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Even Cops Are Getting Screwed by Inaccurate Drug Tests

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Via Radley Balko, this one is hard to believe:

A decorated ex-cop who claimed he tested positive for cocaine because he ingested the drug during oral sex with his girlfriend can't have his job back, a Manhattan judge has ruled.

Supreme Court Justice Eileen Rakower last month shot down helicopter pilot Jon Goldin's attempt to overturn his April 2008 dismissal from the NYPD.

Goldin, a 15-year veteran, tested positive for cocaine in October 2006 in a random drug test using hairs from his arm.
Goldin's lawsuit said the cocaine in his system was the product of "passive ingestion" from performing oral sex on girlfriend Coreen McCarthy, who, once he tested positive, admitted to him that she was a regular cocaine user. [New York Daily News]

Needless to say, this cocaine-ingested-through-oral-sex line sounds like the laugh-out-loud lame excuse of the century. I'm highly inclined to doubt that such a thing is even remotely possible, but as to the question of whether or not the officer was actually using cocaine, I don’t know what to think. If his colleagues are to be believed, the story on this guy is that he's well known for not doing drugs. Supposedly, he's an "adherent of the 'straight edge' lifestyle that rejects substance use" and everyone knows he doesn't get high:

More than 70 friends went to bat for the ex-cop, saying they had never seen him take even a sip of coffee and that he abstained at bars while others drank booze.

I don't know these people, but I trust them more than I trust the drug test itself, because drug tests are bullshit. They're just not accurate. If a bunch of people come forward complaining that someone got railroaded by a drug test, I'm going to assume that's exactly what happened. It's happened before.

Notwithstanding the absurdity of the officer's crazy oral sex explanation, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he's the innocent victim of a false positive drug test result. If officer Goldin is telling the truth, then it's worth taking a moment to contemplate the irony that a cop who lives by a vehement anti-drug philosophy ended up getting screwed over by one of the numerous fraudulent technologies designed to ruin the lives of drug users.

I wonder what he thinks of the drug war now, after finding himself on the receiving end of its virtually infinite incompetence.
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Faithless thug

He turned on his lover quick enough. Watch the cops use his assertion to go after the woman. Woman(?). Whatever.

Sounded like a Mormon/LDS

But, he may have just been a “Punk” religion follower, according to the original report. “Religious” people who think not drinking coffee, or any other “vice” makes them better than anyone else, need to be knocked down a few levels. What goes around comes around! Now he faces his own type of judgment, ever flawed that it may be! THE TEST IS NEVER WRONG!! Ha ha! Gotcha!

Maybe he should look up LEAP! Maybe they could help him identify the literature about false positive testing and the destruction of the lives of innocent people. He should feel real stupid about now, if he was, truly, not a user!

He needs a lecture from LEAP, too! At least, they acknowledged their hypocrisy, and changed their ways!

Hey, aahpat,

You could be wrong. She could be messing around with another cop, now! Don't they get a lot of sloppy seconds?

Methods of Delivering a Dose of Cocaine

I’ve heard of some strange cases of cross-contamination by drugs, but this one beats them all.  The question is:  how did cocaine get into this woman’s vagina?

During the peak cocaine years—70s and 80s—I heard of guys who would numb their cock by applying cocaine to it before insertion to make the sex last longer.  This technique would be unlikely to show up on drug tests for the male participant, however, absent the cunnilingus ploy.

It’s possible mlang is right and that another cop was involved in an affair with the girlfriend, one who had access to some magic dust in an evidence vault and who needed a numb cock to prevent premature ejaculation.

If at least one other cop is involved, then the question becomes, how many numb dickheads are on the Manhattan police force, and how many of them have introduced themselves to Coreen McCarthy’s contaminated clitoris?  And shouldn’t Judge Rakower have demanded that Coreen sport a warning label tattooed to her lower body if she’s going to date cops in the future?  Something depicting green, intertwining coca leaves that reads: ‘Danger! No Licky the Pussy!’?



