message on the back. Individuals could use this idea for the reform effort, too.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

The online printing companies

do 4x6 postcards really cheap. has a sale on 25 two sided cards for $3.95.

Professional printing makes it look like a conspiracy. Single piece card stock may get through any post office security faster.

The norm

Norml is a bunch of attorneys who use the pot issue to make a profit. If all those attorneys can't make a difference by banding togather, what good are they?

Saving the Children

New kinds of attack ads favoring drug legalization are certainly needed, but some of the classic public service announcements previously used by the opposition are also likely to be effective for use in arguing against prohibition.

I’m referring to alleged motivations and the attendant TV ads about ‘protecting the children.’  In an anti-prohibition advertisement, the theme would be to protect the children from the stigma and related social harm created by a state sanctioned pot bust.

To have one’s future irreparably compromised by doing something that 80-million other Americans have done with no physical or mental harm to themselves, yet who were fortunate enough not to get caught and punished, should make no sense to parents or anyone else.  Yet, somehow the drug warriors have managed to convince millions of gullible parents that their government is doing them and their kids a huge favor by arresting and prosecuting young people for their exposure to the non-existent evils of marijuana.

Part of the reason the drug warrior ads’ focus on children is so effective is that child protection in an instinctive, knee-jerk response among parents.  Parents can be expected to ‘protect’ without thinking through what they’re actually doing.  Also, parents have simply not been offered counterarguments to the bogus claims of benevolence being proffered by government authoritarians.

There are certainly enough horror stories associated with kids, adolescents, 20-somethings, etc., being arrested and jailed for pot possession to clarify the point that prohibition is the real danger to America’s children, and not the drugs themselves.  Anti-prohibition ads emphasizing protection for the children would be fighting fire with fire.


Attacking the 'for the children' paradigm

is what I like most about the ad concept. It is a false paradigm, a lie. The war on drugs does just the opposite of what it is promoted as doing to protect children. A whole series of ads to develop this issue could really do reform a lot of good in congress, the state legislatures and in American homes.

Another idea:
"Senator so-&so supports a tax free multi-billion dollar annual subsidy for addict dealers and gangsters to have unregulated access to the children of America. Harm Reduction drug policy reform advocates want regulated adult supervision of intoxicant drug distribution. Senator so-&so just says no."

Here's another thought to share with politicians today:

Pot More Popular Than U.S. Congress

The congress that prohibits pot is less popular than the pot that they prohibit.

This reminds me of....

a very funny/tragic satire of pharmaceutical ads that the Drug Policy Alliance put together a couple years back.

Man, would I love to see that on a national network, or even cable.

google or search YouTube for "Incarcerex"

Hint: Do not mix Incarcerex with the constitution or common sense

Voters on strike! The majority of the population whether by force or choice have never and still do not vote. Make this known publicly. Go on strike;voter strike. Prove physically that 1 % of the earths population who are cruel enough to violently and selfishly practice absolute power over others are terrorists who have no right to impose their fraud on the majority of people! Im on voter strike. The strike is part of a much larger coup against tyrants and tyranny>

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