What are we going to do?

I do not profess to be very smart, nor do I have the ability to understand this "War on Drugs". But I do have common sense, and my common sense tells me that going around in circles will get you no place. Our government is dragging us around in circles, and chucking our money right down the drain with their war on drugs. So what are we going to do about this? There has got to be a answer that everyone can agree on. It is time to stop the wasteful spending and make the hard choices that will keep our children off drugs and people out of jail for drug use. I have been reading about countries that have legalized drugs, and they have had real good outcomes, the sky did not fall, as the US government would have you think. Why? Why can't we try that here, are we so far gone into this circle of spending billions of dollars to wage a war on something that is not going to go away until we legalize it and regulate it, just like alcohol and tobacco and prescription drugs. I am just a old country boy that happens to be disabled, and I am forced to take "legal drugs" to control my problems with severe pain and nerve damage, but here is this plant that grows out of the earth, that would allow me to get of off all of these man made drugs, that are destroying my liver slowly but surely, but no here in Arkansas this devil plant, this so called scourge on the world Marijuana is against the law, and if I were to buy or grow some I would be taking my freedom into my own hand. So what do I do? I can't afford to move to a state that is marijuana friendly, I don't want to move away from my family, but I want to get off of these medications that are making me sick and are not doing a very good job. My only choices are to stop taking the medication and becoming a complete invalid, or continue to go down the road that I am going, which by all rights is involuntary suicide. Now, by what right does my government have to do this to me? Are they above there own laws that they preach so loudly, are they above what God has said about the plants that have been put on this good earth? I say NO, and I believe that it is time for those that would prosecute us need to look in the mirror and ask, what would I do? What would you do if you were in my shoes?
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I understand your plight

I'd like to know the answer to your question, too. What would our members of congress (especially those who "represent" one of the 13 states that allow medical marijuana use) do if they were in your shoes? I would hope to receive a clear answer from them, not more of the usual doublespeak which tells me their real message is "I appreciate what you're saying but I don't give a shit because your opponents are bribing me with more money every year than you can earn in a lifetime so you are shit out of luck for seeing any change anytime soon!".

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

People Don't understand Prohibition

I got a friend going through the same thing. Your stories are virtually identical. If I didn't know better I thought you were him but, wrong state.

The so called War is more about power than anything. If you can get the most sacred of objects like bodily fluids,skin,hair then, you've annihilated most of the protections that keep us free. [Can you imagine a cop piss testing or swabbing your daughter road side?!]

Control Control Control. Every avenue leads to control. Power is better than taxes. Although they're still getting the taxes. The money per bust they are making on calling a family man a dealer cause, he picked up a bag for his buddy is phenomenal. Every cop in the country is getting a brand new Dodge Charger and toys to watch you in your home without a warrant. Plus, if they can get a felony on you they can take away your voice too.

Devil Plant? I see no scriptural exception in the Greek , Hebrew or even Aramaic writings for cannabis or marijuana. That's just someone's opinion. Someone with a lot of powerful friends. I haven't located any direct restrictions of it in my studies of other cultures and religions. I would use the same guidelines as wine in the new Testament.

The devil plant comes straight from the ground as God made it. It'a all nat u rel. So, I say you call God's creation evil you're callin God evil. A plant is basically inanimate. This isn't the "absence of good" [aka evil] as people whom have freewill. It can't choose between right and wrong. It can't be evil. Just some people are with power & friends are psycho. You think Hitler was alone in that respect?

I'm a Non Denominational Christian and I'll be the first to tell you that these Puritan types[Bush,Nixon,Bush,Anslinger and many others] that, love witch-burning are hijacking the Faith for their blood addiction. They're self righteous killers. Their judgment is perverted with self. They actually think or want us to think they are doing God a favor cleansing the earth of it's filth...like Hitler. Only the method has changed.

You have a God given right to heal your own body. The state doesn't have that power granted to it. Of course you understand that there are those that add to and take away from the Bible as there are those that wittle the Constitution to fit their plan. Like the guys above some will make up their own interpretations and they have your tax dollars to buy bigger guns than you're allowed to have. In essence they win. Unless you balance chapter 13 romans with other scripture all through The Word that says paraphrased..."when a leader comes after you and you submit to his tyranny you allow a plethora of oppressions under the sun.

Smoke or die an early death my friend. Life is too short to be ruled by tyrants.

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