This War Getting Nasty

Understand the enemy in this fight. When you understand the enemy, you understand why it is still illegal to grow and smoke grass.

The enemy is an industry, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate of businessmen involved with the projects such of jail building, prescription drug pushing, drug testing devices, drug prevention facilities, mental hospitals, "safety councils", drug detecting devices, dog trainers, DEA budgets, drug clinics, "psychological" clinics, detox clinics, anti-doping, insurance, "concerned mothers" and so on and the like people who make a living preaching the message of prohibition. There are literally hundreds and perhaps thousands of organizations, with millions of direct or indirect employees, we can even add magazines like High Times, and organizations like NORML, all of whom have LOTS to lose, especially in the pocket, with legalization. The people, they would have voted against prohibition of cannabis long ago, had they not been continually brainwashed with the lies brandished by these organizations, lies which began with an economic feud involving the production of paper, and later, because of marijuana's association with the "demonic" black music. As Congressmen and the President and his staff are informed by these very people, it is no wonder we are still where we are.

Most disturbing is the dishonest science involved. As, when it comes to "expert" testifying, scientists are usually the first called witnesses, their opinion is usually heard, but their data rarely seen. Rather than talk about what marijuana does, which they neither can explain nor relate without using it, these experts talk about what it CAN do, COULD POSSIBLY do, use use bad logic and worse scientific evidence, and so present an untrue picture of the properties of the sacred herb. Meanwhile, through all this, through hearing countless politicians claiming to be "hip", like our President himself, and so even admitting to their smoking grass, seeing hundreds of celebrities admit to use, and at the same time, seeing these "confessors" receive no penalty at all, while similar users are being arrested at this very moment, is a sad indictment of our disrespect for the freedoms on which the country was founded. Read Jefferson, read the Constitution, and see he warned against threats to the freedoms he and everyone else who founded this country declared inalienable. Our vigilance has waned, our concern, too disconnected and scattered to be effective. And this, while he smoked hemp enjoyably on his porch.

We are at a crucial time. We can, with some semblance of order and decorum, I state again, band together all our forces, many of which can be found scattered around this very page, plan and organize a specific plan of action, be it a march, a sit-in, a day off work in protest, a collecting of the common funds for ad campaigns in popular newspapers...we are at the right time for a million man movement, planned well in advance. A new website, with directs from all those who care about this movement, a conference or series of conferences planning direct action, is the way to go.

Great job with the updated news, Scott and the rest of you, keep it up, let's stoke this fire.

-contact me at:


I couldn't have said it any better my self, this is exactly what needs to happen!! Angelo has got it right all the way.


Karma is a bitch huh. Sooner or later some of this stuff comes back to bite the police. You never know.


Malkavian's picture

Witnesses and test are ... unreliable

I have two scenarios in order of probability:

1. Cop happens to be tested false-positive (ie. there's no cocaine in his system)
2. Girlfriend just happens to be a regular cocaine user - talk about bad luck
3. Cop - being mostly ignorant on both cocaine and tests - reaches for the "Withchunt defense" and blames the seductive female for his downfall and loss of soul ... oh, shoot, I keep confusing the Inquisition with the Drug War...

1. She snorted cocaine, causing a backdrip or rubbed some on her gums
2. They kissed and a small transfer of cocaine took place due to presence of cocaine in saliva
3. Cop doesn't notice anything because intoxication of cocaine is subtle and dose very small
3. Test shows up positive

(Aside from the obvious: 1. Cop is using and will now do anything to save his hide ...)

The vagina is probably innocent...

The vagina is probably innocent... but all cops will tell you that everybody is guilty of something... they just haven't been caught yet.

So, using cop logic the pussy grubbin cop is guilty... of something... but what?... not knowing his girlfriend, or her pussy, has a cocaine habit... or engaging in (oral) sex outside of marriage?

On the plus side it may help to open the closed minds of a few cops and shed more light on their blind faith.

Obama is a typical

Obama is a typical politician with his hand out to the prison industrial complex. He's only marginally less a boob than Bush.

So clean

If this cop was so good and so clean, What was he doing with a girlfriend who used coke? He felt comfortable enough for oral sex with her but he didn't know she used coke?

I think this cop should hold his tongue !

Guilty of ignorance only.

I was one of the 80 plus people who continue to back jon. I have known him personally for over 15 years. We have traveled extensively together and he has always been the " straight edge". You can't get a consistent diagnosis from your doctor if you have the flu. How can this test be "100% accurate 100% of the time". Psychmedics is afraid of loosing their lucrative contract with nypd and other departments. Someone should ask them about the situations in Indianapolis and Boston. They had false positives in both those Departments....


Looks like a very good reason to stop using these, useless, tests on everyone! If it gets it wrong on the cops, then why should the cops think that they are the only ones being convicted, and punished by a faulty testing system? But, I can hear them now "the test never lies!" Sort of reminds me of Judge Dread saying "I am the law!"

He should talk to LEAP cops! How many lives has that guy ruined over the same thing from which he now suffers. As they say, "what goes around comes around". You will get little sympathy from anyone, with the way the public relations with the police departments seem to be running, nowadays!

He needs to stop whining and put his voice to work fighting against the injustice of the entire drug war! Nothing like being part of the "incarceration nation"!



Even Cops Are Getting Screwed by Inaccurate Drug Tests

There IS a God! I wager he has ruined many lives. Our "HEROES"

Yes and tasers kill too..

but cops won't accept those studies and continue to taser people to subdue them, causing accidental deaths by the hundreds now.

what goes around, comes around

Drug tests

I worry about "passive drug use" in which malicious coworkers put small amounts of cocaine or THC into the food or drink of someone they don't like. Not enough to cause a high, but enough over a long period to test positive in the hair.

Occam's Razor

Either the test was faulty (contaminated) or he used coke. The vagina excuse doesn't make sense. She'd have to put a bunch of it on there, like 1/4 gram or so, then he immediately - uhh do his thing down there, in which case, he would definitely taste it and feel it. Source: Late nights after concerts in the 80s!

America and how great it is-------- not!

So this guy lives by the sword so does he die by it. His real pain is IF he is innocent his eyes will have been opened to the ineptitude of the very system he supported. IF he is guilty and lying to cover it up then this will really be nothing new to him. The sad part is that the USA has the highest prison pop on the planet equal to and surpassing all the worlds prisoners. So does that lead one to think that the average American is substantially more criminal than others in the world. I can only conclude that he answer is yes. So to all the potentially criminal Americans - Get ready for they have laws that will make you all criminals.
Why do they say, God bless America. Because no one else will.
Time to wake up poor Mr USA see that those that rape you of your lives to fight in other worlds and then put you under the jackboot of their BAnksters. Please I prey you wake up become the country the world knew you for. The one we respected. Not this world of Torture, Porn, Murder, Drugs, Violence and totalitarian laws that make a prank punishable.
Or go the other way and die in decay. America the lap dog of [email protected]#!^%.

I read someone else's take on this and it is right on!!

Let's assume he's innocent for the moment and take his story on faith. This means that he knew that his girlfriend was on cocaine, and did NOT arrest her. This puts him in violation of his duty, proves corruption ("the law applies to everyone...except those I'm screwing"), and he should lose his job over it.

If he's innocent and his girlfriend is innocent and the test is simply wrong, he would have NEVER said this as an explaination. he would have simply been shocked, and demanded a re-test, unless one is inclined to believe that he would willingly sell his innocent girlfriend up the river just to save his ass. if so, it proves corruption ("the law applies to everyone...except me"), and he should lose his job over it.

And of course, if he's guilty, this proves corruption ("the law applies to everyone...except me"), and he should lose his job over it.

They try and make excuses about the guy to the absurd (never sipped coffee, never drank, etc...) but no matter how one spins this story, the cop is corrupt! Why is this not the focus of the story???

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